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  • Germany announces new ‘feminist’ foreign policy

    Germany’s center-left government on Wednesday announced new feminist guidelines to shape its diplomacy and development work. This includes the creation of a new role of “feminist foreign policy ambassador”. Germany will lobby to ensure that women’s issues are more in focus globally, that women are better represented and that the country’s generous development funds are […]

  • Bulgaria is second in the EU in the number of people killed on the roads

    Romania and Bulgaria report the highest number of victims in road accidents in the EU in relation to the size of the population, according to data from the European Commission. The countries’ overall ranking by number of deaths has not changed significantly compared to the period before the pandemic – in 2022, the roads were […]

  • Decline in gas consumption in the EU

    Natural gas consumption in the EU has decreased by 19.3% in the period August 2022 – January 2023, the decrease in Bulgaria is below 25%, compared to the average gas consumption for the same months (August – January) between 2017 and 2022. Council Regulation (EU) 2022/1369 on coordinated measures to reduce demand for natural gas, […]

  • Sweden on its NATO membership: Turkey is asking too much

    “Sweden is confident that Turkey will approve its application for NATO membership, but we cannot meet all Turkish demands,” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said on Sunday, quoted by the Reuters agency. “Turkey has confirmed that we have done what we said we would do, but they also say they want things that we cannot […]

  • Romanian Member of Parliament: We have no chance for Schengen in 2023

    “Romania has no chance to enter Schengen in 2023,” said the leader of the Romanian People’s Movement Party (PMP) and member of the European Parliament, Eugen Tomac, in an interview with Radio France Internationale (RFI). According to him, the government in Bucharest should consider suing the Court of the European Union, BTA reported. “I am […]

  • Macron prepares ‘Made in Europe’ strategy against US policy

    French President Emmanuel Macron has said he is pushing for a “Made in Europe” economic strategy to counter US policy. During a joint press conference ahead of his meeting with Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson in Paris, Macron said their discussion would focus on Europe’s economic situation. “My opinion, as you know, is that we […]

  • Brazilian football legend Pele dies at the age of 82

    Legendary Brazilian soccer player Pele passed away Thursday at the age of 82 after battling colon cancer. A few days ago, the football legend’s health deteriorated and doctors had said he needed treatment for kidney and heart dysfunction. He was also undergoing treatment for a respiratory infection made worse by covid-19. Pele, whose real name […]

  • In Sweden, a record 60 people will be shot dead in 2022

    Sixty people have been shot dead in Sweden this year, a record number in the country’s modern history, Reuters reported on Monday, citing government data. Sweden has seen a spate of shootings in recent years, with police and authorities blaming criminal gangs that roam large cities such as the capital Stockholm. – Gun violence has […]

  • Will Canada have a better chance at the next World Cup?

    Qatar 2022 was a momentous occasion for the Canadian soccer team, as it marked their second ever appearance in the ultimate tournament. The second occasion was in 1986, so it was also the first time many fans got to see them on the world stage. Despite the early exit from the Winter World Cup, there […]

  • The US expects Sweden and Finland to join NATO soon

    The US administration is convinced that Sweden and Finland’s formal accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will soon be completed, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken said at a joint press conference after talks with Finnish and Swedish counterparts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. . “Finland and Sweden are ready to become NATO allies. […]

  • Official: Bulgaria and Romania outside Schengen, Croatia is included

    Croatia has received approval to join Schengen from January 1, 2023, Croatian officials said, quoted by Reuters. However, Bulgaria and Romania remain outside the Schengen area, it became known from a statement by EU Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson.” The final step is complete! The Council’s decision has been adopted – it is now officially […]

  • World Cup: The most iconic performances of all time

    The World Cup often delivers some truly captivating moments that live on in the memory long after each tournament has ended. The latest edition in Qatar is sticking to the script, with many games providing plenty of excitement for the fans in the stadium and those watching at home. While it is unclear who will […]

  • Sweden arrests a married couple from Russia for espionage

    Swedish security agency SAPO has arrested two people suspected of spying for several years for an unnamed country, authorities said, and Swedish media reported they were a married couple from Russia. – The security service carried out an operation this morning in the Stockholm area, says the prosecutor’s office. Separately, SAPO said: “One of the […]

