Pemandu kenderaan memberi amaran tentang keadaan pemanduan yang buruk apabila ribut salji diramalkan

Pemandu kenderaan memberi amaran tentang keadaan pemanduan yang buruk apabila ribut salji diramalkan

On Christmas Eve, the Finnish Meteorological Institute has issued a warning about dangerous driving conditions, especially in the central and southern parts of the country.

Snowfall is forecast for much of the country throughout the day, and there will also be snowfall in some places.

Ahli Meteorologi Institut Meteorologi Finland Sini Tenhunen urged motorists to set aside plenty of time to complete their journey during their holidays, as roads are likely to be particularly slippery on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

According to the Finnish Transport Administration Fintraffic, Thursday 23 December will be the busiest day of Christmas. Delays are expected on Finnish roads and highways 4 and 9.

Police have also urged motorists to check the weather forecast and, if possible, adjust their departure accordingly.

Low front pressure

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has predicted that the whole of Finland will wake up on Friday morning to a white Christmas.

The low-pressure front moving across the country is expected to bring snow to many places, and the depth of snow varies from more than 30 centimeters southwest of Finnish Lapland to a few centimeters.

"In other words, Santa is giving presents to children in white weather, even if it’s a thin layer," Tenhunen said, adding that temperatures across the country are expected to fall well below freezing all day on Christmas Eve.

"It can be up to 20 degrees east and north," he said.

Strong winds also increase the cold.

"It’s getting colder than normal [for Christmas Eve], but nothing different is expected either," Meteorologist of the Finnish Meteorological Institute Ville Siiskonen kata.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has been recording variations in Christmas temperatures and snow conditions since 1991, and the definition of “white Christmas” is that there is at least a centimeter of snow on the ground at 9 a.m.

The data reveals that usually every other Christmas on the south and west coasts of the country and in the southwestern archipelago is a white Christmas.

"When we go south a little inland, six to eight of ten Christmases are white," Siiskonen said and added that the further north, the better the chances.

"In the North, it is safe to say that almost every Christmas is white," he said.

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