Finlandia espera la Navidad blanca en todo el país

Finlandia espera la Navidad blanca en todo el país

According to the Finnish Meteorological Institute’s forecast, Finland will wake up in the morning on Christmas Eve in the winter wonderland.

The day before, on 23 December, a low-pressure system was sweeping across the country, causing even snow cover to come to southern Finland. However, the amount of snow varies from more than thirty cents in northern and eastern Finland to a few centimeters in southwestern Finland.

"In other words, Santa Claus can distribute gifts to children in a snow-covered winter wonderland, even if it is a thin layer," says the meteorologist Sini Tenhunen Del Instituto Meteorológico de Finlandia.

The holiday season is mainly spent in cold weather, although in southwestern Finland the temperature may rise slightly above frost on Thursday. On Christmas Eve, however, temperatures are expected to be -10 to -15 nationwide.

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