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  • Two Danish films nominated for Oscars

    There were four Danish entries on the various 15-film shortlists published in December, but only two of them will represent Denmark at the next Oscars. ‘A House Made of Splinters’, a documentary film shot in a Ukrainian orphanage directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont, has been nominated in the Documentary Feature Film category, while the Greenlandic […]

  • Right now: Ruben Östlund’s film Triangle of Sadness is triple nominated for the Oscars

    Swedish director Ruben Östlund’s film Triangle of Sadness is nominated for an Oscar for best original screenplay, best director and best film. It is the first time a Swedish film has been nominated for it since Utvandrarna and Viskningar og rop in the early 70s. Ruben Östlund has never before won an Oscar but was […]

  • Billion project could send cars underground in Copenhagen

    Solution 1 in the leadAccording to TV2 Kosmopollocal politicians are currently considering two options for the so-called ‘The Green Boulevard’ project. Solution 1 consists of two short tunnels without exits – a tunnel from Bispeengbuen to Bysøerne and a tunnel from Jarmers Plads to Rysensteensgade (just before Langebro Bridge). Solution 2 is more extensive and […]

  • Social media influencer Andrew Tate, brother remains in Romanian police custody until February 27

    Bucharest [Romania]January 21 (ANI): Social media influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan Tate will remain in police custody till February 27. This comes as a Romanian court on Friday extended their detention, Tate’s lawyers told CNN affiliate Antena 3. The brothers are currently being investigated over allegations of human trafficking and rape. According to […]

  • Studio Ett special – how AI changes the world

    Studio Ett’s special broadcast is entirely devoted to AI, artificial intelligence. Hear a variety of voices and examples of how Artificial Intelligence is used today and what risks exist. We get a taste of self-driving cars and wonder how worried the unions are about AI taking over their members’ jobs.

  • VR acquires new equipment for night train traffic from Škoda Transtech

    “We are happy to state that the popularity of night train travel has increased by 17 percent compared to 2018. With these new buses, we want to meet our customers’ wishes and further develop the travel experience. For example, working and eating in your own cabin will be even more comfortable in the future”, says […]

  • Tesla now operates more than 10,000 Superchargers in Europe

    These six new locations are located in Spain, France, Belgium and Germany and will offer more charging options for customers traveling in the region. The fast and reliable network continues to support periods of heavy traffic despite the increased number of Tesla vehicles on the road and the opening of selected locations to non-Tesla EVs. […]

  • They were called Sweden’s Bonnie and Clyde

    Tommy is considered one of Sweden’s worst robbers. Monica is his wife and accomplice. They spend the money on nightclubs, travel and expensive cars. When he is inside, she walks on the street. They are called Sweden’s Bonnie and Clyde. A program of Martin Jönsson Producer: Håkan Engström Final mix: Nima Shams The program is […]

  • Swedish driver Ericsson gives Ganassi another Indy 500 win

    Indianapolis, Indiana – Marcus Ericsson had to leave Formula One to become a global superstar – a goal achieved on Sunday when the Swedish driver won the Indianapolis 500. Ericsson took control of Sunday’s race late and had it under control for Chip Ganassi Racing until a crash by teammate Jimmie Johnson with four laps […]

  • Dark shops are gaining ground in Denmark

    A scanner in the darkHowever, not everyone is thrilled with the prospect of the concept coming to their necks. Often the shop windows are painted or tapped, which prevents someone from looking inside, which according to critics leads to urban areas being deprived of life. In addition, the areas are filled with vehicles needed to […]

  • Right now: The security policy analysis is presented

    On March 16, the government initiated discussions with all parliamentary parties to discuss the security policy situation after Russia attacked Ukraine. The conclusions will form the basis for the decision on whether Sweden will join NATO. The press conference will be attended by Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S), Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist (S), Kenneth […]

  • MOT: Forced Russians lose Janakkala Holiday Home, Jyväskylä Rally Cars

    Yle’s MOT investigation team has found out that the Supervisory Authority has confiscated property from Finland related to two Kremlin support from Russia. Pavel Gusev is the editor and openly supported by Moskovsky Komsomolets, Russia’s largest tabloid magazine Vladimir Putin bid for the 2018 election. Grigori Berezkin is an investor held close to Vladimir Putin. […]

  • The EU’s sixth package of sanctions against Russia targets banks and oil imports

    “Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine is affecting global security. We are working on a sixth sanctions package aimed at boosting more banks, listing disinformation actors and tackling oil imports. These measures will be submitted to the Council for approval,” Borrell tweeted. . Earlier today, some 3,000 containers and 5,000 vehicles destined for Russia are being […]

  • Three were injured when a man drove a car into the crowd in Helsinki

    The motorist, on the other hand, continued south towards the North Spanade, which was full of people celebrating May Day. Police decided not to chase him. He caused damage to several cars before driving into another car near the west end of the road and injuring three people, including himself. All of the injured were […]

  • The Mystery of Nicolas Cage – from Oscars to B-movies

    No matter how you turn him around, there seems to be no answer as to whether he is good or bad. Or? P1 Kulturs Joakim Silverdal decided to find out once and for all WHAT Nicolas Cage really is.

  • The government wants to increase the work transport deduction

    Over 24 km The Tax Council’s tax council will meet this week to decide whether the increase should be made. The amount per km is decided by the Tax Council, but politicians can decide whether the deduction should have greater value. Currently, people who commute to work in their cars can get a work transport […]

  • The high demand for used electric cars is causing congestion in the Finnish market

    The recent rise in gasoline prices has shaken the car market and dealers are struggling to keep up with growing demand for electric and hybrid cars. Demand is so high that shortages and congestion mean that many customers have to wait for their new vehicles. Finland is dependent on imports of electric cars from other […]

  • How to make sure that a car service in Denmark is reputable

    How to make sure that a car service in Denmark is reputable When looking for a car service in Denmark, it is important to research and find a reputable one to avoid being scammed or paying too much for the wrong service. You should consider many factors when searching for the best car service, such […]