Salji pertama di kawasan metropolitan diramalkan pada hari Selasa

Salji pertama di kawasan metropolitan diramalkan pada hari Selasa

Ari MustalaA meteorologist from the Finnish Meteorological Institute told the newspaper that up to 20 cents of snow could fall in the central parts of the country this week. “Construction in southern Finland seems to be smaller.”

In the southern regions, however, snow is expected to melt, and temperatures in the metropolitan area will rise above freezing between Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures are expected to range between -5 ° C and + 5 ° C, by Joonas Koskela, YLE meteorologist.

The wind is forecast to start blowing from the north and northeast towards the end of the week, which will lower temperatures across Finland. Even in the southern parts of the country, mercury should remain close to freezing, if not below it all weekend.

– The weather for the weekend is colder than usual, Mustala told Helsingin Sanomat.

In Lapland, mercury can drop to -25 degrees.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute also reminded on Sunday that the rainfall and snowfall forecast for the southern and central parts of the country from the beginning of the week will make road conditions more difficult. In the central and eastern parts, motorists should be prepared for the very difficult local road conditions due to the snowstorm on Wednesday.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

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