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  • Attack on synagogue in East Jerusalem – at least seven dead

    In East Jerusalem, at least seven people have been killed in a shooting in a synagogue, reports the Israeli rescue service. According to Israeli authorities, the shooter has been neutralized by security forces. Hear Sveriges Radio’s correspondent Johan Mathias Sommarström.

  • Putin was so wrong about Europe

    When the podcast started in January 2022, the world looked different. Putin’s Russia counted on Europe being divided and weakened. Ukraine did not believe that a large-scale war was imminent. Since then, a new security order has emerged and a united Europe has rallied behind Ukraine. Radio correspondents Russia turns one year old. Cast: Johanna […]

  • The tangle of documents is beginning to resemble a farce

    US President Joe Biden invited the FBI to search his home in their search for more classified documents – which they found. At the same time, secret documents have also been discovered at the home of Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence. With the 2024 presidential primaries a year away, we ask how these revelations […]

  • The Egyptian al-Azhar University calls for a boycott of Sweden

    Now al-Azhar University, the highest institution of learning for Sunni Muslims, is calling for a global boycott against Sweden after Rasmus Paludan’s Koran burning outside the Turkish embassy, ​​AP reports. In the same vein that anti-Islam Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of the Koran at the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, a far-right leader tore up […]

  • Germany’s hesitation about the tanks splits the arms alliance

    The German-made Leopard tank has increasingly come to be portrayed as the holy grail of Ukrainian defense. Finland, Poland and Latvia have said they want to send parts of their leopard stocks to Ukraine, but Germany has continued to hesitate and withheld clear statements. Hear about how charged the issue is in Germany and what […]

  • Herman Lindqvist – has solved world puzzles and written history

    Herman Lindqvist became a foreign correspondent just like his father. Nowadays he lives in Warsaw and follows the war in Ukraine closely. He is concerned about developments and sees an imminent risk that we are heading for a major war in Europe. For many, Herman Lindqvist is best known as a popular historian and expert […]

  • Putin is losing patience – the war industry under pressure

    The Russian Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov, presented a report that all was going well in Russian aircraft and helicopter manufacturing. Then the Russian president interrupted and said he had completely different tasks. In addition, hear lieutenant colonel Joakim Paasikivi and Russia correspondent Maria Persson Löfgren comment on the helicopter crash, where, among […]

  • Secret documents in Biden’s garage

    The tangle with Joe Biden’s secret documents is growing. Now documents have been found in the garage of his home in Delaware. How does this hurt him politically? The state Congress of Delaware has decided to introduce a more restrictive dress code for congresswomen. We talk to Susanne Ljung at Stil i P1 about the […]

  • Ukrainian minister dead in helicopter crash – this we know

    Participants: Maria Persson Löfgren, Sveriges Radio’s Russia correspondent and Jan Hallenberg, Foreign Policy Institute. Reporter: Paulina Monzón Program manager: Kristin Axinge Jaslin The conversation with Maria Persson Löfgren was broadcast in Ekot in P4 at 12 noon, 18 January 2023

  • Ukraine’s interior minister killed in helicopter crash

    A helicopter has crashed near a preschool on the outskirts of Kyiv, regional governor Oleksiy Kuleba says according to Reuters. Ukraine’s interior minister is one of those who died in the crash, writes Reuters. Listen to Ekot’s live broadcast with Sveriges Radio’s Russia correspondent Maria Persson Löfgren.

  • Right now: Paasikivi about the explosion on the Krimbron

    The Crimean Bridge, which runs between the annexed Crimean peninsula and the Russian mainland, has been partially destroyed in a powerful explosion. According to Ukrainian correspondent Lubna El-Shanti, this could have major consequences for Russia: “The bridge is both symbolically important, and important for the Russian military supply”. Hear El-Shanti and Joakim Paasikivi, lieutenant colonel […]

  • The panic in Russia after Putin’s mobilization

    After Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that hundreds of thousands of men will be mobilized to fight in Ukraine, there have been strong protests in several places in Russia. Although there was first talk of 300,000 men and a so-called partial mobilization, it seems that not all of them are […]

  • The Sarah Everard case and the cop-turned-killer

    33-year-old Sarah Everard disappeared on a March evening in London last year when she was on her way home from a friend. She was subjected to sexual violence, murdered and dumped in a forest area. And as the investigation into this brutal murder unfolded, the judiciary, more specifically the police, came under heavy questioning. It […]

  • Boris Johnson abandoned and forced

    Claes Aronssonhost Agneta RambergEkot’s former foreign commentator and London correspondent James Savageeditor-in-chief of The Local

  • The similarities between American and Swedish politics

    This podcast was recorded together with the podcast The political game in front of an audience at the theater in Kristianstad. The United States, Sweden and the Cultural War Both the USA and Sweden go to the polls with parliamentary elections here at home this autumn and congressional elections in the states. Which issues are […]

  • 410: M, KD and L did not really want to

    This podcast was recorded together with the USA podcast in front of an audience at the theater in Kristianstad. A political drama that few parties wanted On Tuesday, the Riksdag voted on Morgan Johansson’s future as Minister. Amineh Kakabaveh cast the decisive vote and Johansson was saved. Who is the winner after today’s drama? The […]

  • So 100 days of war have changed Europe

    Claes Aronsson, host Susanne PalmeEU commentator Andreas Liljeheden, Brussels correspondent Göran von SydowHead of the Institute for European Policy Studies, SIEPS Agneta RambergEkot’s former foreign commentator

  • Speculation that Putin is seriously ill

    Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently went out and said that there were no signs of illness in President Putin. It is unusual for the Kremlin to comment on such a thing at all. Since the invasion of Ukraine, rumors that Putin may be ill have intensified, and the Kremlin has repeatedly been asked about […]