Expat-Ansicht: Meine Gedanken in Finnland

Expat-Ansicht: Meine Gedanken in Finnland

Now that I look back at how my perception of Finland has changed over the years, I would like to share with foreigners tips on how to adapt and integrate faster:

1. Start learning Finnish as soon as possible! The Finnish language is difficult, but not impossible. Learning any language takes time and hard work, but in the end it pays off. Like Nelson Mandela said, “It always feels impossible before it’s done.” Try to immerse yourself in the Finnish-speaking environment as early as possible. Participate in language courses, use mobile applications, read children’s books, watch local programs, exchange languages ​​with Finns. Find a way to start learning a language in a fun way! Finns love when foreigners speak their language. Another great quote from Nelson Mandela says, “If you speak to a man in a language he understands, it will go to his head. If you talk to him in his tongue, it will go to his heart. “You feel much more confident when you learn a language.

2. Try to be active in all weather conditions! Each season in Finland has its own unique feature and people exercise all year round. Many foreigners get depressed in the cold and dark winters, but the locals find a way to enjoy every day. Winter is the best time to try ice swimming and sauna. Don’t forget ice skating and skiing. Make mushrooms in the fall. Learn how to bake Finnish buns, enjoy a cup of coffee and take great photos in the fall. Grill the sausage, cook Finnish salmon soup and spend a moment in the cottage in the spring. Visit the strawberry farm, swim in the lake and enjoy the white nights in the summer! Nature is the best place to do many things.

3. Be patient when looking for friends among Finns! Making friends with Finns can take some time. Don’t rush or lose hope. Locals are very careful with outsiders and don’t always start first. There are many interesting comparisons of the nature of foreign Finns. Someone said that Finns are like walnuts. Breaking them is very difficult, but when you do, something nice awaits you. My friend compared Finns to a tube of toothpaste. You have to squeeze it hard to get the paste out. Self-initiative and determination will help you find a great Finnish friend! You can always find great friends with similar interests. Having fun while socializing takes interaction to a new level. Join a gym, volunteer, get a pet, attend community events, etc.

4. Try to understand the uniqueness of Finnish culture! There are certain cultural traits that seem to be completely normal. It is a joke that Finns know how to be quiet in several languages. When working with Finns, I came across such moments and always felt that I filled these quiet moments with words. It is something quite normal in Finnish culture and is not considered embarrassing.

5. Learn the concept of content! Try to be meaningful and embrace Finnish culture! Sisu is a unique Finnish concept. There is no exact translation into English. It can be roughly translated into perseverance, determination, endurance, and strong will. The concept could be described in one sentence like this: “Anything has to be done – it is done regardless of it”.

There is no perfect place and moving to a new place without knowing anyone is difficult. You have no one to help you. Give it time, take it easy, do your best and try to stay positive! It takes time to adapt and understand the uniqueness of Finnish culture, and once you do that – you will never want to leave this country.

Inabat Seytnazarova
The author is an immigrant from Uzbekistan and currently lives in Kuopio, where he works with immigrants. Outside of work, she enjoys cooking, dancing, gardening and exploring beautiful places in Kuopio.

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