OmaKanta-E-Mail-Phishing-Betrug in Bewegung, warnt Kela

OmaKanta-E-Mail-Phishing-Betrug in Bewegung, warnt Kela

The Social Insurance Institution of Finland (Kela) has warned that from the beginning of healthcare, OmaKanta e-mails were sent to residents in an attempt to steal their personal information.

The e-mails seem to come from OmaKanna and contain a link that, according to Kela, leads to a website set up by criminals.

Phishing messages can seem very urgent and prompt you to log on to the healthcare platform immediately to review important documents. Some of the messages also refer to Covid passports and vaccination certificates.

Kela urged residents to log in to OmaKanta only through their official website and pointed out that from the beginning of healthcare or Kela does not send messages to customers urging them to log in via the link.

The agency also advised people not to respond to such emails, not to click on links contained in such messages, and not to enter personal information on sites accessed through those links. Kela warned people not to log in to Omakanta directly through search engine results and not through links in text messages.

Kela said that if it suspects that its credit card information or bank ID has fallen into the wrong hands, it should contact the bank’s customer service and report the matter to the police.

Quelle: Die nordische Seite

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