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  • Another bad weather, canceled flights and closed roads

    Due to the further breakdown of the weather, a state of uncertainty was announced today, which applies in many places in the country. The coordination center of the civil defense agency was also activated and all domestic flights were cancelled. The yellow and orange weather alerts that have been posted will remain in effect until […]

  • Roads closed near Eyjafjöll, near Reynisfjall and Lyngdalsheiði

    Due to very bad weather conditions, the road under the Eyjafjöll mountain range from Markarfljót to Vík in Mýrdal was closed. The Reynisfjall road was also closed, as was Lyngdalsheiði. Almost all of the country has yellow or orange warnings today, which will remain in place until tomorrow. All domestic flights have been canceled today […]

  • Police: Burning the Koran would not be allowed in Finland

    Defaming a book held sacred by a religious community would probably violate the protection of religious peace in Finland.

  • Industrial and retail strikes are approaching in February

    After wage negotiations have stalled in several sectors, Finland may face a flood of industrial and retail strikes.

  • Right now: Sweden in the WC bronze medal match

    Sweden faces Spain in the match for the bronze medal in the handball WC in Stockholm. A repeat of last year’s EC final when Sweden won the gold. Radiosporten broadcasts directly in P4 and in the SR Play app.

  • Minister Harakka leads the Team Finland delegation to visit South Korea

    The technological themes of the visit have enormous potential for the economy and well-being of our countries, says Minister Harakka. Minister Harakka will meet, among other things, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Defeated Hee-ryongMinister of Trade Dukgeun Ahn and the Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-ho. The business delegation meets potential trade […]

  • Snow, dangerous driving is forecast for Monday

    More than 20 centimeters of snow can fall in some places in Finland. In addition to difficult driving conditions, the sea and the coast have strong winds and high waves.

  • Street race of young drivers

    The collision happened in Seltjarnarnes yesterday at 12 o’clock at night on Norðurströnd. According to the traffic department of the capital area police, the driver of the other car is suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and the matter will be investigated by the police. According to Vísir, the accident occurred […]

  • 457: This is how Kristersson is affected by PM’s eel mess

    Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson’s state secretary PM Nilsson has been in trouble since it was revealed that he poached eels and also lied to the police about this. On his Facebook page, Nilsson announced on Thursday that he is leaving his post in the government office. “I understand how inappropriate it was to fish for […]

  • Caroline Farberger – finally living as who she is

    She lived at a furious pace and reached the top echelons of business. Degree from both Chalmers and the Gothenburg School of Economics, course test at the cadet school and managerial career. But all the time there was a friction there inside her, ever since childhood. Something she didn’t want to admit, least of all […]

  • GOCC auctions for the fight against sepsis

    The auctions of the collected items will take place both on Saturday and Sunday. According to the requirements, they cannot be run on Facebook in the form of posts and comments. Below we publish explanations and information on how and where to bid. Where can I bid? Auctions will be held during Saturday’s events – […]

  • Right now: PM Nilsson resigns – after the eel fishing

    The Prime Minister’s State Secretary announces his resignation on Facebook. PM Nilsson has been in trouble after being sentenced to a fine for fishing eels without a permit. He also allegedly lied about it to the police.

  • Meta restores Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

    Trump’s Facebook account was the most followed account at the time of the freeze, with hundreds of millions of followers, the New York Times reported to Meta. On January 7, 2021, the day after hundreds of people stormed the Capitol in his support, Meta fired Trump from his platforms, citing that he was inciting more […]

  • Yellow weather alerts are in effect across the country

    Yellow weather alerts are currently in effect for almost the entire country, which the Icelandic Meteorological Office forecasts do not herald good weather. Alerts will be in effect today and tomorrow. A weather warning is in effect for Strandir and the north-west and north-east until tonight. South to southwest winds of 15 to 25 are […]

  • We believe they are ready: USA for Sweden, Finland for NATO candidacy

    “The issue of Sweden and Finland is not a bilateral issue. We have been very clear in public, and we have also been very clear in private about our views on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership candidates. We believe they are ready, we believe they are ready. should be added to the world’s strongest defense […]

  • The last show!

    Cast: Sweden’s Radio Symphony Orchestra.Elin Rombo.First Aid Kit.Ebo Krdum with ribbon.Horace Engdahl, author.Arvida Byström, artist and director.Annika Härenstam, professor of occupational science.Ingmar Skoog, chief physician.Anna Axfors, poet. Hosts: Louise Epstein and Thomas NordegrenProducer: Olle Björkman

  • HS: The general plan is an obstacle to converting offices into apartments in the center of Helsinki

    Converting the office into apartments would therefore require the city to create a corresponding amount of business space elsewhere in the center. “We want to preserve the downtown area. If one property owner is given the opportunity to convert the Business Space into residential use, the next property owner will soon demand it as well,” […]

  • Unions Efling vs. SA, still no agreement

    In the morning, at the headquarters of the government mediator on Borgartún Street, a new negotiating meeting between representatives of Efling unions and the Icelandic Confederation of Employers / SA took place today. Prior to the meeting, Sólveig Anna told a news agency that the negotiations were based primarily on “the stubbornness of the Employers’ […]