  • Romania is the sixth largest producer of cars in the EU

    Romania ranks sixth in car production in the EU with an average of more than 40,000 cars per month, Hotnews reported, noting that Romania produces more cars than countries such as Italy and Hungary, but less than the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The latest report from the Association of European Automobile Manufacturers (ACEA) for the […]

  • Sweden will probably refuse to accept Bulgaria in Schengen

    The Swedish government’s proposal to accept Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia in the so-called Schengen agreement will likely be rejected by the parliament in Stockholm. The reason is that the Social Democrats and the Sweden Democrats do not agree on the situation in the fight against corruption and organized crime in these countries. This means that […]

  • Turkey blamed the Kurdish PKK for the bombing in Istanbul

    Turkey’s interior minister has accused the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) of being responsible for a bombing on a busy shopping street in Istanbul that killed six people and injured more than 80. On Sunday afternoon, a a popular shopping destination for locals and tourists. A suspect was arrested early Monday. “The person who planted the […]

  • RLI: Bulgaria at the bottom of Europe in terms of the rule of law

    Bulgaria has improved its results on the rule of law, moving up two positions to 60th from last year’s 62nd place among 140 countries, according to The World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index (RLI) for 2022. The country of Bulgaria has 55 points (1 more than last year) out of a possible 100. […]

  • Media Literacy Index: Bulgaria is the least able to resist fake news

    Bulgaria is the country in the European Union most unable to withstand the negative effects of fake news and most vulnerable in the fight against it. This shows the Media Literacy Index for 2022, prepared in the framework of the European Policy Initiative (EuPI) of the Open Society Institute – Sofia, and assesses the potential […]

  • Bulgaria is negotiating the purchase of used fighter jets

    Bulgaria is looking for an interim solution for fighter jets while the US F-16 project takes off. Negotiations are ongoing with Sweden and several other countries, President Rumen Radev announced after the meeting with the European political community in Prague. Radev recalled that at the NATO summit he emphasized “our country’s need for fighter jets […]

  • Euro drops to 20-year low after shutdown of Nord Stream 1

    Financial markets have been rattled by the shutdown of Russia’s Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, as energy pressure on European economies intensifies as winter approaches. The euro fell to a two-year low this morning in early Monday trading after Russian energy company Gazprom extended the shutdown of its gas pipeline to Germany on Friday night. […]

  • Bulgarians leave the family home at the oldest age – Top 5 in the EU

    Bulgaria is one of the countries in the EU where young people leave the family home at the oldest age (30.3 years). This is indicated by current data from Eurostat. Bulgaria also has one of the largest gender gaps after Romania (a difference of 3.5 years), with men leaving their parents at 32.0 years and […]

  • The US ratified Finland’s and Sweden’s membership in NATO

    The US Senate approved a resolution ratifying the protocols for the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO after the historic decision of these two countries to renounce their neutrality due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, “AFP” reported. The upper house of the US Congress overwhelmingly approved the resolution in a vote of senators […]

  • The transport strike throws Europe into chaos

    Strike wave in Europe – all flights departing from Brussels International Airport have been canceled today. The reason – a national protest by security officials. A statement from the airport said that there could be a big delay tomorrow due to today’s canceled flights. The Belgian capital is almost completely paralyzed – only one of […]

  • NATO leaders have pledged their support for Ukraine

    The leaders of seven NATO countries have promised to support Sweden’s and Finland’s accession to the alliance and to provide more heavy weapons to Ukraine, the Associated Press reported. They expressed their support after an informal meeting in the official residence of the Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte in The Hague, arranged by Rutte and […]

  • More than 70% in the EU support economic sanctions against Russia

    More than 70% of respondents in the EU agree with the introduction of economic sanctions against Russia, and two thirds believe that stricter sanctions should be introduced. Support for economic sanctions is particularly strong in the Scandinavian countries, the Baltic States, Romania, Poland and Ireland. These results are part of a new landmark EU survey, […]

  • Support for the euro? the lowest in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria and the Czech Republic have the lowest support for the euro among the countries that are about to adopt it. These are the results of a Eurobarometer published today by the European Commission. The vote took place between 20 and 29 April in our country, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Sweden. […]

