Jetzt kehren Elektroroller auf die Straßen von Kopenhagen zurück

Jetzt kehren Elektroroller auf die Straßen von Kopenhagen zurück

This is stated by the City of Copenhagen in a press release.

The agreement means, among other things, that the scooters must be parked in 240 designated parking areas when a trip ends.

In addition, it will not be possible to rent the scooters or end a trip in an area that politicians have assessed as being close to town. These are parts of Vesterbro, Nørrebro, Østerbro, Amager and Christianshavn as well as the entire Indre By.

– We have previously experienced major problems with scooters, which were left across sidewalks and bike paths and made it difficult for Copenhageners to get around the city.

– The new rules should be overcome with these problems, says Jesper Borch, unit manager in the Technical and Environmental Administration, in the press release.

It was in 2019 that electric scooters for rent on the street came to Denmark. First in Copenhagen, and since then the offer has spread to a number of other Danish cities.

However, the scooters quickly met with criticism that they filled the street scene, and in some cases the scooters were also to blame for accidents.

This led Copenhagen’s Citizens’ Representation to decide in the autumn of last year to remove the scooters completely from the streets. Until now.

To ensure that the new rules are complied with, the politicians have this time decided that two of the municipality’s parking guards must be dedicated to carry out regular inspections of parked scooters.

– In addition, we will be in constant dialogue with the rental companies to handle any challenges, says Jesper Borch.

If the parking attendants encounter a scooter that has been handed in outside the parking areas, this will result in a bill of DKK 338.

From January 2022, it will also be mandatory throughout the country to wear a helmet when riding an electric scooter and other motorized vehicles.

The agreement on electric scooters in Copenhagen is generally valid for three years.

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