Vorstand warnt davor, giftige Muscheln aus dem Limfjord zu essen

Vorstand warnt davor, giftige Muscheln aus dem Limfjord zu essen

A potentially deadly algae poison has been found in mussels in Risgårde Bredning and Hvalpsund in the Limfjord, and citizens must therefore refrain from collecting or eating them.

Dies teilt die dänische Veterinär- und Lebensmittelbehörde in einer Pressemitteilung mit.

The agency also advises against citizens collecting oysters in the area, as they may also contain the algae poison.

In addition, oyster and mussel collectors should find out about the agency’s website before collecting mussels and other things from places all over the Limfjord.

It is safe to eat purchased mussels and oysters from shops and restaurants as they are being monitored for algae poison.

The algae poison that has been found is called paralyzing shellfish poisoning (PSP), and if you eat mussels or oysters with the poison, it can cause a tingling and burning sensation in the mouth and in the skin. Then numbness may occur.

After 4-6 hours of numbness in the fingers and toes, dizziness and fever will typically occur. Severe poisoning typically causes difficulty breathing, loss of muscle coordination and, in the worst case, death due to respiratory failure, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration informs.

The poisoning can occur after 30 minutes to a few hours, while the condition can last for several weeks.

On the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration’s website, fvst.dk, it is possible to follow where and when it is safe to collect mussels and oysters in the Limfjord again.

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