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  • Ministries: Finland’s large railway infrastructures have a big price tag, a carbon footprint

    The ministries stated last week that the implementation of the projects would require substantial public sector investment, as other sources of funding, such as operator and user fees, would be relatively small compared to the required investment. Although private investors have also expressed interest in such projects, they would likely require state guarantees, leaving the […]

  • Report: Proposed major rail projects do not provide value for money, do not reduce emissions

    The report does not take a position on whether there should be improved or new rail connections to Turku, Tampere and Kouvola, but assesses their effects on the economy and emissions.

  • Finland’s food exports exceed 2 billion euros for the first time

    “The growth opportunities of the food industry in Finland are limited. With the growth of exports, the capacity of the food industry can be increased, which also strengthens the domestic market and improves crisis resilience,” says director Esa Wrang. From Business Finland’s Food from Finland program. Food exports are strategically important in terms of Finland’s […]

  • Fuel prices are falling, diesel is below €2 in some places

    The prices of liquid fuels continued to fall last week, according to Statistics Finland. According to the number cruncher, the average price of diesel per liter in Finland last week was 2.17 euros, while the previous week it was 2.21 euros. In some areas of Finland, the price of a liter fell below two euros […]

  • The beauty of Finland’s national parks still attracts people after the peak of the pandemic

    During the first two years of the Covid pandemic, 2020 and 2021, Finland’s national parks and other natural sites became very popular domestic tourist destinations, but it seems that other attractions are increasingly competing for people’s attention. Although official summer visitor numbers are not yet available, traffic has slowed down according to the parks Pirkko […]

  • Finland is preparing for a busy weekend of music festivals and cultural events

    On the first weekend of July, numerous music festivals and cultural events are organized in different parts of Finland. The three-day Tuska Open Air Metal Festival starts on Friday in the capital’s Suvilahti. The heavy metal event was canceled last year due to Covid-related restrictions for the gathering of more than 500 people. In 2019, […]

  • Ordinary reed would be a suitable material for the green transition

    Despite the expanding growth area and volumes, the use of industrial scale has not progressed e.g. due to underdeveloped harvesting techniques. “Lignocellulose-based reeds need to be considered on a global scale as part of the green transition,” says Timo SuutarlaBusiness Development Manager at Green Industry Park. Suutarla acted as a mentor in a student working […]

  • Now it is certain: Midsummer will be hot

    According to weather forecasts, a warm, sunny Midsummer weekend is almost certain in most of Finland. Daytime temperatures this Friday and Saturday have risen compared to earlier forecasts this week, and – with the exception of the northernmost parts of the country – midsummer is hot all over Finland. The massive heat wave sweeping over […]

  • Most of the organizers of the Pride event in Finland report harassment and violence

    Almost all the organizers of Finnish Pride who responded to STT’s survey said that they had experienced some kind of harassment. The survey asked about possible forms of harassment and violence in Finland that took part in organizing an event promoting sexual and gender rights. 22 out of 25 respondents reported such experiences. The most […]

  • Summer weather will continue on Tuesday, with a change expected later this week

    On Monday, mercury rose to more than 20 degrees in several locations, including 21.7 degrees in Kouvola and 21.6 degrees in Nurmijärvi. Today, even more summer mercury is expected to rise to 15–20 degrees in much of Finland. The thermometer shows at least 20 degrees in the southern and western parts of the country and […]

  • The US Army’s refueling plane will fly to Finland more than a day after NATO’s announcement

    The day after Finnish leaders announced their plans to apply for NATO membership, the U.S. KC-135 Stratotanker flew across the country with the intention of refueling four U.S. military aircraft in Finnish airspace. The refueling aircraft set off from the RAF Mildenhall air base in the south-east of England and flew along the Norwegian coast […]

  • Households were urged to prepare for cuts in Russian gas supplies

    While fossil gas users, both households and businesses, are reassured that their needs have so far been met, energy companies in the south-east are urging customers to look for alternative ways to heat their homes if Russia closes the faucet. Teemu HeinänenHowever, the head of Hamina Energy’s energy business says no exceptional measures are needed. […]

  • Police are complaining about the dismissal because of the views of the far right

    An official dismissed from the Southeast Finland Police Department has appealed to the administrative court to have the dismissal revoked. The police inspector was fired in March. He had worked in Kouvola in the field of surveillance and alarm. The department pleaded a lack of trust in him because of his far-right views. The dismissed […]

  • Retail drops face mask recommendation

    The Confederation of Finnish Trade Unions and the Finnish Grocery Trade Association (PTY) demanded on Tuesday to abandon the recommendations to use masks in shops and stores. After about two years of recommending the use of protective equipment, the groups ’announcement came shortly after the Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) announced that it was […]

  • The police commissioner was fired for the views of the far right

    The Southeast Finland Police Department announced on Thursday that it has fired a high-ranking officer for lack of credibility due to his far-right views. The officer worked as a commander in the surveillance and rescue department in Kouvola. The reasons for the police dismissal were revealed as a result of an extensive investigation by the […]

  • The biggest jump in foreign language speakers in Finland

    The number of speakers of foreign languages ​​increased by more than 25,000 last year, which is the largest number since Finland’s independence. The number of native speakers of the three official languages ​​- Finnish, Swedish and Sámi – decreased by almost 11,000. At the same time, the total population grew by more than 14,000 people, […]

  • Finnair reports GPS interference near Kaliningrad

    Finnair pilots have reported GPS interference around Kaliningrad, Reuters reports. Finnair flies over Russia’s Baltic Sea region on many European and Asian routes. GPS interference has also been detected near the eastern border of Finland, and ten pilots reported similar incidents this week. Flights by the Lithuanian airline Transaviabaltika have been prevented from landing in […]

  • Disruptions to GPS services affect air traffic in Central and Eastern Finland

    “Exact number [of abnormal event reports] is unknown. It can be well over 10 ” Jari PöntinenDirector of Traficom, comments To YLE on Tuesday. Traficom has asked Fintraffic’s air navigation services to warn airlines of disruptions to alert airlines. It assured in a press release that flying is still safe because airlines have policies in […]