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  • 469 counterfeit euro banknotes were found in Finland last year

    The next most were 166 for 50-euro counterfeits and 37 for 10-euro counterfeits. “In 2022, the number of counterfeits found in circulation was low compared to previous years. Although there are few counterfeits in circulation, it is always good to pay attention to the banknote’s security factors when handling banknotes.” says the banknote expert Olli […]

  • Swedbank’s former CEO is acquitted of the charges of gross fraud

    Birgitte Bonnesen, former CEO of Swedbank, is acquitted of the charges of gross fraud, alternatively gross market manipulation, and unauthorized disclosure of insider information. Almost four years ago, the SVT program Uppdrag gränskning revealed that Swedbank had let through suspected money laundering transactions worth SEK 40 billion. Hear the verdict and analysis by economic commentator […]

  • Report: Proposed major rail projects do not provide value for money, do not reduce emissions

    The report does not take a position on whether there should be improved or new rail connections to Turku, Tampere and Kouvola, but assesses their effects on the economy and emissions.

  • Niinistö: We are used to a standard of living that has not been earned

    He also expressed his confusion that the size of the indebtedness problem is not known and the need to change the line of economic policy. He believes that central banks are the root cause of the problem because they have implemented excessive asset purchase programs that have distorted public understanding of the realities of the […]

  • Ebba Busch (KD): I never promised money before Christmas

    On the second of September, Ulf Kristersson (M) told and signed facebook about a joint election promise from all the party leaders in his political team. Household finances would be saved in good time before Christmas. “Everyone should know that before Christmas, you will get relief for the high electricity prices that the government has […]

  • The money behind the porn site Pornhub

    Pornhub is bigger than both Netflix and TikTok. The site is a cash cow that has attracted financial sharks who make billions. But now the owners are on trial accused of shooting private sex films where the people seen in the picture have not given their approval. “Many of them were just children when it […]

  • How to transform your home decor on a budget using DIY ideas

    If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank, plenty of DIY projects can help you achieve it. From simple painting jobs and adding new furniture such as VidaXL garden tables to more extensive renovations, there are several ways you can give your home a makeover on a budget. DIY project […]

  • Survey: Almost one in four says that income is not enough to cover rising consumer prices

    With consumer prices rising this year, almost one in four Finns said they don’t think they can cope with their living expenses, according to a recent study by Taloustuktuikma. Almost half of the respondents expected their financial situation to worsen this year. "In particular, working people aged 35–49 believe that their financial situation will deteriorate […]

  • Aarhus was voted the best roof option in Europe

    Salling ROOFTOP in Aarhus has been named the best bar of its kind in a new ranking prepared by the travel media Big 7 Travel. As the name suggests, Salling ROOFTOP, which opened in 2017, is owned by the Salling Group, which includes Netto, Føtex and Bilka in its portfolio. Two Copenhagen venues also made […]

  • Eva survey: Trust in politicians has increased after the pandemic years

    The majority of Finns are satisfied with how power is distributed in the country, the handling of the Covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine, which increase people’s trust in politicians, according to a recent opinion poll by the Elinkeinoelämä forum. Fin). Research results published on Tuesday show that attitudes towards politicians improved during the […]

  • ‘The battle is lost,’ says the SAS dealer, who must reach an agreement today

    SAS and its pilots will reach an agreement today, said SAS chief negotiator Marianne Hernæs, before the talks resumed this morning in Stockholm. reported DR. “It’s enough today, because it starts to become irresponsible when SAS loses so much money,” said Hernæs. “As a dealer, you get to a point where you have to realize […]

  • Money mules are often fools, police warn

    Young people are increasingly being tricked into transferring or withdrawing money on behalf of criminals, reports the Crime Prevention Council, the Crime Prevention Council. Criminals are either transparent with the ‘money mules’, in which case the young people are either forced to comply, or misleading – a common story is that their own account is […]

  • They were called Sweden’s Bonnie and Clyde

    Tommy is considered one of Sweden’s worst robbers. Monica is his wife and accomplice. They spend the money on nightclubs, travel and expensive cars. When he is inside, she walks on the street. They are called Sweden’s Bonnie and Clyde. A program of Martin Jönsson Producer: Håkan Engström Final mix: Nima Shams The program is […]

  • Student loans for the fall semester can be withdrawn from August 1

    Kela has sent the decisions on granting student loan guarantees for the coming academic year to 109,150 recipients of support and 1,200 recipients of adult education support. A decision on the loan guarantee will be sent to a student who has a support application, notification of change of circumstances or other pending matter when the […]

  • Finns are looking for cheap gas in Russia when the border opens

    The re-opening of the border between Russia and Finland on July 1 has increased Finns’ refueling trips to the eastern neighbor. The ongoing war in Ukraine has not stopped drivers from looking for cheaper gasoline and diesel, as fuel prices have risen well over 2 euros per liter in the past year. The average price […]

  • Explanation: Pensions are best secured by work-based immigration

    The majority of people living in Finland would like an increase in work-based immigration in order to secure the financial stability of the pension system, according to the latest pension barometer of the Pension Security Agency (ETK). The majority of those who responded to the survey said they could survive on their pension income. 58 […]

  • An employee of Bónus stole 1.7 million crowns

    An employee of the Bónus store was recently sentenced to sixty days suspended imprisonment. According to a court ruling, she stole Hagar hf from her employer over a period of approximately four years. approximately 1.7 million crowns. The woman has been accused of abusing her position several times as an employee of the Bónus store […]

  • Nooshi Dadgostar (V) speaks in Almedalen

    The Left Party’s party leader Nooshi Dadgostar spoke in Almedalen in Visby on Monday night. Earlier in the day, she emphasized that V is going to the polls to allow the state and the municipalities to have greater influence over the school than today. Prohibition of profits and more money for schools in less well-off […]