Tag: Biodiversity

  • Effective protected areas needed to prevent biodiversity loss: A review

    However, a new study that collected nearly a million records of more than 1,230 invertebrate species between 1990 and 2018 suggests that these protected areas are just as vulnerable to the country’s overall decline in biodiversity. The authors found that protected areas were more species-rich than unprotected areas of the country, but both areas experienced […]

  • The Finnish Environmental Center is renewing its organization: a vision of change in sustainable development, life within the limits of the planet

    The Finnish Environmental Center (Syke) has changed its vision in the direction of sustainable development. The change in sustainable development guides our society to quickly operate within the carrying capacity of our planet. Syke has reformed its organization and focused its expertise on finding solutions to key sustainable development challenges. At the same time, its […]

  • Vote: 80% want to expand nature reserves

    About 80 percent of people are in favor of expanding Finland’s nature reserves. This is evident from the survey of Economic Research Yle. Young people and women were most enthusiastic about growing Finnish nature reserves. 38 per cent said they wanted more protection measures on both state-owned and private land, while 42 per cent wanted […]

  • UN chief calls for “common future for all lives”

    Guterres said in a statement on International Biodiversity Day on May 22 each year. A senior UN official warned that three-quarters of the country and 66 percent of the marine environment had changed significantly as a result of human action, and called for an end to the “senseless and destructive war against nature.” The Secretary-General […]

  • Adders on Amager! Strollers produce incontrovertible evidence

    The ‘Amager Adder’ – it has a nice ring to it. Not literally, though, as their pattern tends to be zig-zagged; 60-80 cm in length, the males are greyish and the females more reddish-brown. However, while there have been sightings, no hard evidence has ever been provided that the snakes can be found on the […]

  • Copenhagen’s golf courses eye green greens

    Good for birdies The project has also helped the clubs to look at phasing out paper scorecards in favor of digital opportunities – Hørsholm Golf alone spends around DKK 18,000 on printing around 40,000 scorecards annually for its members. Other changes being looked at include the introduction of LED lighting, the replacement of oil burners […]

  • Ten new national nature reserves on the horizon

    The price for nature to flourish The funds for the establishment of the national nature parks come from the Nature and Biodiversity Package, which was signed back at the end of 2020. Five million kroner has already been set aside for outdoor life in each park, which can help to support nature experiences. It has […]

  • Ministries are looking for partners in a low-carbon circular economy agreement

    The Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Employment and the Economy presented the process of preparing the agreement today, 18 February. Work is scheduled to begin in March and the agreement should be ready for signing in the summer of 2023. Ministries will invite representatives from various industries, companies, regions and municipalities to […]