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  • The Icelandic passport is in 21st place

    The Icelandic passport is in 21st place

    In the latest ranking of the strongest passports, the Icelandic passport took 21st place, receiving 87.47 points out of 100. The number of countries to which holders of a given passport can travel without a visa determines how high a passport will be on the list. Icelandic citizens can travel visa-free to 106 countries. Holders […]

  • Changes in passport regulations

    Changes in passport regulations

    From the new year, the National Register / Þjóðskrá changes the rules for sending passports to residents of the country. From January, passports will no longer be sent by post and citizens will have to pick up the document in person at the voivode’s office / Sýslumaður or at the National Registry Office. The amendment, […]

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