  • Norway has changed its name to Belarus

    Norwegian Foreign Minister Anniken Huitfeldt announced that Norway has officially changed its name (in Norwegian) to Belarus. The authorities in Oslo will now call the country “Belarus” and will not use the hitherto adopted name for the country Belarus, which literally means “Belarus”. The news was reported in the Norwegian media. “We are doing this […]

  • Bulgaria supports Finland and Sweden for NATO

    The Council of Ministers adopted a decision approving the draft protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty on Accession of the Republic of Finland and the Kingdom of Sweden to NATO and authorizing the Interim Governor of the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Bulgaria to sign on its behalf. of Bulgaria. Within the framework of […]

  • US General: Sweden and Finland do not need more American forces

    Sweden and Finland’s desire to join NATO will not require the deployment of additional ground forces on their territory, a US general nominated for the post of European Command told the US Senators yesterday, the Associated Press reported, quoted by BTA. However, Christopher Cavoli pointed out that military exercises and rotations of American troops are […]

  • Latvia: If Ukraine loses, we are next

    Latvia’s Defense Minister Artis Pabriks called on partners to increase support for Ukraine so that they do not have to defend Latvia later, the Delphi portal reported. “Ukraine is now fighting our war – and if it loses, the next one will come and we will pay the price for it,” Pabriks said. He added […]

  • Bulgarian Author is Nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature

    Bulgarian Writer and poet Georgi Gospodinov has been nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature. The proposal was signed by chairwoman Zdravka Evtimova. Bulgaria’s candidacy was sent a few months ago but so far there has been no response from the Swedish Nobel Committee. Georgi Gospodinov is the most awarded Bulgarian writer outside Bulgaria, as […]

  • Bulgaria climbs 21 places in the freedom of expression index

    Bulgaria climbs 21 places in Reporters Without Borders annually and is now 91st instead of 112, as it was last year, said the Association of European Journalists. The index, which measures freedom of expression in 180 countries each year, shows a doubling of polarization combined with information chaos around the world, Reporters Without Borders states. […]

  • Finland joins NATO is “very likely”

    It is “very likely” that Finland will join NATO and the application process should proceed as quickly as possible. This opinion was expressed by Finland’s EU Minister Tytti Tuppurainen. In an interview with Sky News, she explained that there is currently a profound change in relations between Russia and Finland and that the people in […]

  • The Times: Sweden and Finland are likely to join NATO this summer

    “Sweden and Finland can join NATO already this summer.” This was reported by The Times, citing its own sources. Finland is expected to apply to join the North Atlantic Alliance in June, followed by Sweden, the newspaper writes. Swedish and Finnish authorities are working together to reach a consensus in their countries on NATO membership, […]

  • Denmark, Italy, Sweden and Spain expel Russian diplomats

    The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has decided to expel 15 Russian diplomats from the country, Reuters reported. After announcing the news, Russia promised a response. The Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, citing its sources, said that the country’s authorities intend to announce the deportation of several dozen Russian diplomats today after similar measures were […]

  • Total War: Warhammer III makes its long awaited Splash

    It’s been a long time coming, but the Bulgarian gaming community is finally keeping an eye on the new Total War: Warhammer III. The hugely popular turn-based strategy series has spent several years developing its third title in the Total War series, which once again brought hugely engaging real-time tactical games to our desktop screens. […]

  • Bulgaria has been named the best country for new parents, the index study shows

    A new study made by Restart SEO Agency has revealed some surprising results that reveal the best and worst countries in Europe for women to work – highlighting where it is best to be a parent. To examine, maternity leave benefits were extracted for each European country, taking into account number of offered weeks and […]

  • Moldova and Sweden do not want NATO membership

    Two European countries, Moldova and Sweden, have refused to join NATO despite the war in Ukraine. Moldova has no plans to join the alliance, but wants EU membership, said Moldova’s Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilita. On March 3, Moldovan President Sandu signed the country’s application for EU membership. Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has flatly rejected […]

  • Bulgaria among the top five European countries for women to work

    A new study made by Restart SEO Agency, in time forInternational Women’s Day (today, March 8),has revealed some surprising results disclosure the best and worst countries in Europe for women to work and become successful. With regard to gender equality in the workplace, Bulgaria is the third best European nation for women at work. By […]

