El ejercicio debería hacer que las personas con discapacidad sean más saludables

El ejercicio debería hacer que las personas con discapacidad sean más saludables

Many intellectually disabled people suffer from ill health, which is why a special training program has been developed at Mid Sweden University. The program will be tested at municipal group housing in Jämtland County during the autumn.

Participants have to go through various physical tests, they are weighed and a machine measures their muscle mass. Participants can also answer questions about how they are feeling.

– That’s really good. You get to learn a little more about the training programs, says Joakim Bodin who lives in a group home in Östersund.

Are you training anything today?

– Not so much.

Studies show that the health status of people with intellectual disabilities is ten times worse than for others. Health tests that were done last winter at the Swedish competitions for Special Olympics, which is similar to an Olympics for people with intellectual disabilities, confirm the picture.

Más de 1000 pruebas was done on 250 participants. The tests showed that the ill health in the group was great, in addition many had the wrong shoe size, others barely saw but lacked glasses. The result made the researchers want to continue studying how the health of the target group can be strengthened.

– Above all, there is little that includes them in society, easily accessible training. With the corona, we thought: “Yes, but no one has tested digital training”, says Sanna Vikberg, research assistant at Mid Sweden University to Ekot.

For twelve weeks the 30 participants will be able to train three 50-minute sessions a week, and managers and staff at the accommodation will also participate. The research project will then be evaluated and the goal is for the rest of the country’s municipalities to follow suit.

– It is the hope with the whole project that it will live on and then it is important to get as many as possible on the train, says Sanna Vikberg.





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