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  • Denmark advances to the world handball quarter on the back of a record unbeaten streak

    The defending champions are in the quarterfinals. Denmark, who won the men’s handball world championships in 2019 and 2021, advanced to the round of 16 with a 30-25 win against Egypt on Monday night. The Danes managed a game in which they were never behind the North African champions. Simon Pytlick, the player of the […]

  • 50 years since the Heimaey eruption

    The history of great events is worth remembering and drawing as many conclusions as possible from them. Such a case is the volcanic eruption on the island of Heimaey in the Vestmannaeyjar archipelago, which began half a century ago, on the night of January 23, 1973. It’s still amazing that no one died then. The […]

  • How to transform your home decor on a budget using DIY ideas

    If you’re looking to spruce up your home decor without breaking the bank, plenty of DIY projects can help you achieve it. From simple painting jobs and adding new furniture such as VidaXL garden tables to more extensive renovations, there are several ways you can give your home a makeover on a budget. DIY project […]

  • Finland’s food exports exceed 2 billion euros for the first time

    “The growth opportunities of the food industry in Finland are limited. With the growth of exports, the capacity of the food industry can be increased, which also strengthens the domestic market and improves crisis resilience,” says director Esa Wrang. From Business Finland’s Food from Finland program. Food exports are strategically important in terms of Finland’s […]

  • Wednesday’s papers: Language deficiencies, crooked throats and the prime minister’s applause

    One magazine asks why green vegetables grown in Finland are cheaper outside of Finland?

  • 3 economists share the 2022 Nobel Prize in Economics

    © Provided by Xinhua The foundations of modern banking research were laid in the early 1980s by the laureates, whose analyzes have been “of great practical importance in regulating financial markets and managing financial crises,” the Royal Academy of Sciences said in a statement. STOCKHOLM, Oct. 10 (Xinhua) — The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences […]

  • For the girls at CIS, building their own boat is common!

    Ahead of the SailGP event in Copenhagen’s waters on 19 and 20 August, its organizers ran an INSPIRE learning lab for the capital’s youth, which they first tested at Copenhagen International School on 15 August before rolling it out to other schools during the following week. Six CIS students experienced the workshop under the watchful […]

  • The Lewinsky Affair

    In January 1998, President Bill Clinton is accused of having sex with Monica Lewinsky. She saves her blue dress with a semen stain and the FBI is called in to bring down the president. The story of The Lewinsky Affair is, in addition to the story of the first victim of cyberbullying, also the story […]

  • Anthrax found in dead cattle in the nature park in Croatia

    ZAGREB, Croatia: Croatian authorities have said that anthrax has been diagnosed in dozens of cattle found dead in a natural park southeast of the Croatian capital Zagreb. The Ministry of Agriculture said that the authorities tested the animal bodies after reports that certain cattle had developed neurological symptoms before they died. Officials said measures were […]

  • The walrus destroyed equipment worth more than 10,000 euros, says a Kotka fisherman

    A female walrus that got lost in the Baltic Sea has caused a stir after appearing last Thursday in Hamina on the southeast coast of Finland, where it stayed until Saturday. On Sunday, it appeared about 30 km west in Suulisniemi, just south of the port city of Kotka. There it became entangled in the […]

  • Tour operators report strong demand for last-minute summer package tours

    The recent cool, wet weather has caused many Finns to seek escapes to sunnier climates. Tour operators say this summer’s remaining supply is tight due to high demand as travel restrictions are eased. They report that there are only a few departures left for southern destinations at the end of July. "This summer, the demand […]

  • Rescue operation in Breiðafjörður

    Yesterday morning, two people were rescued from a sinking fishing boat off the coast of Breiðafjörður. The boat was leaking and the pumps on it were unable to cope with the amount of water flowing onto the deck. The rescue operation was very quick and only 6 minutes after the Coast Guard emergency call was […]

  • In the shadow of the war: Else’s escape from the Nazis

    On November 26, 1942, the Norwegian Nazi leader Vidkun Quisling’s order that all Norwegian Jews be gathered and taken by boat to Germany and the concentration camp at Auschwitz. On a winter-cold country road just outside Oslo, two children climb into the front seat of an old truck. One of them is Else Ullman. She […]

  • Suspected corona outbreak at Roskilde

    It is not uncommon for people to feel sore throat after a lot of shouting and partying. But for up to 500 partygoers at the Roskilde Festival, which ended on 2 July, the sad reality is that they have probably been given a corona, the Danish Agency for Patient Safety, the Patient Safety Authority, informs. […]

  • A fishing boat burned down

    A crew member from the Gosi-KE boat, which caught fire this morning near the Rif, was rescued by the fishing boat Diddi SH-159, which arrived to the rescue just before 10am in Breiðafjörður. The man was in a lifeboat near the burning vessel. It was taken to the Björg rescue boat from the Rif and […]

  • The road into NATO, missing wedding organizers and the houseboats in Cairo

    Rocky road left into NATO The NATO application is signed, as is the membership contract, but the approval that all NATO members must give remains. What can now go wrong on that road? How will Turkey behave? What has the United States promised? Anna Wieslander, Northern Europe manager at the think tank Atlantic council and […]

  • Roskilde 2022: Kings of Convenience shows that quiet is the new high

    Roskilde Festival is long and it is high. With almost non-stop performances, as well as festival goers bringing concert speakers into the campsites, you sleep a little and your ears will hurt. Today, the last day of Roskilde 2022, you could clearly see the exhaustion that the participants felt – especially the most persistent participants […]

  • Roskilde 2022: Polo G brings the rap rouser the audience wanted – but something is wrong

    It’s ten minutes to eight, and Polo G is delayed. On this baking-Wednesday afternoon, Roskilde Festival’s area is only just opened to the masses. The audience floats over the edge of the Arena Scenes pavilion. The murmur inside sounds like a biblical swarm of horseflies. The restless crowd sets ties on the Seven Nation Army […]