Dänemark belegt im Zusammenhang mit der Corona das 14. beste Land

Dänemark belegt im Zusammenhang mit der Corona das 14. beste Land

Denmark has been rated as the 14th best country in the world to deal with the Coronavirus crisis according to a list compiled by Bloomberg.

Perhaps the latest news that J-Day, the date on which the whole country will be fully vaccinated, has once again been moved – this time to August 8 – has been played against it.

But in general, people in Denmark have never been ordered to stay in their homes or have been severely overcrowded in hospitals, and this has helped them achieve a better location than most.

New Zealand number one
New Zealand, which for long periods has not had new cases, topped the position ahead of Singapore, which has been hailed for its rapid vaccine rollout and low infection rate.

The location takes into account ten parameters, including the strength of a country’s constraints, the performance of its healthcare sector, free movement and pressure on its hospital capacity.

Only 53 countries were included.

Experience of SARS
It appears that a number of Asian countries have performed well – a result attributed to their experience of dealing with SARS in 2003.

“They have been very quick to close their borders, and then they are extremely effective in detecting infections,” journalist Christina Boutrup, an expert on China, told Bloomberg.

“People are generally more afraid of getting sick, they were quick to take face masks, and the authorities were quick to take the situation very seriously.”

Surprising results perhaps
Finishing the top 15 were Israel, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, the United Arab Emirates, Finland, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Denmark and Norway.

Other notables included the United States (17), the United Kingdom (18), Switzerland (21), Russia (22), Ireland (25), Germany (26), India (30), Sweden (32) and Brazil (53).

If some of these results seem surprising, it is probably due to the fact that subsequent vaccine efforts have raised certain countries.

Quelle: Die nordische Seite

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