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  • The whole town is invited to a medical check-up

    All 9,750 inhabitants of Grindsted are invited to visit their doctor, as the fear of the effect of long-term local pollution continues to grow, informs DR. Grindsted, a small town in Region Southern Denmark, has a dirty secret. From 1962 to 1975, Grindstedværket dumped tons of heavy metals, pharmaceuticals and solvents into the ground around […]

  • Region disregarded objection from researcher in Grindsted case

    Region disregarded objection from researcher in Grindsted case

    The Region of Southern Denmark concluded last year on the basis of a report that it could be documented that it was safe to live in Grindsted despite previous pollution from the Grindsted power plant. It was concluded, although the research leader behind the report did not think it could be documented. It writes Information, […]

  • After possible disease findings: Grindsted citizens are examined again

    This is confirmed by Kurt Espersen, Executive Vice President of the region. – We have received information from a citizen in Grindsted that there are some more AL cases that have been found after our health examination has been completed. – This has led us to decide to convene our research group with researchers from […]

  • FACTS: Here you will find the new local police stations

    FACTS: Here you will find the new local police stations

    On Monday, a new police station opened in Esbjerg, while a so-called satellite station opened in Brande. In addition to 20 local police stations, there are three satellite stations, which have shorter opening hours than the others, as well as a single station (Ribe), which already existed, but which with the agreement has had its […]

  • 27-year-old woman killed in traffic accident in Vejen

    A 27-year-old woman lost her life on Wednesday afternoon after she collided with a tractor at an intersection. This is stated by the South and Southern Jutland Police. The woman who was driving a car hit the tractor at the intersection of Grindstedvej and Råbjergvej south of Hovborg in Vejen Municipality. Police, rescue crews and […]

  • FACTS: Ten major pollutants in Denmark are waiting to be cleaned up

    The current ten generation pollutants are: * Grindsted Power Station, Grindsted: Pollution with toxic wastewater. * Kærgård Klitplantage north of Esbjerg: Pollution with toxic wastewater from, among others, Grindstedværket. * Himmark Strand on Als: Disposal of chemicals from Danfoss. * Old factory site at Cheminova, Harboøre Tange: Pollution from the production of pesticides. * Cheminova’s […]

  • Finance Act sets aside 630 million for cleaning up poisonous grounds

    Among other things, the agreement contains DKK 630 million to clean up some of the toxic causes known as generational pollution. This is stated in the agreement text, which is posted on the Ministry of Finance’s website. Generational pollution covers old polluted areas in several places in the country. An often mentioned example is Høfde […]

  • The owner of the café was assaulted with a knife

    The owner of the café was assaulted with a knife

    A stabbing in Grindsted is being investigated by the police as an attempted manslaughter, the South East Jutland Police inform. The episode took place on Saturday night just before 7pm at a café. Here, the owner of the café was stabbed during a showdown with another man. The two know each other in advance, head […]

  • 85-year-old killed and three injured in road collision

    85-year-old killed and three injured in road collision

    An 85-year-old man has died and three others were seriously injured in a traffic accident on Grindsted Landevej near Grindsted on Sunday afternoon. This is what duty officer Lars Grønlund from the South East Jutland Police says. – Two cars collided in a frontal collision, he says. The police received the report of the accident […]

  • 15-year-old boy loses his life in a moped accident near Billund

    A 15-year-old boy lost his life in a traffic accident on Grindstedvej near Billund on Sunday night. This is what the South East Jutland Police informs JydskeVestkysten. The boy was driving a moped when he was hit by an oncoming car. The motorist tried to make an overtaking when it drove head-on with the moped […]

  • Report shows healthy Grindsted citizens despite pollution

    Citizens of Grindsted are no more ill than others. Therefore, the health survey that has looked at the significance of pollution in and around the city in Billund Municipality is not followed up. This is what the Region of Southern Denmark writes in a press release. Neither citizens, researchers nor the municipality have expressed a […]