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  • Two Danish films nominated for Oscars

    There were four Danish entries on the various 15-film shortlists published in December, but only two of them will represent Denmark at the next Oscars. ‘A House Made of Splinters’, a documentary film shot in a Ukrainian orphanage directed by Simon Lereng Wilmont, has been nominated in the Documentary Feature Film category, while the Greenlandic […]

  • Elton John Rockets Towards Retirement at LA’s Dodger Stadium

    Los Anegeles – Forty-seven years after taking the stage at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles in a sequined baseball uniform as the world’s biggest pop star, Elton John took to the same stage Sunday night wearing a bedazzled Dodgers bathrobe, a uniform more fitting for a 75-year-old man on the verge of retirement. The crowd […]

  • Boxing boss wants dangerous Russian ban lifted

    IBA President Umar Kremlev says Russians must be allowed to compete at international events The International Olympic Committee (IOC) should withdraw its recommendation to ban Russian athletes and keep politics out of the sport, according to International Boxing Association (IBA) president Umar Kremlev. The Russian official released one statement on the IBA website on Wednesday […]

  • Protests galvanize Iranians abroad in hope, concern and unity

    London – As anti-government protests roil towns and cities in Iran for a fourth week, tens of thousands of Iranians living abroad have marched in the streets of Europe, North America and beyond to support what many believe is a watershed moment for their homeland. From those who fled in the 1980s after Iran’s 1979 […]

  • Summary of Xinhua world news at 1530 GMT, 10 October

    Kyiv – Several explosions occurred in the Shevchenkivskyi district here in the Ukrainian capital on Monday morning, Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko told The Telegram. The explosions have resulted in casualties, according to the press service of the state rescue service in Kyiv. (Ukraine-Explosions) – – – – MOSCOW – The Crimean Bridge explosion was undoubtedly […]

  • High blood pressure may double risk of severe COVID despite full vaccination: Study

    According to the study’s lead author Joseph E. EbingerMD, MS, associate professor of cardiology and director of clinical analytics at the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, “These findings are important because about half of US adults have high blood pressure. .” In the early stages of the pandemic, COVID-19 vaccinations […]

  • Josef Fares

    Josef Fares took home last winter’s Game of the Year award for “It Takes Two” at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, which is usually described as the world’s largest gaming gala. Also won two BAFTA statuettes for best family game and best multiplayer game. Josef Fares first broke through as a film director with […]

  • Heidi Fleiss – Hollywood’s infamous brothel mother

    She was born with a nose for both danger and business, and grew up in the bohemian Los Feliz of the 60s in Los Angeles. She ends up in bad company early on. After an encounter with several dubious types and a mysterious brothel mother, she is drawn into the Los Angeles world of prostitution. […]

  • Hugh Hefner – Playboy who became his own brand

    The first issue of Playboy was released in 1953 in the post-war United States and quickly became a great success – despite the in many ways puritanical social climate that prevailed then. Hugh Hefner is the founder and the strong, constantly radiant, outward face that breaks the code for the ultimate men’s magazine. Playboy will […]

  • Johnny Depp went on a tour of Finland with Jeff Beck

    American actor and musician, Johnny Deppis on his way to Finland with the legendary British guitarist Jeff Beck later this month. The couple is scheduled to perform at the events in Helsinki and Tampere on June 19 and 20. Their first stop is in the capital, where they will perform at the Helsinki Blues Festival […]

  • Ruben Östlund – the king of bad mood

    Ruben Östlund grows up with his mother and cat Bilbo on Styrsö. His love of skiing and the camera eventually takes him all the way to film directing training in Gothenburg. Together with his newfound friend and co-worker Erik Hemmendorff, Ruben decides that they will make a film entirely according to their own motto. They […]

  • Real-time death and horror prove our almost limitless ability to do evil

    The human affinity for blood sports is both old and long-lasting. But there is an even more painful angle to look at evil and fear created by humans. In the age of digital technology, strangely enough, it begins to capture bloody scenes of anxiety and death. And recorded death and horror in real time proves […]

  • Why this American decided to enroll in a Russian university

    Kristian Fors is an American from Los Angeles, California, and is a master’s student at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO). After developing a deep love for Russian culture through classical Russian literature, he went abroad for a period of study in St. Petersburg and finally decided to enroll completely at a Russian […]

  • Business Round-Up: Report reveals four Danish pension funds with millions invested in mining company accused of using deadly force

    Four pension funds have large investments in a gold mining company accused of using deadly force to protest its assets in the North Mara in Tanzania, Danwatch reports. Together, their shares in the Canadian mining company Barrick Gold are worth 73 million kroner. Dozens of Tanzanians have been killed in an attempt to get small […]

  • Why some women travel to South Korea to find boyfriends

    All my life I’ve been obsessed with watching South Korean TV dramas, or K-drama. The term refers to the various genres of television dramas produced in South Korea, including mystery, crime, and rom-com. Regardless of genre, most K-dramas try to evoke a visceral response in the viewers – laughter, tears, anger, indignation. The series usually […]

  • Travis Scott – the concert culture and fatal accident at Astroworld

    It is nine o’clock in the evening when the big stage is finally lit up. The light forms a large red portal and above it hovers a huge bird that is licked by flames. The music thunders and at the same time as fire is shot up from the edge of the stage, the great […]

  • Canada closes airspace to all Russian airlines

    Ottawa, Canada – Canada has closed its airspace to all Russian airlines in protest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ottawa announced on Sunday. But the ban was quickly tested when, according to Canadian officials, a plane operated by the Russian airline Aeroflot flew over the country. Aeroflot flight 111 had departed from Miami, Florida, […]

  • Canada’s Trudeau invokes emergency powers to stop protests

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked emergency powers to stop demonstrations that have paralyzed the capital and blocked border crossings in protest of the country’s covid-19 restrictions. Trudeau made the announcement in a speech to the nation on Monday after meeting practically the leaders of Canada’s provinces. “These blockades are illegal, and if you’re still […]