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  • The extremists who want to overthrow the state

    In Iceland, a trial begins in January against two men who are suspected of terrorist plots. The men deny it, but according to the police have extreme right-wing views, and are said to have planned an armed attack against, among other things, the Alltinget, the Icelandic parliament. The threat from within has also been seen […]

  • The weaknesses of Putin’s occupation plan

    Recently, what Russia called “referendums” were held in four regions of Ukraine, but these votes were described by independent observers as faked sham votes. Soldiers with guns have been walking around forcing people to vote. But despite the polls being completely illegitimate, Russian President Vladimir Putin has used the results to claim that the people […]

  • The panic in Russia after Putin’s mobilization

    After Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced that hundreds of thousands of men will be mobilized to fight in Ukraine, there have been strong protests in several places in Russia. Although there was first talk of 300,000 men and a so-called partial mobilization, it seems that not all of them are […]

  • The game behind the nuclear weapons plan over Sweden

    On September 2, huge fighter jets thunder in over central Stockholm. Everyone’s eyes are directed towards the roar from above. Three Swedish JAS Gripens look small next to the large American bombers flying low over the hulls. The display is part of an exercise aimed at scaring Russia, just enough. The strategy is called deterrence, […]

  • Report criticizes government after “Party gate”

    The British government is criticized in an interim report for lack of leadership linked to the “party gate”. Reports criticize several high-ranking leaders in Boris Jonsson’s government for having created a culture that has led to illegal parties being held. Listen to Ekot’s London correspondent Stephanie Zakrisson in Ekot’s live broadcast.

  • This is how NATO changes security for Sweden

    Finland and Sweden are doing something together and want to become members of NATO. The news comes after Russia began its offensive war against Ukraine, and demanded a security zone around the country. This historic change of course for Swedish security policy makes the Baltic Sea a NATO inland sea – and may also put […]

  • Right now: The security policy analysis is presented

    On March 16, the government initiated discussions with all parliamentary parties to discuss the security policy situation after Russia attacked Ukraine. The conclusions will form the basis for the decision on whether Sweden will join NATO. The press conference will be attended by Foreign Minister Ann Linde (S), Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist (S), Kenneth […]

  • VMA in Uppsala municipality •

    United States before and after Roe V. Wade In 1973, the Supreme Court ruled that women have a constitutionally protected right to abortion. The political debate was rather cool – but soon this would change radically. What just happened? Jill Biden traveled to Ukraine US President Jill Biden surprised the media with a visit to […]

  • Mad cow disease

    More than 200 people die of mad cow disease and 4 million cows are killed. The cause of the spread of infection turns out to be meat meal mixed into the cows’ feed. Hear the story of one of the 90’s most terrifying diseases and one of Europe’s biggest and most costly crises. Warning: the […]

  • Expulsion of spies can wake up sleeping agents

    The great Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is now redrawing the spy map in Europe. We are entering a more uncertain time where the need for intelligence has increased both in the east and the west. With a decision on NATO at the door, the military warns of sabotage against mapped targets and there […]

  • The Madeleine McCann mystery – that’s the police’s theory

    On the evening of May 3, 2007, British doctor Kate McCann leaves the table at a tapas restaurant on the Algarve coast in Portugal. She has to look after her three children who sleep in the family’s hotel room – but there she makes a horrible discovery. The eldest daughter, the soon-to-be four-year-old Madeleine, is […]

  • 403: Sweden, NATO and Trump’s return

    This is how Sweden will be affected if Trump returns Much (if not all) right now points to Sweden joining NATO in the near future. At the same time, the Republicans are gathering strength to regain power in the United States and probably with Donald Trump at the helm. As president, Donald Trump was deeply […]

  • 402: Everything speaks against a referendum on NATO

    The Left Party wants a referendum on NATO Nooshi Dadgostar thinks that voters are left out of the decision on NATO and therefore demands a referendum. Is it practically or politically possible? We sift and track. Ebba Busch’s statement raises debate The Christian Democrats’ party leader in the hot air or controversial statement in Ekot’s […]

  • To risk dying for his country

    Cast: Douglas Wiseintelligence officer and instructor, Taras Borovokcomposer Ukrainian Army, Yurii Sheliazhenko, Ukrainian pacifist, Daniel Jonsson, research leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency, Henrik Landerholm, Director-General of the Agency for Psychological Defense, Thomas Persson, Home Guard soldier. Host: Robin [email protected] Reporters: Simon Moser, Maria Persson LöfgrenTechnician: Karl Björnsson, Tim Kellerman Producer: David [email protected]

  • Russia’s revenge against the Swedish researchers

    The poisoning of the well-known opposition politician Alexei Navalny in the autumn of 2020 has similarities to what is happening today in Ukraine. It seems to be about revenge. Perhaps this story can also teach us something about what the Russian response to EU sanctions will look like in the future. Participants: Åsa Scotthead of […]

  • When the State Distributed Drugs – Part 2 The Deaths

    In the mid-1960s, a couple of doctors in Sweden received permission from the Medical Products Agency to prescribe drugs to drug addicts. The doctors thesis that a feeling of satiety will appear and that patients will voluntarily reduce their drug use if they have access to drugs. In Stockholm, a clinic is run by the […]

  • This is how Putin was shaped by time as a spy

    Participants: Johanna Melén, our Russia correspondent, Carolina Vendil Pallin, Research leader FOI, Oscar Jonsson, researcher at the Swedish National Defense College. Host: Jesper Lindau [email protected] Producer: Irma Norrman [email protected]

  • The war in Ukraine has been going on for a month

    Hear conversations with Roman Horbyk and Kateryna Martyniuk from Lviv in western Ukraine. Oscar Jonsson, researcher in military science at the Swedish National Defense College, summarizes the last month’s battles. The clip comes from P1-Morgon 24 March 2022.