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  • The Helsinki court convicted two journalists of revealing national secrets

    Tuomo Pietiläinenthe reporter who was primarily responsible for the story was fined 50 days. Laura Halminenanother reporter mentioned in the byline, was not convicted because of his lesser role. “The other journalist had a clearly smaller role than his colleague and had sought to ensure that the publication was legal. The district court refrained from […]

  • Finland and Sweden are still striving for NATO together, Haavisto assures

    “Together with Billström, we have decided that despite all these objections, Finland and Sweden will continue their joint journey to NATO. We are working together to take action so that both countries can have their membership ratified and we will become NATO members at the same time, he said. quoted saying YLE in Parliament. He […]

  • The Finnish Olympic Committee demands a competition ban for Russia and Belarus

    The committee “strongly” expressed its position on the matter to the IOC during the telephone conference and in writing, according to chairman Jan Vapaavuori.

  • Right now: The accident commissions about the Estonia disaster

    The ship Estonia was never seaworthy, according to a preliminary conclusion in the interim report that the accident commissions in Sweden, Finland and Estonia present today. An inspection of the bow section had never been carried out and was therefore wrongly certified. “If the regulations had been followed, it is likely that this accident would […]

  • The Council of Muslim Elders condemns the burning of the Holy Koran by extremists in Sweden

    ABU DHABI, 23rd January 2023 (WAM) — The Council of Muslim Elders, chaired by the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Dr Ahmed Al-Tayeb, has expressed its utmost condemnation of the burning of the Holy Quran by an extremist in Sweden. The Council strongly condemned such heinous acts that provoke and offend nearly two billion Muslims around […]

  • How to transform your home decor on a budget using DIY ideas

    If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank, plenty of DIY projects can help you achieve it. From simple painting jobs and adding new furniture such as VidaXL garden tables to more extensive renovations, there are several ways you can give your home a makeover on a budget. DIY project […]

  • The trade reform clarifies the committee despite the opposition of the center and basic Finns

    He added that the change requires that a person who changes their legal gender marker for the first time cannot do so until at least a year has passed since the previous change, unless there is a special reason for the change. Päivälehti pointed out that one of the key parts of the bill is […]

  • 455: Erdogan’s power over Swedish politicians

    Sweden will deliver the Archer artillery system, combat vehicle 90 and anti-tank robot NLAW to Ukraine. The government announced this at a press conference on Thursday. How important was this to Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson given the attacks on the previous government for tardiness? At the same time, a freedom of expression debate is ongoing […]

  • Trkiye denies the connection between the F-16 agreement and Nordic NATO bids

    Ankara hopes to buy 40 new Lockheed-produced jets, but the deal has opponents in Washington Turkey’s proposed purchase of F-16 fighter jets from the US and its gatekeeping for NATO as Finland and Sweden seek to join the US-led military bloc are “not related,” Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has insisted. The arms sale would […]

  • Educa 2023 brings together the Finnish education and training sector at the Helsinki Fair Center

    Speakers in the international program include, among others, the chairman of the Teaching Trade Union OAJ, Katariina Murto; Minister of Education, Lee Andersson; and professor of education at the University of Helsinki, Minna Huotilainen. On the online platform, visitors can follow the program and talk with the exhibitors who appeared at the Educa event. For […]

  • Liberals severely criticized by the blue colleagues after the revival of the quota refugee system

    A huge turnaround has angered several political parties. Five days before the parliamentary elections on November 1, Venstre (V) representatives said that Denmark’s borders should not be opened for quota refugees. But now the SVM government led by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has proposed to accept 500 quota refugees per year. – It is a […]

  • The chairman of the Fiscal Policy Council warns of poorer economic times

    Despite the fact that the economy is in balance after the pandemic, both the government and the opposition continue to spend expansive war budgets on partially borrowed money. The government’s motive for breaking the expenditure ceiling does not convince the Fiscal Policy Council, which presented its annual report this week. How seriously does Chairman Lars […]

  • The Association of Nurses rejects the salary agreement, other municipal associations approve

    The nurses’ unions have rejected the proposal to resolve the dispute in the municipal sector, but other unions in the sector have accepted it. The proposal was made on Tuesday Elina Pylkkänenan official chairing the Conciliation Committee, which is responsible for finding a solution. As a result of the transaction, municipal employees would have received […]

  • STT: Nurses could not afford another strike

    A protracted nurses ‘strike would have weighed heavily on the coffers of the nurses’ unions, Tehy and Super, STT said on Sunday, referring to documents from unions filed with the National Board of Patents and Registration. The financial situation of the unions is a strictly kept secret, but last year’s statements show that the unions […]

  • Mad cow disease

    More than 200 people die of mad cow disease and 4 million cows are killed. The cause of the spread of infection turns out to be meat meal mixed into the cows’ feed. Hear the story of one of the 90’s most terrifying diseases and one of Europe’s biggest and most costly crises. Warning: the […]

  • Minister Joly will hold an armchair discussion and joint media accessibility with the Swedish equivalent

    3 May 2022 – Foreign Minister Melanie Joly will hold an armchair discussion with her Swedish counterpart, Swedish Foreign Minister Anne Linde, entitled “Sweden and Canada: perspectives on a feminist view of global challenges” followed by a joint media accessibility. Date: 5 May 2022 Time: 16:00 EDT – Armchair discussion 17:00 EDT – Media availability […]

  • Putin’s war splits the peace movement

    Cast: Jana PuglierinGerman security analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations, Alexander KroneGerman commander, Fredrik Egefurresearchers on pacifism, Lova Olssonpolitical reporter at Ekot, Martina Skrakleft party artist, Svante Olsonformer left-wing party artist, Jonas Hinnforspolitical scientist, Martin Smedjebackactivist, Agnes Hellströmchairman of Svenska Freds Host: Firas [email protected] Reporter: Caroline Salzinger and Simon Moser Technician: Stina Fagerberg […]

  • The center changes ministers

    The center will change its ministerial composition on Friday as Jari Leppä resigns and will be replaced by the Minister for Agriculture and Forestry Antti Kurvinen. The position of Kurvinen’s Minister of Science and Culture is held by Petri Honkonen, the party’s vice-chairman and MP for the second term. President Sauli Niinistö approves appointments on […]