  • Bulgaria among the top five European countries for women to work

    A new study made by Restart SEO Agency, in time forInternational Women’s Day (today, March 8),has revealed some surprising results disclosure the best and worst countries in Europe for women to work and become successful. With regard to gender equality in the workplace, Bulgaria is the third best European nation for women at work. By […]

  • German diplomat: 80 years ago, Macedonia did not exist

    Former German Deputy Ambassador to Bulgaria Gudrun Steinacker commented to Deutsche Welle on the problems between Bulgaria and northern Macedonia. She was also an ambassador in Skopje. “Personally, I am of the opinion that Bulgaria should unreservedly agree to start negotiations on EU membership in Northern Macedonia. For now, we are talking about the start […]

  • Sweden and Finland – in talks with NATO

    NATO is already preparing a written response to Russia’s demand for a pact to withdraw its troops from the border with Ukraine. Among these demands is the withdrawal of NATO troops from Bulgaria and Romania and Ukraine’s refusal to accede to the pact. This written answer will not calm the situation, on the contrary, the […]

  • Roberta Metsola was elected EP chairperson on her birthday

    Defender of people with traditional sexual orientation, but opposed to abortion. An unwavering fighter for the rule of law in his home country Malta, but a much softer stance on similar issues in other EU countries. Proponents of the resettlement of migrants in the European Community and at the same time author of a parliamentary […]

  • Highest mortality rate in the EU: 88% more deaths in November in Bulgaria

    The number of deaths in Bulgaria in November is almost twice as high as before the pandemic. This was announced by the European Statistical Office Eurostat on Friday. Eurostat published data on excess mortality, according to which it was the highest in Bulgaria out of 30 countries in Europe from which data were collected. Excess […]

  • IKEA will raise prices by an average of 9% next year

    IKEA will raise the prices of goods in its stores around the world by an average of 9% in 2022 due to continued problems with delivery and transport, reported AFP. The agency quoted a statement from the holding company Ingka Group, which owns 90 percent of the home furnishings in the Swedish giant IKEA. The […]

  • Human Freedom Index Ranking: Where is Bulgaria

    compiled by the Cato Institute and the Canadian Fraser Institute, measures the degree of individual and economic freedom. The index is formed on the basis of 82 separate indicators, grouped into 12 categories and rated on a scale from 0 to 10 points. This year’s edition uses data for 2019. The index covers 165 countries, […]

  • A 17-year-old Bulgarian was killed in a shooting in Copenhagen

    Danish police said on Twitter that a 17-year-old Bulgarian citizen had died in a shooting in a district of Copenhagen. According to the police, the boy was killed by mistake in a settlement between Kurdish gangs. His family in Bulgaria was informed of the tragic event. The young Bulgarian arrived in the Scandinavian country earlier […]

  • More than 25,000 tonnes of COVID-19 protective waste floats in the oceans

    More than 25,000 tonnes of COVID-19 protective waste floats in the oceans

    More than 25,000 tonnes of personal protective equipment (PPE) and other COVID-19-related plastic waste have ended up in the oceans, a new study reveals. Researchers at Nanjing University’s School of Atmospheric Sciences and the Scripps Institute of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego are leading a new analysis looking at the period from […]

  • Bulgarian tour operators expect a difficult winter season

    Tour operators expect a difficult and challenging winter season. There is a risk that the traditional winter tourists from the UK, Scandinavia and Bulgaria’s neighboring countries will give up their intentions to come to Bulgaria. The epidemic situation could negatively affect foreign tourists’ decisions to spend the winter in Bulgaria, says Dimitrina Goranova, president of […]

  • Bulgaria: Why are women politicians always different?

