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  • Germany’s hesitation about the tanks splits the arms alliance

    The German-made Leopard tank has increasingly come to be portrayed as the holy grail of Ukrainian defense. Finland, Poland and Latvia have said they want to send parts of their leopard stocks to Ukraine, but Germany has continued to hesitate and withheld clear statements. Hear about how charged the issue is in Germany and what […]

  • This is how Putin’s war has redrawn the economic map

    Host:Anders Jelmin Voices and participation in the programKristian Åström, economic commentator, EkotTorbjörn Becker, director, Eastern Economic Institute Diego Olle Holmgren, economist, SEBUlf Kristersson, Prime Minister (M)Ebba Busch, Minister of Economic Affairs (KD)Carl Bildt, former prime ministerJan Moström, CEO, LKABDiego Lopez, researcher SIPRI Producer:Olof Wijnbladh Technician:Adam Alvin [email protected]

  • Biden spoke for the history books

    Cast: Ginna LindbergUSA commentator and Cecilia KhavarUS Correspondent, Day Blanckprofessor of North American studies at Uppsala University. Host: Kajsa Boglind Producer: Maja Lagercrantz Technician: Adam Alvin

  • Copenhagen abandons the CO2 neutrality target for 2025

    New target for 2035!In the meantime, the government has countered that other municipal facilities – including the Vestforbrændingen in Glostrup – have managed to qualify for access to the funds. “When the state excludes such huge amounts, it is standard procedure that some requirements follow as to the finances of the business involved.” Climate Minister […]

  • New test center for Empire State-sized turbines may be located in North Jutland

    The location of a new 2,800-hectare test center, with eight 450-meter-tall turbines the size of the Empire State Building (antenna and all), will be confirmed by the end of the year. It concerns three locations in North Jutland: Tønder, Esbjerg and one across Brønderslev and Jammerbugt municipalities. The site will be selected by a panel […]

  • Heidi Fleiss – Hollywood’s infamous brothel mother

    She was born with a nose for both danger and business, and grew up in the bohemian Los Feliz of the 60s in Los Angeles. She ends up in bad company early on. After an encounter with several dubious types and a mysterious brothel mother, she is drawn into the Los Angeles world of prostitution. […]

  • French elections, midsummer food, TB in South Africa and highest inflation since 1991

    From cow trade to January agreement – about the relationship between S and C This week, the Center Party announced that the party will support the government’s budget after the parties agreed on a proposal to increase pensions.The fact that the Center Party and the Social Democrats work together in times of crisis has happened […]

  • Scottie Scheffler makes a push at the US Open

    World No. 1 Scottie Scheffler used a well-timed eagle to shoot a 3-under-par 67 on Friday morning and briefly take part in the lead at the US Open in Brookline, Mass. Scheffler reached 3 under 36 holes at The Country Club, which at the time was good for a six-way lead, along with Nick Hardy […]

  • On screens in June • Disclaimer: This preview is based on unconfirmed facts

    Olivia de Havilland was the regular in Gone with the Wind, so it felt like a miscast when Catherine Zeta Jones was selected to play her 62-year-old self in Feud, a depiction of the fierce rivalry between her sister, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis. It’s right up there with Charlize Theron playing Aileen Wuornos. And […]

  • The order murder in Malmö – The prize for a life

    This is the story of a contract murder for half a million kronor – and of the police’s work to stop the deadly violence in Malmö. – It’s enough to do a little crap. All of a sudden, they have put a contract on you and you will be shot, says Glen Sjögren, police in […]

  • Steve-O – anarchy, circus and thumbtacks

    Stephen “Steve-O” Glover growing up in the 80’s with the rock band Mötley Crue as idols. He is full of ideas but has a hard time finding a context that suits him. However, he has an asset that never fails: his skateboard. Steve soon also realizes that his great talent is to: strike. Through a […]

  • The order murder in Malmö – A crime is planned

    – Loyalty does not exist. Although they keep talking about “my brother, he would never let me down”. Yes, he would if someone had given him enough money, says Sigrun Hilmarsdottir Sigurdsson, former employment officer in Rosengård. The orderly murder in Malmö is a story about the hidden mechanisms of gang violence – and about […]

  • On Screens: Cracking the Coda of the Oscars: Paper only seems to beat Rock

    A young man with a heart of gold, untapped talent and responsibility: she always puts others first. Hardly Oscar-winning material. At the very least, one could imagine the core performance to be amazing. Miss Daisy needed a black driver, and Rose a very large ship. But the closest are deaf: for her talent and literally. […]

  • APN podcast: Working to survive in Finland

    The strike wave sweeps across Finland as people try to dent into the cost of living crisis. Paper workers are on strike at UPM, municipal staff are struggling across the country – and a large nurses’ strike is exposing cracks in the Finnish healthcare system. "We are apparently on strike because of poor pay. I […]

  • This week’s editorial: Put in a corner

    Mr. Putin is painting himself into a corner. After 28 days of warfare, he has gained little ground, but awakened a goat hamster nest in most of the world. Seems already doomedMillions of children and their mothers have sought safety while the men have stayed home to defend their country. With the sympathy of the […]

  • • VMA in Skutskär, Uppsala County

    The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyj addressed the US Congress and asked for more support in the war against Ukraine. The United States is behind Ukraine, but there are certain borders it does not want to cross, for fear of provoking Putin. Political peace in Washington At the same time, US politicians are showing clear […]

  • On screens in March: Penis free for all: but it’s too late to see Regé Jeans

    What is it with all the penises? They are everywhere! (When I say penises, I should hurry to say ‘male penises’, just in case it caused any insult out there.) Small screen penises, big screen penises, hypnotic penises, comic penises, erotic penises and even talking penises… In the old days, the inclusion of multiple penises […]

  • The ‘Borgen’ legacy: Life that imitates art and the loneliness of the long-distance traveler

    The life of a foreign minister is lonely, suggests the fourth season of ‘The Castle’, which returned to our screens on 13 February. But to get inspiration on how to play a lone foreign minister, its main star Sidse Babett Knudsen would be better placed to consult with fellow actress Birgitte Hjort Sørensen than Martin […]