China gewinnt Kampf gegen Polizeikonföderation um verschlossenes Tor

China gewinnt Kampf gegen Polizeikonföderation um verschlossenes Tor

The dispute between the Police Association and the Chinese Cultural Center is about a locked gate on HC Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen. The cultural center is located at number 36 and the Norwegian Police Association at number 38.

The Chinese took over the building from the Royal Danish Conservatory of Music. They paid 40 million kroner, renovated the property, and a gate to the backyard was locked on 16 November 2018.

The police union believed that they were allowed to drive into the backyard and park, even though it was on the grounds of the cultural center, because they had obtained assertion.

When you obtain a claim, you have obtained a right of use.

That claim was rejected by the other party – Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China. The case also came out in favor of the Chinese in Copenhagen City Court.

The city court denied that the Police Association had obtained a claim. Neither after the ordinary time of 20 years nor after the second rule of 40 years.

The second rule can be used because the limit of the area for which it has been claimed may be more blurred after 40 years.

The police union appealed the case, but there was no change in the outcome in the Eastern High Court.

The director of the cultural center, Zang Li, told the city court that it is important to have a friendly relationship with the neighbors, “but the neighbors must understand that the property is owned by a foreign government”.

The police union pointed out during the case that nothing has taken place in secret. It has been visible that they have driven into the backyard and parked.

The two parties have also disagreed about, among other things, waste containers, you can read in the district court’s ruling.

But now the neighbor dispute between the allied and the Chinese is settled in the Eastern High Court. The gate to HC Andersens Boulevard must be locked.

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