    No matter how the presidential election ends, the next Bulgarian vice president will be a woman again. Of the 24 candidacies in the presidential election, a total of 13 consist of a male presidential candidate and a female vice presidential candidate. This also applies to the leaders in the race. By comparison, there were only […]

  • Nobel Peace Prize winners are Russian and Filipino journalists

    Two journalists whose work has upset the authorities in Russia and the Philippines were awarded the Nobel Prize on Friday (October 8), in honor of the right to freedom of expression, which the awards committee described as threatened worldwide. Maria Ressa and Dmitry Muratov received the award “for their courageous struggle for freedom of expression […]

  • Bulgarians are among the most reluctant to have vaccine jobs

    Bulgrians among the most reluctant to ave Vaccine Jab The populations of four EU Member States – Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia and Slovenia – are the most disinterested in COVID -19 vaccination, the BTA reported, citing the results of a Eurobarometer survey. Vaccines against the coronavirus have arrived in the South Pole About 25 percent of […]

  • Three researchers share the Nobel Prize in Physics

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 2021 has been shared between researchers working with models to predict global warming and the interplay between planetary systems. Half the prize is shared between Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann for their work on “physical modeling of the Earth’s climate, quantification of variability and predictable global warming.” The other half […]

  • Bulgaria in Europe: Why do Bulgarians not use internet banking?

    If you use mobile banking If that is the case, congratulations – you are a minority. Only 1 in 8 Bulgarians has such a service on their phone or computer. And if you use the Internet – which would make sense if you read this article – you do so from one of the worst […]

  • Bulgarians – most mentally stable in the EU

    Bulgaria and Romania are at the bottom of the European Statistical Office’s rankings of EU citizens suffering from chronic depression. The proportion of citizens in EU countries suffering from chronic depression in 2019 is 7.2%, according to Eurostat. According to researchers, this proportion has increased by 0.3% compared to 2014. The largest proportion of those […]

  • Hackers interfere with Bulgaria’s online census

    Continuous hacking attacks have managed to block the online census in Bulgaria, which began on Tuesday. On the third day, the system was down due to another large-scale denial-of-service (DoS) attack. Two of the attacks committed during the first days could be traced to Chinese and Swedish IP addresses. On Wednesday, the National Statistical Institute […]

  • Lethal gun violence is gaining currency in Sweden

    Stockholm was again a place for deadly gun violence at the end of August when four separate shootings in the capital left one person dead and another seriously injured – incidents so common that Swedish media talk about a “new normal”. In mid-August this year, a total of 26 fatal shootings were reported in Sweden, […]

  • Bulgarian champion Ludogorets wins but was eliminated from CL

    Ludogorets was very close to the Champions League groups despite the 0: 2 defeat in the first stage. The Bulgarian champion beat Swedish Malm 2: 1 in the return match in the playoffs in the most prestigious club tournament, but was eliminated with total results 2: 3 after the 0: 2 defeat a week ago […]

  • Bulgaria maintains Ukraine’s sovereignty

    Bulgarian Foreign Minister Svetlan Stoev, who began a three-day visit to Ukraine on Monday, reaffirmed his country’s consistent support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders and expressed concern over the growing militarization of the Black Sea. The Bulgarian chief diplomat gave a speech at the inauguration of the international summit […]

  • Turkish Airlines will launch flights to Dallas, Texas from September 24

    Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world, continues to expand its airline network. As of September 24, the airline will operate four direct flights a week from Istanbul to Dallas, Texas – on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For flights from Sofia to Dallas, Turkish Airlines […]

  • TurkishAirlines will launch flights to Dallas, Texas from September 24

    Turkish Airlines, the airline that flies to more destinations than any other airline in the world, continues to expand its airline network. As of September 24, the airline will operate four direct flights a week from Istanbul to Dallas, Texas – on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. For flights from Sofia to Dallas, Turkish Airlines […]

  • The group stage in Euro 2020 is over, which teams go to the round of 16

    All the teams that have qualified for the European Championship 2020 eighth round are already known after Wednesday’s last group games. The tournament schedule is as follows: Wales vs. Denmark (June 26, Amsterdam), Italy vs. Austria (June 26, London), Netherlands vs. Czech Republic (June 27, Budapest), Belgium vs. Portugal (June 27, Seville), Croatia vs. Spain […]

  • Eurostat: EU excess mortality rate in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria had the highest excess mortality rate in the European Union in April 2021, 76 percent compared to an EU average of 20.9 percent, according to figures released on June 16 by the bloc’s statistics agency Eurostat. Excessive mortality refers to the number of deaths of all causes measured during a crisis, above what can […]

