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  • Right now: Sweden’s quarter-final in the Handball World Cup against Egypt

    The Swedish handball men step into the finals of the Handball World Cup with a quarter-final against Egypt. Follow the match with returns at 20.30. Radiosport’s referees: Per Kahl and Magnus Wislander.

  • The Egyptian al-Azhar University calls for a boycott of Sweden

    Now al-Azhar University, the highest institution of learning for Sunni Muslims, is calling for a global boycott against Sweden after Rasmus Paludan’s Koran burning outside the Turkish embassy, ​​AP reports. In the same vein that anti-Islam Rasmus Paludan burned a copy of the Koran at the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, a far-right leader tore up […]

  • Denmark advances to the world handball quarter on the back of a record unbeaten streak

    The defending champions are in the quarterfinals. Denmark, who won the men’s handball world championships in 2019 and 2021, advanced to the round of 16 with a 30-25 win against Egypt on Monday night. The Danes managed a game in which they were never behind the North African champions. Simon Pytlick, the player of the […]

  • Why can’t the West agree on how much military aid to send to Ukraine?

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been under enormous pressure to deliver Leopard tanks to Ukraine. The government in Kyiv has long argued it desperately needs them to retake territory seized by Russia in its 2022 invasion, and to protect the rest of Ukraine from the Kremlin’s looming spring offensive. So far, Berlin has refused, and […]

  • 10 world events that marked the year 2022

    Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the protest movement in Iran, the abortion issue in the United States – 2022 was rich in different events. AFP offered a list of the 10 events that, according to the agency, marked the world this year. Putin invaded Ukraine On February 24, Vladimir Putin ordered Russian troops to invade Ukraine, […]

  • Olof Wretling

    Audience favorite Olof Wretling makes his tenth Winter Program. Touring with the show “Kaffet”, which like “Diagnosersna i mitt liv” is based on his script from Winter in P1. Part of the Umeå-based comedy group Klungan and has created and participated in the radio program “Mamma’s new guy”. Has also been seen in “Bäst i […]

  • The Christmas tree is a tradition older than Christmas

    Why, every Christmas, do so many people endure the mess of dried pine needles, the risk of fire and impossibly tangled strings of lights? When I attach a Christmas tree to the hood of my car and worry about the strength of the twine, I sometimes wonder if I should just buy an artificial tree […]

  • Xinhua World News Roundup at 0130 GMT, 11 December

    STOCKHOLM – The Nobel Prize ceremony was held last Saturday in the Swedish capital. This year’s award winners received their awards in the Concert Hall. This year’s laureates include: Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger (Physics); Carolyn R. Bertozzi, K. Barry Sharpless and Morten Meldal (Chemistry); Svante Paabo (physiology or medicine); Annie Ernaux […]

  • 5 Dutchmen who nobly served Russia

    As born sailors and shipbuilders, the Dutch made a huge contribution to the creation of the regular Russian navy. As captains they gave that honor on more than one occasion with their victories in battle. 1. Franz Timmerman Franz Timmerman. Adriaan Schoonebeek At the end of the 1680s, Tsar Peter I, who in the following […]

  • Iran will compete at the IBSA Goalball World Championships

    TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Six para-athletes representing Iran will travel to Portugal on Sunday for the 2022 IBSA Goalball World Championships. – Sports News – Brazil are the reigning men’s champions and Russia the current women’s world champions, after victories at the recent World Goalball Championship in Malmö, Sweden in 2018. Iran have been drawn in […]

  • Hatshepsut – the queen who became pharaoh

    The editorial staff for this section consists of: Cecilia Düringer – presenter and script Mårten Andersson – screenplay Erik Laquist – producer Pablo Leiva Wenger – stage narrator Peter Jonason – sound design and final mix Also participating is Sofia Häggman, Egyptologist and curator at the Mediterranean Museum in Stockholm Want to know more about […]

  • Mosquitoes bite some of us more than others, here’s why

    Vosshall and Maria Elena De Obaldiaa former postdoc in the lab, decided to investigate the leading theory that explains the variable attractiveness of mosquitoes: individual odor variations associated with skin microbiota. According to the study published in the article, “Differential mosquito attraction to humans is associated with skin-derived carboxylic acid levels.” They recently showed that […]

  • COP27 breakthrough underlines Denmark’s status as a green pioneer

    Ahead of the UN climate conference in 2022 hosted by Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh from 7-18 November, the example of Denmark and Scotland – with their pledges to donate ‘Loss and Damage’ funds to the developing countries most affected by climate change – was always going to play heavily on the delegates’ minds. And […]

  • Cop27’s lack of ambition exacerbated the breakthrough in loss and damage

    While the agreement was hailed as a step towards climate justice, and a major achievement on loss and damage was not even on the agenda at the start of the conference, many reminded that the fund needs to be designed, financed and deployed before it can help countries bearing the brunt of the crisis. stress […]

  • The EU threatens to leave the climate talks

    The vice president of the European Commission responsible for climate issues, Frans Timmermans, threatens that the EU will leave the climate talks in Egypt, if the countries cannot agree on a “satisfactory result”. Hear our climate reporter Annika Digréus directly from Sharm e-Sheikh.

  • The climate meeting in Egypt: “chaotic” and “Sweden has lost as a leading country”. The globe directly from COP27

    The world is heading for a temperature increase of at least 2.5 degrees Celsius unless emissions are reduced quickly. According to the Paris Agreement, for example, Sweden must reduce its emissions by 63 percent from the 1990 level by 2030. With the current budget, the Swedish government will not reach the emission reduction targets. Climate […]

  • Vetenskapsradion Klotet directly from the climate meeting in Egypt

    The world is heading for a temperature increase of at least 2.5 degrees Celsius unless emissions are reduced quickly. According to the Paris Agreement, for example, Sweden must reduce its emissions by 63 percent from the 1990 level by 2030. Klotet meets Sweden’s climate minister at the UN climate meeting in Egypt and brings together […]

  • Today, the world’s population reaches 8 billion people

    The annual World Population Prospects report, released on Monday to coincide with World Population Day, also says the world’s population will grow at its slowest rate since 1950, falling to less than 1 percent in 2020. While it took 12 years for the world’s population to grow from 7 billion to 8 billion, it will […]