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  • Tragic accident near Glymur

    Tragic accident near Glymur

    A tourist who fell into a gorge at the Glymur waterfall in Hvalfjörður yesterday has died. The woman is believed to have died on the spot after falling from a great height. The police statement says that yesterday around 11:30 a.m. police received a call informing about the accident of a tourist who fell into […]

  • Strongman competition in Hvammsvík

    Strongman competition in Hvammsvík

    Hvammsvík Hot Springs in Hvalfjörður and the World Class Gym have held a weightlifting competition where athletes lift three stones called Atlas on the beach in Hvammsvík. The competition took place on Saturday, October 22nd. The stones the competitors will face come in three different weights – 75 kg, 120 kg and 170 kg. Competitors […]

  • The road through Kjalarnes is closed due to strong winds

    The road through Kjalarnes is closed due to strong winds

    Today at 10:30 am there was an accident on this road. According to information from the fire brigade in the capital area, two vehicles collided there. One person was taken by the ambulance service. Those who must travel west are asked to take a detour via Mosfellsheiði, Kjósarskarð and Hvalfjörður. Due to the weather, more […]

  • Fatal accident at Akrafjallsvegur

    Fatal accident at Akrafjallsvegur

    The day before yesterday evening there was a fatal accident near the Hvalfjörður tunnel. According to information given by police in the western region, the driver lost control of his car driving at “terrifying speed”. The vehicle rolled over several times and the driver fell out of the vehicle to a distance of about 10 […]

  • It was revealed where the roar in Hvalfjörður came from

    It was revealed where the roar in Hvalfjörður came from

    According to mbl.is, yesterday at 18:24 a quake with a magnitude of around 1.0 was recorded in the Hvalfjörður fjord. The cause of the tremors was initially unknown and seismic activity is rare in the area, however residents reported having heard a strong explosion. The journalists from RÚV were the first to provide this information. […]

  • Mysterious explosion in Hvalfjörður

    Mysterious explosion in Hvalfjörður

    In Hvalfjörður[1] some kind of mysterious explosion or earthquake has occurred. Inhabitants of the area describe it as an earthquake, but it is not known what caused it. The seismometers registered a small earthquake that alerted the Civil Defense. Jóhanna Harðardóttir lives under Akrafjall in Hvalfjörður. She says she felt a powerful explosion. “I called […]

  • Snowfall and winter road conditions in many parts of the country

    Snowfall and winter road conditions in many parts of the country

    It was snowing last night in the south of the country. In the east and northeast, the wind speed is 10–18 m / s, but in the mountains in the southeast, 15–23 m / s. Around noon there will be significant snowfall or sleet rains in the north and south-west of the country. The Meteorological […]

  • New speed cameras on Icelandic roads

    New speed cameras on Icelandic roads

    The Ministry of Transport has mandated the police to use new speed cameras that measure the average speed of cars on certain road sections. It is not yet clear what the speeding fines will look like. Power to impose penalties on the basis of average speed cameras has been granted under new agreements between the […]

  • How orcs hunt seals

    How orcs hunt seals

    West of Hvammsvík in Hvalfjörður, a killer whale family was filmed hunting for a seal near the shore. It even seemed that the mother could teach the calves to hunt. There was no chase, which confirms the supposition that hunting was only a lesson for the young. This two-minute event was filmed by Hörður Jónsson. […]

  • A tragic fire in Borgarfjörður

    A tragic fire in Borgarfjörður

    A woman was killed in a fire in an apartment building on one of the farms in Borgarfjörður. When the fire brigade and police arrived at the scene, the apartment building was on fire. The entire available Borgarfjörður Fire Department was summoned to the fire that broke out just before 6 PM at Hálsasveit. The […]

  • From Iceland – Fishing for mythical creatures farthest north

    From Iceland – Fishing for mythical creatures farthest north

    Hat? Check. Parka? Check. Gloves? Check. Some might tell you that September is still technically summer. Some people were wrong – at least when they talked about Iceland. So, what can we do instead of sunbathing? What about troll hunting? North of the Wall The flow of tourists is already declining in Iceland, not that […]