  • Eurostat: Bulgaria’s third child mortality rate in the EU

    Bulgaria had the third highest infant mortality rate in the European Union in 2019, according to figures published on June 4 by the EU statistical office Eurostat. Infant mortality is defined as the ratio between the number of deaths in children in one year and the number of live births in the following year. the […]

  • Denmark and the United States asked difficult questions about spy allegations

    European countries have pressured the United States and Denmark over reports that the two worked together to spy on top European politicians, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Danish broadcaster DR said that the Danish Defense Intelligence Service (FE) cooperated with the US National Security Agency (NSA) to gather information from 2012 to 2014. Mrs […]

  • Family home for Everton goalkeeper Robin Olsen Burgled

    Everton goalkeeper Robin Olsen and his family were threatened with a machete during a burglary at home, the club has confirmed. The masked gang stole jewelry and a luxury watch from the Swedish international’s house near Altrincham, Greater Manchester over the weekend. Everton said they “offer Robin and his family as much support as possible”. […]

  • Bulgaria takes the EU’s leading role as the best country for working women

    When it comes to gender equality in the workplace, Scandinavian countries have traditionally led the accusation of progressive politics. However, a new study conducted by Reboot Onlinefor International Women’s Day has revealed some surprising new results! By evaluating a variety of factors that contribute to women’s success in the workforce, Reboot Online created a points-based […]

  • Bulgaria is ranked 8th in the EU in electricity generated by the NPP

    Nuclear power plants in the EU produced about 26% of total electricity production in the Union in 2019, according to data from the specialized Eurostat survey. Thirteen Member States, including Bulgaria, operated a total of 106 reactors, generating 765,337 GW / h of electricity. The largest producer of nuclear energy in the EU is France […]

  • Bulgaria: What has happened to Zamunda.net?

    The most visited torrent site in Bulgaria, Zamunda.net, is not available. The first signs of new problems with the tracker’s operation were observed from the evening of 21 February. The collapse of the site comes about a day after the prosecutor’s office asked for help from the US Department of Justice to block Zamunda. Already […]

  • EC: Bulgaria violates EU regulations on racism and xenophobia

    The European Commission will send a formal notification to Bulgaria that it has not transposed European rules to combat racism and xenophobia. Four other Member States – Belgium, Finland, Poland and Sweden – will receive such letters. The aim is to ensure that serious acts of racism and xenophobia are punished by effective, proportionate and […]

  • The EU is considering new sanctions for Russia over the Navalny case

    The European Union is working on a proposal to sanction Russia for the imprisonment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who suffered a near-fatal nerve agent attack that he and Western governments blamed on Russian intelligence. EU ambassadors discussed the sanctions at a meeting on Wednesday, according to two diplomats familiar with the discussion. No Member […]

  • Covid-19: Sweden Covid Plan Is a Failure says the Swedish king

    Swedes quickly lose confidence in their country’s response to the pandemic, even the king delivers a rare reprimand to those responsible. Significantly more Swedes have become ill and died of Covid-19 than anywhere else in the Nordic region. And with Stockholm recently running out of intensive care beds, the level of frustration is high. “The […]

  • Sweden is testing moving to a digital currency

    The Swedish government will begin to investigate the possibility of moving the country to a digital currency and mark another step into the unknown for the world’s most cashless society. Per Bolund, Minister of Financial Markets, said that a review that began on Friday is expected to be completed by the end of November 2022. […]

  • Nobel Prizes are awarded this year marked by Coronavirus Pandemic

    This year’s Nobel laureates will receive their prizes at home this week after the coronavirus pandemic forced the traditional ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo to be canceled. Prices in the six categories, albeit with fewer reporters in physical presence. However, none of the winners travel to Stockholm or Oslo to receive their diplomas and medals […]

  • Bulgaria – The second best of alcohol in the EU

    Bulgaria is the country with the cheapest alcohol in the EU. Only in Romania is the average price of alcoholic beverages lower than in Bulgaria, according to Eurostat data for 2019. Prices in Bulgaria are 79% of the European average (or about a fifth lower) and in the northern neighbors – 76%. In third place […]