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  • Right now: At least 90 injured after explosion at mosque in Pakistan

    An explosion has occurred at a mosque in Peshawar in northwestern Pakistan, Pakistani police told the Reuters news agency. The information on how many have been injured differs, but according to the AFP news agency, at least 90 people are said to have been injured and 17 killed. Listen to Ekot’s live broadcast.

  • Unions Efling vs. SA, still no agreement

    In the morning, at the headquarters of the government mediator on Borgartún Street, a new negotiating meeting between representatives of Efling unions and the Icelandic Confederation of Employers / SA took place today. Prior to the meeting, Sólveig Anna told a news agency that the negotiations were based primarily on “the stubbornness of the Employers’ […]

  • Xinhua Middle East News Roundup at 2200 GMT, 23 January

    ANKARA — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Sweden on Monday that it should not expect Turkey’s support to join NATO after the Koran was burned outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. “Those who allow such shameful acts in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm cannot expect good news from us about NATO membership,” […]

  • ‘Hurtful and despicable’: Pak PM Sharif condemns ‘burning’ of Koran in Sweden

    Islamabad [Pakistan]January 22 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday criticized the alleged burning of the Quran during a protest outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Pakistani news agency The News International reported, adding that he called the incident extremely hurtful and despicable. According to the news report, Turkey and Saudi Arabia joined several […]

  • Archaeologists discover the world’s oldest rune stone in Norway

    What Norwegian archaeologists believe is the world’s oldest runestone, a block of sandstone inscribed with an early Scandinavian alphabet, has gone on display in Oslo. It may date back to the time of Jesus Christ. The runestone is almost 2,000 years old and several centuries older than previous discoveries. The square brown sandstone stone, measuring […]

  • Iranian FM warns of reprisals over the EU’s blacklisted Revolutionary Guard

    TEHRAN, Jan. 22 (Xinhua) — Iran’s foreign minister said on Sunday that any retaliatory measures, including a withdrawal of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), from Iran will be possible if Europe does not change its anti-Tehran positions. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian made this in an interview with the official parliamentary news agency ICANA, in response to a question […]

  • Sweden gives the green light outside the Turkish embassy

    The new diplomatic spat comes as Stockholm awaits Ankara’s blessing to join NATO Police in Sweden have said they will allow the leader of a hard-right party to burn a copy of the Koran near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, reportedly prompting Ankara to summon its Swedish envoy over the “provocative act”. Anti-Islam activist Rasmus […]

  • Turkish minister comments on extraditions of NATO applicants

    Helsinki and Stockholm pledged to address Turkish concerns about suspected terrorists in order for Ankara to approve their bid to join the bloc Finland and Sweden have not extradited a single suspect to Turkey since they promised to review Ankara’s requests, a Turkish minister has said. Trkiye made NATO entry conditional on the two Nordic […]

  • STT: Hungary ratifies Finland’s NATO application

    Budapest will accept Finland’s NATO membership application by mid-December, reports news agency STT.

  • Rain and snowfall in Siglufjörður

    Early in the morning a white snow duvet appeared in Siglufjörður. The streets of the city turned white and even more snow fell in the mountains. After a sunny and pleasant September, this morning winter decided to recall itself in the north. Hrólfur Baldursson, a resident of Siglufjörður, sent the news agency photos taken at […]

  • STT: Finns’ interest in studying Russian under the influence of the invasion of Ukraine

    “Understanding the Russian language, culture and society is an important security policy resource when we think about influence campaigns or the possible weaponization of immigration,” he said. “You shouldn’t create such an information wall where you don’t want to know what’s happening in Russia. We need to know what the main news is today, what […]

  • Forest fire in the Czech Republic under control: fire rescue service

    PRAGUE, Aug. 1 (Xinhua) — The forest fire that has raged for 9 days in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park in the north of the Czech Republic was brought under control, the country’s Fire Rescue Service (FRS CR) said on Monday evening. “We have the outbreaks fully under control. But our work is not over, […]

  • Finland receives the first batch of monkeypox vaccine

    Health authorities in Finland say that the monkeypox vaccine will primarily be available to people who have been exposed to the virus. So far, 17 virus infections have been reported in Finland, reports the Reuters news agency. Europe recorded its first monkeypox-related deaths this week as Spain confirmed deaths from the disease. Lasse LehtonenThe head […]

  • The share prices of Fortum and Uniper continue to fall due to the rescue package news

    Energy company Fortum’s share price continued to fall on Monday after the opening of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. The stock fell about seven percent in afternoon trade. The share of Fortum’s German subsidiary Uniper, meanwhile, was down more than nine percent on the Frankfurt stock exchange. The share prices of the two companies fell on […]

  • Brussels comments on Ukraine’s allegations of arms smuggling

    The EU has no reason to doubt that Kyiv will keep weapons away from the black market, said a senior official A senior spokesman for EU foreign affairs seemed to allay Member States’ fears that weapons delivered to Ukraine found their way into the black market. In an interview published on Thursday by a Ukrainian […]

  • Helsinki police evacuated the hotel bar after the woman broke down "unknown substance"

    The Helsinki police closed and emptied the Torni hotel’s Ateljee bar on Friday evening after a woman allegedly broke it up "unknown substance" at the facility, the authority announced in a statement on Monday. Police ordered the facility to lock down and lock down after three employees suffered unknown symptoms following the incident. Authorities are […]

  • Iran arrests activist over state security allegations, state media say

    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Iranian authorities arrested a pronounced pro-reform activist and said he was conspiring to act against state security, semi-official media in Iran reported on Saturday. The arrest is the latest in a wave of internment amid escalating tensions with the West and Tehran’s rapid progress in its nuclear work, while talks […]

  • Chairman of the Duma: NATO bases do not bring security to Finland

    The chairman of the Russian Duma said about the establishment of NATO military bases in Finland or Sweden "does not protect" countries, but also endangers those living near such facilities. Duma chair, Vyacheslav Volodinreplied to the user’s comment Kimmo Järva, the mayor of Lappeenranta, a Finnish city near the Russian border. Jarva said that the […]