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  • Police safety vs tasers

    The Minister of Justice intends to introduce stun guns to the police, which are intended to increase the safety of police officers. The news causes a great stir among the public as well as in the parliament. However, the Police Association welcomed it. Meanwhile, in the pages of Vísir, there was an article about stun […]

  • 49,000 Icelanders currently live abroad

    According to new figures from Statistics Iceland, nearly 49,000 Icelanders (13.2% of the population) have registered legal residence outside of Iceland. The most popular destinations are Denmark, Sweden and Norway. On January 25, the Statistical Office published data on the number of Icelandic citizens living abroad (as of December 1, 2022). According to these figures, […]

  • 457: This is how Kristersson is affected by PM’s eel mess

    Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson’s state secretary PM Nilsson has been in trouble since it was revealed that he poached eels and also lied to the police about this. On his Facebook page, Nilsson announced on Thursday that he is leaving his post in the government office. “I understand how inappropriate it was to fish for […]

  • YLE: The President’s Office rejected the proposal to become the Prime Minister’s security policy advisor

    The current system is estimated to work well, and it is based on a clear division of work and responsibilities and smooth and reliable cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Therefore, the agency does not consider it necessary or appropriate to establish a new unit in the prime minister’s […]

  • Yellow weather alerts are in effect across the country

    Yellow weather alerts are currently in effect for almost the entire country, which the Icelandic Meteorological Office forecasts do not herald good weather. Alerts will be in effect today and tomorrow. A weather warning is in effect for Strandir and the north-west and north-east until tonight. South to southwest winds of 15 to 25 are […]

  • The President’s Office rejects the Prime Minister’s NATO advisor proposal

    The President’s Office says that the current security policy arrangements work well enough.

  • Killing in the line of duty

    This season of Sensitive Mode is about death. In six episodes hits Uje Brandelius people who in one way or another walk with death by their side. In the editorial office: Emmy Bergkvist – producer Joakim Löfgren – final mix If you want to get in touch with us, do so at [email protected] Sensitive location […]

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the idea of ​​a security adviser to the prime minister

    The prime minister’s office raised the idea of ​​establishing the position a couple of weeks ago, saying that the advisor and the special unit they lead would strengthen the agency’s capabilities to assist the prime minister in security policy issues within his own field. As required by NATO membership. The advisor was supposed to be […]

  • HS: The general plan is an obstacle to converting offices into apartments in the center of Helsinki

    Converting the office into apartments would therefore require the city to create a corresponding amount of business space elsewhere in the center. “We want to preserve the downtown area. If one property owner is given the opportunity to convert the Business Space into residential use, the next property owner will soon demand it as well,” […]

  • The gang war between Räven and Dalen

    “The most extreme thing ever” – so says one of the police officers P3 Krim spoke to about the situation. Several conflicts are behind the spiral of violence and in this episode we will focus on the gang war between the 36-year-old known as “The Fox” and a 24-year-old who controls the Valley Network. Although […]

  • President Niinistö is visiting Ukraine

    After the joint press conference after the meeting, the presidents will continue the discussion at a working lunch. In addition to meeting with President Zelensky, President Niinistö will visit Borodianka and Bucha, where the local authorities will show him the destruction of the war and tell about the suffering caused to civilians by the Russian […]

  • Xinhua Middle East News Roundup at 2200 GMT, 23 January

    ANKARA — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Sweden on Monday that it should not expect Turkey’s support to join NATO after the Koran was burned outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm. “Those who allow such shameful acts in front of the Turkish embassy in Stockholm cannot expect good news from us about NATO membership,” […]

  • The plane hit the jetty

    An Icelandair plane parked at the airport spun in place due to icing and wind. The aircraft’s left wing hit a jetty near one of the terminals. The plane was empty when it happened and no one was hurt. Ásdís Ýr Pétursdóttir, Information Officer at Icelandair, told Vísir, […] The article The plane hit the […]

  • ‘Hurtful and despicable’: Pak PM Sharif condemns ‘burning’ of Koran in Sweden

    Islamabad [Pakistan]January 22 (ANI): Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Sunday criticized the alleged burning of the Quran during a protest outside the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, Pakistani news agency The News International reported, adding that he called the incident extremely hurtful and despicable. According to the news report, Turkey and Saudi Arabia joined several […]

  • Sweden gives the green light outside the Turkish embassy

    The new diplomatic spat comes as Stockholm awaits Ankara’s blessing to join NATO Police in Sweden have said they will allow the leader of a hard-right party to burn a copy of the Koran near the Turkish embassy in Stockholm, reportedly prompting Ankara to summon its Swedish envoy over the “provocative act”. Anti-Islam activist Rasmus […]

  • Willing to die, but still not

    This season of Sensitive Mode is about death. In six episodes, Uje Brandelius meets people who, in one way or another, walk with death by their side. Sixteen-year-old Gabriella has made several suicide attempts. She says she wants to tell her story so that others in her situation will feel less alone. To those of […]

  • Why it’s important to eat at work – even the odd cake

    When England’s Food Standards Agency chief Susan Jebb recently compared eating cake at work to second-hand smoke, office cubicle walls trembled across the country. She told The times: Professor Jebb is right to criticize unstructured eating in the workplace, which can contribute to unhealthy eating. Overconsumption of unhealthy products such as cookies and processed foods […]

  • Woman’s body found in Mosfellsbær

    A woman in her 40s was outside during a storm that hit the south of Iceland on December 17-19. Police received a report that her body had been found near her home on December 20. Grímur Grímsson, a senior police officer in the capital area, told mbl.is that the woman was found in the suburb […]