Neue Regelungen lockern sich ab Dienstag

Neue Regelungen lockern sich ab Dienstag

Up to 150 people will be able to meet, and the number of people who can use the swimming pools and gyms will be increased.

From next Tuesday, relaxation of restrictions on the coronavirus will be introduced. The most important change is the permission for 150 people to meet and first steps will be taken to abolish the obligation to wear masks. The information was confirmed by the Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir.

A government meeting to discuss the epidemiologist’s proposals to lift restrictions recently ended.

These new easing of restrictions will take effect next Tuesday, May 25, and will remain in force until at least June 16.

First steps will be taken to lift the obligation to wear masks. After the changes, the obligation to wear the mask will only apply in places where people are in marked places, for example at concerts, theaters, hairdressing services, massages, and so on. However, people will not have to wear masks in stores, for example.

At events with seating, the number of people will increase to 300. The number of people permitted in swimming pools, fitness centers and ski resorts will also be increased so that service is not disrupted. However, people will still have to register for classes.

The two-meter rule will also be abolished in restaurants that Svandís believes are important to their operation. Restaurants will be able to stay open longer. From next Tuesday, the last guests will be allowed to enter at 23:00, but all of them had to leave the restaurants before midnight.

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