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  • Research: Finnish is taught to many children unnecessarily as a second language

    In his research, Ståhlberg compared the reading skills and comprehension of children studying Finnish as a second language (S2) and those studying it as their mother tongue (S1). The study revealed that about a fifth of the children studying it as a second language were better able to read and understand a Finnish text than […]

  • Haavisto: Finland and Sweden continue their journey to NATO

    Last week, Turkey broke off tripartite talks on Finland’s and Sweden’s membership applications in response to the burning of a Koran outside its embassy in Stockholm. Rasmus Paluda, a Danish-Swedish far-right decision-maker. Helsingin sanomat newspaper was revealed Last week, the decision-maker received support for his protest Chang Fricka Swedish journalist who has collaborated with an […]

  • Jack Ma – the billionaire who flew too close to the sun

    On November 11, 2020, the Chinese e-commerce giant strikes Alibaba’s annual shopping holiday Singles Day a dizzying sales record. Company founder Jack Ma has become synonymous with success in China. He is a world celebrity who thrives in the limelight, accustomed to shaking hands with presidents and swarming with Hollywood stars. But when Alibaba’s customers […]

  • The Helsinki court convicted two journalists of revealing national secrets

    Tuomo Pietiläinenthe reporter who was primarily responsible for the story was fined 50 days. Laura Halminenanother reporter mentioned in the byline, was not convicted because of his lesser role. “The other journalist had a clearly smaller role than his colleague and had sought to ensure that the publication was legal. The district court refrained from […]

  • Magdalena Andersson (S): The government has gone further than the agreement with Turkey requires

    Social Democrats party leader Magdalena Andersson is interviewed about the NATO process, what the Social Democrats want with nuclear power and what she wants to do in the meantime in opposition. This week, Turkish President Erdoğan said that Sweden should not expect Turkey’s support with the NATO application, after first a doll representing Erdoğan was […]

  • The fight to convict Putin of war crimes

    Cast: Zoya Vaschenkomother whose 32-year-old son was killed by shrapnel as he slept, one of about 70,000 cases being investigated as war crimes in Ukraine, Sviatoslav Ruban and Oleksandra Romantsova at the Center for Civil Liberties which investigates war crimes in Ukraine, Ove Bringinternational law expert and professor emeritus of international law, Olga and Arseny […]

  • The monstrous beauty of Iceland in the film “Godland” by Hlynur Pálmason

    A young Danish pastor is sent on a mission to build a church and create a community in Iceland. This is how the film “Godland” by Hlynur Pálmason (creator of, among others, “Winter Brothers” and “White, White Day”) begins. Godland premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The audience gave him a standing ovation, and critics […]

  • The monstrous beauty of Iceland in the film “Godland” by Hlynur Pálmason

    A young Danish pastor is sent on a mission to build a church and create a community in Iceland. This is how the film “Godland” by Hlynur Pálmason (creator of, among others, “Winter Brothers” and “White, White Day”) begins. Godland premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. The audience gave him a standing ovation, and critics […]

  • Caroline Farberger – finally living as who she is

    She lived at a furious pace and reached the top echelons of business. Degree from both Chalmers and the Gothenburg School of Economics, course test at the cadet school and managerial career. But all the time there was a friction there inside her, ever since childhood. Something she didn’t want to admit, least of all […]

  • Eilert Pilarm: Elvis’ spirit took over my body

    Eilert Dahlberg becomes Elvis from Husum When Eilert Dahlberg was a child, he preferred to listen to the salvation soldier Lapp-Lisa and rock king Elvis Presley. As a 39-year-old, he records a few cassette tapes with Elvis covers on his own initiative and then it doesn’t take long until the recordings end up with radio […]

  • Putin was so wrong about Europe

    When the podcast started in January 2022, the world looked different. Putin’s Russia counted on Europe being divided and weakened. Ukraine did not believe that a large-scale war was imminent. Since then, a new security order has emerged and a united Europe has rallied behind Ukraine. Radio correspondents Russia turns one year old. Cast: Johanna […]

  • The Design Museum celebrates its 150th anniversary with a program featuring today’s top names in design

    Show Kusta Saksi: In the Borderlands contains a wide selection of his textile artworks made with the jacquard weaving technique between 2013 and 2023. Several large works commissioned for the exhibition are also on display. The borderland exhibition explores the moments between reality and illusion, which are the starting point for several of Saks’s works. […]

  • Meta restores Donald Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts

    Trump’s Facebook account was the most followed account at the time of the freeze, with hundreds of millions of followers, the New York Times reported to Meta. On January 7, 2021, the day after hundreds of people stormed the Capitol in his support, Meta fired Trump from his platforms, citing that he was inciting more […]

  • Performance Preview: Different surroundings, but the same high level of quality from a playwright who knows his technique

    Not all stories set on Mars are like ‘War of the Worlds’, the classic HG Wells novel written in the 1890s that changed the way we thought about outer space forever. Granted, some are just as far-fetched, like ‘Total Recall’, while others are more realistic, like the recent Ridley Scott film ‘The Martian’. But rarely […]

  • Finland and Sweden are still striving for NATO together, Haavisto assures

    “Together with Billström, we have decided that despite all these objections, Finland and Sweden will continue their joint journey to NATO. We are working together to take action so that both countries can have their membership ratified and we will become NATO members at the same time, he said. quoted saying YLE in Parliament. He […]

  • President Niinistö is visiting Ukraine

    After the joint press conference after the meeting, the presidents will continue the discussion at a working lunch. In addition to meeting with President Zelensky, President Niinistö will visit Borodianka and Bucha, where the local authorities will show him the destruction of the war and tell about the suffering caused to civilians by the Russian […]

  • Niinistö: We are used to a standard of living that has not been earned

    He also expressed his confusion that the size of the indebtedness problem is not known and the need to change the line of economic policy. He believes that central banks are the root cause of the problem because they have implemented excessive asset purchase programs that have distorted public understanding of the realities of the […]

  • Minnesota United signs Swedish D Mikael Marques

    Minnesota United FC announced the signing of Swedish defender Mikael Marques on Monday. The 21-year-old comes from AFC Eskilstuna on a three-year contract with a club option until 2026. “Mikael is highly recommended. Several big teams in Sweden, Norway and Denmark became interested, but we got him through a good contact by us who felt […]