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  • Caroline Farberger – finally living as who she is

    She lived at a furious pace and reached the top echelons of business. Degree from both Chalmers and the Gothenburg School of Economics, course test at the cadet school and managerial career. But all the time there was a friction there inside her, ever since childhood. Something she didn’t want to admit, least of all […]

  • Eilert Pilarm: Elvis’ spirit took over my body

    Eilert Dahlberg becomes Elvis from Husum When Eilert Dahlberg was a child, he preferred to listen to the salvation soldier Lapp-Lisa and rock king Elvis Presley. As a 39-year-old, he records a few cassette tapes with Elvis covers on his own initiative and then it doesn’t take long until the recordings end up with radio […]

  • Killing in the line of duty

    This season of Sensitive Mode is about death. In six episodes hits Uje Brandelius people who in one way or another walk with death by their side. In the editorial office: Emmy Bergkvist – producer Joakim Löfgren – final mix If you want to get in touch with us, do so at [email protected] Sensitive location […]

  • The tangle of documents is beginning to resemble a farce

    US President Joe Biden invited the FBI to search his home in their search for more classified documents – which they found. At the same time, secret documents have also been discovered at the home of Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence. With the 2024 presidential primaries a year away, we ask how these revelations […]

  • The gang war between Räven and Dalen

    “The most extreme thing ever” – so says one of the police officers P3 Krim spoke to about the situation. Several conflicts are behind the spiral of violence and in this episode we will focus on the gang war between the 36-year-old known as “The Fox” and a 24-year-old who controls the Valley Network. Although […]

  • Two Danish films nominated for Oscars

    There were four Danish entries on the various 15-film shortlists published in December, but only two of them will represent Denmark at the next Oscars. ‘A House Made of Splinters’, a documentary film shot in a Ukrainian orphanage directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont, has been nominated in the Documentary Feature Film category, while the Greenlandic […]

  • The national police chief holds a press conference about the wave of violence

    The police hold a press conference with the latest news about the wave of violence with shootings and explosions in Stockholm. National Police Chief Anders Thornberg and Stockholm Regional Police Chief Mattias Andersson participate. Hear the Ekot live broadcast-

  • More weapons for Ukraine, genetic engineering that revives extinct species and unclear information about farm sales of alcohol

    Hour 1: Are offensive weapons to Ukraine the new way forward in the war? About how the tradition of peace-promoting work in Sweden takes place in a new reality of military and civilian rearmament The satire surrounding President Erodgan and freedom of expression Chronicle by Göran Rosenberg The panel: Fredrik Haage, Jonna Sima, Göran Greider […]

  • The money behind the porn site Pornhub

    Pornhub is bigger than both Netflix and TikTok. The site is a cash cow that has attracted financial sharks who make billions. But now the owners are on trial accused of shooting private sex films where the people seen in the picture have not given their approval. “Many of them were just children when it […]

  • Willing to die, but still not

    This season of Sensitive Mode is about death. In six episodes, Uje Brandelius meets people who, in one way or another, walk with death by their side. Sixteen-year-old Gabriella has made several suicide attempts. She says she wants to tell her story so that others in her situation will feel less alone. To those of […]

  • Right now: Stockholm police on the wave of violence

    Acting police regional chief Mattias Andersson and head of command Hanna Paradis hold a press conference about the recent wave of violence in Stockholm. Since Christmas Day last year, there have been at least twenty shootings and explosions in the Stockholm area. Hear the police press conference as well as P3 Krim’s Mariela Quintana Melin […]

  • Ready at Ramstein: Denmark pledges aid to Ukraine at the defense summit

    The Minister of Defense will also meet NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the summit as well as his colleagues Lloyd Austin III (USA), Ben Wallace (Great Britain) and Pål Jonson (Sweden). While a number of other countries – including the US, UK and Poland – have reiterated their intention to donate tanks to Ukraine, […]

  • Sweden sends Archer to Ukraine

    On January 19, 2022, the moderate-led government announces at a press conference that it is preparing to send the Archer artillery system to Ukraine – a system that has been high on Ukraine’s wish list for months. – I would say that it has much less significance than we think, says Patrik Oksanen, security policy […]

  • Secret documents in Biden’s garage

    The tangle with Joe Biden’s secret documents is growing. Now documents have been found in the garage of his home in Delaware. How does this hurt him politically? The state Congress of Delaware has decided to introduce a more restrictive dress code for congresswomen. We talk to Susanne Ljung at Stil i P1 about the […]

  • Ukrainian minister dead in helicopter crash – this we know

    Participants: Maria Persson Löfgren, Sveriges Radio’s Russia correspondent and Jan Hallenberg, Foreign Policy Institute. Reporter: Paulina Monzón Program manager: Kristin Axinge Jaslin The conversation with Maria Persson Löfgren was broadcast in Ekot in P4 at 12 noon, 18 January 2023

  • Right now: Märta Stenevi (MP) in Ekot’s party leader hearing

    Now it is the Green Party’s spokesperson Märta Stenevi’s turn to participate in Ekot’s party leader hearing during Almedalen Week on Gotland. The host is Mikael Kulle and the hearing is followed by an analysis by Ekot’s domestic policy commentators Fredrik Furtenbach and Tomas Ramberg. Ekot broadcasts directly in the app SR Play and on […]

  • Right now: Hear Annie Lööf (C) in Ekot’s party leader hearing

    The Center Party’s Annie Lööf is the penultimate party leader to give her Almedal speech. In previous speeches during the week, Annie Lööf has been criticized by her former alliance colleagues M and KD, but also by SD for having allied with the Social Democrats. Mikael Kulle asks Annie Lööf and Ekot’s domestic policy commentator […]

  • Hugh Hefner – Playboy who became his own brand

    The first issue of Playboy was released in 1953 in the post-war United States and quickly became a great success – despite the in many ways puritanical social climate that prevailed then. Hugh Hefner is the founder and the strong, constantly radiant, outward face that breaks the code for the ultimate men’s magazine. Playboy will […]