• Erica was saved from suicide – by an unknown woman

    In two episodes, Erica tells her story for the first time. By: Gustav Asplund.Final mix: Astrid Ankarcrona.The reality in P3 is made by the production company Filt. If you or someone you know is unwell, there is help to get. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone, here are contact routes: MIND – for mental health […]

  • Linnea Henriksson

    Linnea Henriksson made their record debut ten years ago and recently released the song “Som du sa”. She has participated in “So much better”, won prizes at the P3 Gold gala and was awarded both the Alice Babs Jazz scholarship and the Ulla Billquist scholarship. Alongside her career as an artist, Linnea Henriksson is a […]

  • Åke Sellström

    Åke Sellström is a researcher and one of the world’s foremost experts on chemical, biological and radioactive warfare. He has had heavy roles in connection with the UN’s work with international security. Among other things, he has been sent to Syria as head of the UN weapons inspection to investigate whether chemical weapons were used. […]

  • Hana Al-Khamri

    Hana Al-Khamri is the daughter of Yemeni migrant workers and raised in Saudi Arabia. She began her journalistic career in a gender-segregated newspaper editorial office in the city of Jidda. Since 2011 she lives in Sweden and works as a freelance writer and lecturer with a focus on politics, culture and women’s rights in the […]

  • VMA in Helsingborg and Höganäs, Skåne •

    Already as a 12-year-old hit Amy Deasismont through under the name Amy Diamond with the song “What’s in it for me”. She was nominated for Rockbjörnen, Grammis, NRJ Awards and Nordic Hit Music Awards. In the coming years, she followed up the success with several successful albums and participation in Melodifestivalen. In recent years, Amy […]

  • VMA in Staberg, Falun municipality, Dalarna county •

    Siw Ore twig Summer talks on the day 25 years after she hosted the program last time. Now she goes even further back in time, before the hundreds of records, the film, stage and television productions and the breakthrough as the winner of the Melodifestivalen in 1959. She grew up in Landskrona in a Barnrikehus, […]

  • Carl Hedin

    Carl Hedin is a dressage rider who, among other things, won SM gold in team dressage. He is one of Sweden’s biggest equestrian influencers on Instagram. He has his base on Särö outside Gothenburg where he trains and develops horses, and lives with the dog Iris, the cat Pippi and the rabbit Humphrey. Last year, […]

  • Susan Dahl

    Susan Dahl is a student chaplain at Umeå University’s campus. She is also a poet and writer, including as a columnist in Kyrkans Tidning. Her poetry debut was called “Vem så mig dån”, with pictures by Kent Wisti. Together they lead the podcast “Kinnamockaskogen,” a podcast at the intersection of culture, faith and society. In […]

  • Anise Don Demina

    Anise Don Demina is one of Sweden’s biggest Youtubers with over half a million followers. He has participated in the Melodifestivalen, both as a contestant and presenter, and has given us hits such as “Vem e som oss”. He also made “Flaggan i topp” which was Sweden’s official EC football song. During the spring, Anis […]

  • Mian Lodalen

    Mian Lodalen is a journalist and author and has written hundreds of columns. She has won several prizes and awards for her books and was elected Woman of the Year. Since the 80s, Mian Lodalen has been deeply involved in feminism, LGBTQI and animal rights issues, which is also a recurring theme in her work. […]

  • Cedwin Sandanam

    Cedwin Sandanam is leader of Sweden’s most famous gospel choir, Tensta Gospel Choir. When he was 16 years old, a friend took him to a rehearsal with the choir and he was instantly hooked. Since 2005, he has been the artistic director, conductor and coordinator of the choir’s 50 members. They have performed on stages […]

  • Vigdis Hjorth

    Vigdis Hjorth is one of the Nordic region’s greatest authors and has written about thirty books for both adults and children. She created a debate in her home country Norway with the novel “Heritage and the environment” which is about a woman’s struggle to own her own story and about the difficult sibling and parent […]

  • Oscar Magnusson

    Oscar Magnusson is a musician and frontman in one of Sweden’s most beloved bands, Sven-Ingvars, formed in 1956 by Oscar’s father Sven Erik Magnusson, Ingvar Karlsson and Sven Svärd. Since 2010, he also runs Sliperiet, an art gallery and restaurant in Borgvik, Värmland. For his cultural promotion work in the countryside, Oscar Magnusson has, among […]

  • Sara Hector

    At the Olympics in Beijing last winter, the whole of Sweden held its breath Sara Hector finally won his first gold medal in giant slalom after more than a decade as a professional skier. It was the first Swedish gold on the women’s side in giant slalom since 1992. She has skied since childhood, made […]

  • How to get control of your personal finances

    Getting control of your personal finances is not always easy. If you have first lost track, it can be difficult to regain control, and it can also be uncomfortable to have to dive deep into your own bank statements. Although it may seem both uncomfortable and difficult, it is important to have control and we […]

  • Bengt Einar “Sotarn” Johansson

    Bengt Einar “Sotarn” Johansson was chosen by the listeners to Lyssnarnas Sommarvärd 2022. As a young boy, Bengt Einar Johansson would actually have been lobotomized. He was rescued at the last minute by his mother who refused to leave him in hospital. Instead, he became an entrepreneur in the tourism industry, an athlete and a […]

  • Kateryna Martyniuk

    On February 24, life changed for Kateryna Martyniuk. She was born in Ukraine, where she is studying at the University of Lviv, where she studied Swedish for three years. Despite a life with constant flight alarms and reports from friends at the front, she has chosen to stay. In the mornings Kateryna Martyniuk studies at […]

  • Josef Fares

    Josef Fares took home last winter’s Game of the Year award for “It Takes Two” at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, which is usually described as the world’s largest gaming gala. Also won two BAFTA statuettes for best family game and best multiplayer game. Josef Fares first broke through as a film director with […]