Betrug mit Corona-Pässen kann bis zu vier Jahre Gefängnis kosten

Betrug mit Corona-Pässen kann bis zu vier Jahre Gefängnis kosten

It can result in up to four years in prison if you cheat with your corona passport.

This is stated by the Ministry of Justice to DR News.

Among other things, the question has become relevant after DR has said that you can change both the answer and the date in your test answer on and in the app MinSundhed, which municipalities, regions and the Ministry of Health and the Elderly are behind.

This has made it possible, for example, to change the answer and present a test that is actually too old when going to the masseur or tattoo artist.

As the system looks now, data can be changed both via mobile and computer.

This means, according to Peter Kruse, IT security expert at CSIS Security Group, that those who want to cheat can cheat.

– They can with the solution we have now, he says to DR.

The problem, among other things, according to Peter Kruse, is that it is impossible for a teacher or hairdresser to check whether a test result is legitimate or not.

However, the health app is not the only place that citizens can be tempted to cheat with the corona passport.

A website has also been set up where it is possible to enter your civil registration information yourself and thus print an almost completely identical corona passport, which shows that you have received a negative PCR test result.

At, however, director Morten Elbæk Petersen is not afraid that the security holes will be exploited.

– It will be a case of forgery, which is punishable.

– And in general, the corona pandemic has shown that Danes follow the rules and do not abuse the trust we as citizens have in each other. Therefore, our expectation is also that citizens will use our solution responsibly. Incidentally, this is also the experience so far, says the director in a written response to DR.

The penalty for falsifying documents that are not serious offenses ranges from a fine to two years in prison.

The Ministry of Justice informs DR News that it can result in double punishment if you cheat with the corona passport because it is a crime related to the corona crisis.

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