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  • We believe they are ready: USA for Sweden, Finland for NATO candidacy

    “The issue of Sweden and Finland is not a bilateral issue. We have been very clear in public, and we have also been very clear in private about our views on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership candidates. We believe they are ready, we believe they are ready. should be added to the world’s strongest defense […]

  • Poll: Finns value independent media

    A free and independent media is vital to democracy, according to the vast majority of Finns.

  • The extremists who want to overthrow the state

    In Iceland, a trial begins in January against two men who are suspected of terrorist plots. The men deny it, but according to the police have extreme right-wing views, and are said to have planned an armed attack against, among other things, the Alltinget, the Icelandic parliament. The threat from within has also been seen […]

  • Fallout from another Koran burning: How Rasmus Paludan’s actions could affect matters of enormous importance

    Foreign Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen has condemned the actions of Rasmus Paludan in Stockholm on Saturday, where he burned the Koran near the Turkish embassy. Rasmussen referred to Paludan as a “Danish-Swedish” citizen, but he is Danish-raised, and it was in Denmark that he trained and worked as a lawyer before becoming a full-time agitator […]

  • Heli Jantunen, Martti Koskenniemi and Merja Penttilä will receive the honorary title of Academician of Science

    and research professor Merja Penttilä has expertise in biotechnology and synthetic biology. They are all respected scientists and researchers with pioneering experience in their respective fields of research. Their work has wide-ranging importance in different sectors of society and thus helps to solve global challenges. A maximum of 16 distinguished Finnish scientists can have the […]

  • Eva survey: Trust in politicians has increased after the pandemic years

    The majority of Finns are satisfied with how power is distributed in the country, the handling of the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which increase people’s trust in politicians, according to a recent opinion poll by the Elinkeinoelämä forum. Fin). Research results published on Tuesday show that attitudes towards politicians improved during the […]

  • Election: a global ranking ranks the United States as the weakest among liberal democracies

    Defending democracy has suddenly become one of the central challenges of our time. The land war in Ukraine considered general a front line between autocratic rule and democratic freedom. The United States continues to absorb the meaning of the riot that took place on January 6, 2021 in an attempt to overthrow the results of […]

  • Negative view of Russia limited to survey in some states

    Western liberal democracies are more likely to have a negative attitude towards Russia, according to a global survey Negative views on Russia are mainly limited to Western liberal democracies, a new global survey by the Alliance of Democracies Foundation has found. At the same time, Asian countries maintain strong support for Russia, while Latin American […]

  • The game about oil in the wake of the Ukraine War

    Participants: Emil Nordströmharbor master, Victor Alvarezeconomist, Jesus Rafael Gonzalespolitical scientist, Dignora Hernandezparty leader Ventre, Sarah Leah WhitsonDemocracy for the Arab World Now, Yasser Al Ghasslanjournalist and commentator, Michail Krutikhinoil and gas expert, Andrej Kortunovthink tank Russian International Affairs Council. Host: Robin [email protected] Reporters: Maria Georgieva, Cecilia Uddén, Ivan Garcia, Kristian ÅströmTechnician: Elin Hagman Producer: David […]

  • Minister Joly welcomes the Swedish equivalent to Canada

    May 3, 2022 – Ottawa, Ontario – Global Affairs Canada Foreign Minister Melanie Joly announced today that she will host Sweden’s Foreign Minister Ann Linde’s visit on 4-6 May 2022. This will be Minister Linde’s first official trip to Canada. Minister Joly will meet with Minister Linde to build on the already strong relationship between […]

  • Finland joins NATO is “very likely”

    It is “very likely” that Finland will join NATO and the application process should proceed as quickly as possible. This opinion was expressed by Finland’s EU Minister Tytti Tuppurainen. In an interview with Sky News, she explained that there is currently a profound change in relations between Russia and Finland and that the people in […]

  • Who cares? | Therefore, a building permit for wind turbines will not be an option

    Permit for offshore wind power Monica Saarinen visits Sweden’s largest wind farm, Lillgrund in the Sound, to find out why it takes such a long time to expand. Nearby, state-owned Vattenfall has been planning for an even larger wind farm at Kriegers Flak for almost 20 years. Johnny Stenberg who is the project manager for […]

  • Film rebellion activists fined for police disobedience

    About 22 Extinction Rebellion activists have been fined for failing to comply with police orders during a protest in the capital last summer. The activists blocked a busy street in the center of Helsinki and wanted to get the government to declare a climate and ecological emergency and bring forward Finland’s carbon neutrality target from […]

  • Zelensky to Norway: Russia will destroy common democratic values

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave a video-broadcast speech to parliamentarians and members of the government on Wednesday, March 30. – This is a crucial moment in European history, where the fundamental values ​​of democracy are again threatened by the brutality of tyranny. This is how President of the Storting Masud Gharahkhani (Labor Party) opened. […]

  • Nordic envoys meet Premier who marks 50 years of relationship

    DHAKA, Bangladesh – The ambassadors of Norway, Denmark and Sweden met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday to mark the 50th anniversary of the Nordic countries’ relations with Bangladesh. The meeting, which took place in Ganabhaban, focused on the countries’ common history and friendship and their future partnerships. Envoys Espen Rikter-Svendsen from Norway, Winnie […]

  • Democracies invest more in health care than dictatorships: ifo Institute

    This effect is also visible after the change of government within the country. “As the government shifts from dictatorship to democracy, government health care spending will increase by about 15-20 percent. On the contrary, health care costs are falling significantly, ”says Dorn. The change in public health spending will become apparent shortly after the change […]

  • In pictures: Thousands in Finland oppose Russia’s attack on Ukraine

    In Jyväskylä, Pertti and Marita Kabris went to show their support for Ukraine. In Jyväskylä, the sign reads “Putin declared war on democracy”. Protesters in Jyväskylä. In Jyväskylä, a man holds a sign saying “Russia will not stop in Ukraine”. In Turku, about 4,000 people came to the demonstration. Finnish Ukrainians gathered in Helsinki around […]

  • Jonathan Young

    Comedian Jonatan Unge will give a classic from the cradle to the grave-Summer talk. But it will of course be with Jonathan’s special dispute to tell. As a child on the floor of Djurgården, he had his grandmother living in the same house. She often asked him to tell him something funny. “Which I then […]