HS: Mehr als 80 Millionen Euro an russischen Vermögenswerten in Finnland eingefroren

HS: Mehr als 80 Millionen Euro an russischen Vermögenswerten in Finnland eingefroren

“We don’t want to see vandalism of wagons or people breaking into machine yards, causing accidents,” he explained. Eljas KoistinenCommercial Director of VR Transport.

Helsingin Sanomat emphasized on Saturday that the stopped wagons could become a 20-kilometer-long train, about 20 times longer than Finland’s longest freight trains. According to Koistinen, the number of wagons is still “well below” 10 per cent of the freight wagons on the Finnish rail network.

The seizure decisions made so far refer to owners such as Russia’s state-owned development company VEB.RF, one of Russia’s largest full-service commercial banks, Otkritie FC Bank, and Russia’s largest leasing company, JSC GTLK.

The value of the wagons seized is reduced to millions, if not a few tens of millions. For example, the producer price of one raw timber wagon is about 50,000 euros.

However, the age and condition of the wagons vary.

The national supervisory authority has also detained large and valuable shipments of raw materials, the daily said.

More than 1,285 tonnes of acetic acid are stored in Kotka and more than 260,000 tonnes of iron ore pellets in the Kokkola port area. Pellets in iron ore at a price of around EUR 150–170 per tonne are presumably the most valuable asset under the Finnish sanctions regime.

The Finnish Steel Construction Association told Helsingin Sanomat that Finland is not the final destination for pellets.

Among the most valuable assets frozen under the sanctions is also the property of the Rotenbergs, a Russian oligarchic family with close ties to President Vladimir Putin. Vita Villa owned Boris Rotberg In Hanko, the Finnish enforcement authorities have estimated it at eight million euros.

Rotenberg and his eldest son, Roman Rotbergthey also have Finnish citizenship.

The enforcement authority has assessed the frozen funds at the time of the decisions on the basis of the sanctions. The total value of the seized and confiscated assets is currently estimated at around EUR 76 million, but the total amount will increase as the valuation continues and the assets freeze further.

It can already be said that more than 80 million euros of Russian assets have been frozen in Finland, according to Helsingin Sanomat.

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