Tag: Ash Wednesday

  • Ash Wednesday or Öskudagur

    Ash Wednesday or Öskudagur

    Carnival is celebrated in many countries at this time of year and can last up to a week. In Iceland, the carnival season is limited to three days: bolludagur, sprengidagur and today’s Öskudagur (Ash Wednesday). Today is definitely a holiday for children who dress up in costumes and walk around the city visiting shops and […]

  • Five COVID-free days and an ash day in the city center

    Five COVID-free days and an ash day in the city center

    Published February 17, 2021 Today is the fifth day that Iceland has been COVID-19 free so things look good. That said, borders have become stricter. The Minister of Health announced this week that everyone who comes to Iceland must take a negative PCR test before they come to the country. There has also been a […]

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