Wyman verlor nach 30 Jahren als Kieselstein den Rhythmus

Wyman verlor nach 30 Jahren als Kieselstein den Rhythmus

On Sunday, October 24, he turns 85 years old.

London-born Bill Wyman first met The Rolling Stones in 1962 when he went to audition with his homemade bass to convince band members that he was the right one for the rolling stones.

It was the start of a long-lasting musical marriage with the group, which became a massive global success with their captivating rock & apos; n & apos; roll.

While singer Mick Jagger and guitarist Keith Richards became known for the wild lifestyle of drinking and drugs, Bill Wyman was a quieter personality. He rarely touched the drugs and did not become a celebrity in the same way.

However, he gained a reputation for having a well-developed libido. Wyman is believed to have been in bed with more than 1,000 women. It was his kind of drugs that were never in danger of leading to an overdose, he told The Guardian in 2006.

However, a relationship with a particular woman still had a detrimental effect. In fact, Mandy Smith was only a girl, 13 years old, when Bill Wyman – at the age of 47 – fell head over heels for her.

Despite 34 years of age difference, they started a relationship. They started sleeping together when she was 14, and got married when she was 18.

However, the marriage, Wyman’s second, lasted only two years. The chaos it left in his private life helped him finally leave the Rolling Stones in the early 90’s.

The relationship with the young Mandy Smith has been looked at with more critical eyes in hindsight. Among other things, a new documentary about Bill Wyman’s life was taken off the poster in 2019, when it was protested that the film took the matter too lightly.

Wyman has since gained more peace of mind on the private front. Since 1993, he has been married to Suzanne Acosta, with whom he has three daughters.

In addition to his role as Stones bassist, Bill Wyman has been involved in various other projects, which include music, photography, authorship and even archeology and treasure hunting.

Already while playing in the band, Bill Wyman released several solo albums, and it has become a total of six of a kind. After the breakup, he has also released music and toured as the leader of the band Bill Wyman & apos; s Rhythm Kings, which most recently released a record in 2018.

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