Die höchste Zahl an Ertrinkungen in Finnland seit 2010

Die höchste Zahl an Ertrinkungen in Finnland seit 2010

According to preliminary statistics from the Finnish Association for Swimming Education and Lifesaving (FSL), 10 people drowned in Finland in October.

According to STT, five of the deaths recorded last month were related to water transport and one occurred during a diving incident. The circumstances of the other four are unclear.

The FSL has identified that changing weather conditions and cold water temperatures are currently the primary risk factors for drowning. In Finland, 141 drowning-related deaths were reported in January-October this year.

In 2021, there were 40 more drownings in the country than in the corresponding period last year – the largest number since 2010. In Finland, there are on average 100–150 drowning deaths per year. About half of these are related to alcohol use, according to FSL.

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