Más hogares unipersonales compran viviendas

Más hogares unipersonales compran viviendas

As more and more people live alone in Finland, more and more single-person households are taking out mortgages.

Uusimaa had the largest number of individual home buyers, but retail banks Osuuspankki, Nordea and Säästöpankki said that interest in mortgages for one-person households had also increased in urban growth centers.

The cooperative bank said that half of the bank’s mortgages were for single parents, of which about fifty percent were first-time home buyers.

Mortgages themselves are usually taken out by people aged 20-30 christie kaisu Osuuspankki’s consumer credit unit.

At Nordea, one in four mortgages was granted to people living alone, most of them between the ages of 30 and 39. Jussi Pajala According to Nordea, the bank had seen a jump in mortgage applicants under the age of 30 over the past two years.

Last year, Nordea’s mortgages for single-person households averaged EUR 130,000 to 140,000, while Osuuspankki’s mortgages ranged from EUR 115,000 to 125,000.

Caja de Ahorros Markus Lauri according to the bank, the bank did not consider individual buyers to be a higher risk than other customers. The bank assesses its ability to repay loans in the same way as other buyers.

However, banks said that single-person households sometimes have to flee compromises from their dream home, and pointed out that the loan amounts available to single-adult and one-child households can make it difficult to find property in central Helsinki.

Christie said there was a trend outside the capital for first-time homeowners to buy townhouses or detached houses. He said telework during the pandemic is likely to have accelerated this development.

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