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  • In Tampere, the population grew by almost 5,000 in 2022

    The positive development is due to the benefits obtained from internal migration and immigration, as the number of births fell below the number of deaths for the first time in 30 years. The city of Tampere has drawn up a demographic plan that reflects its expected and desired population development until 2040. Ahlgrén-Holappa said the […]

  • Research: Finnish is taught to many children unnecessarily as a second language

    In his research, Ståhlberg compared the reading skills and comprehension of children studying Finnish as a second language (S2) and those studying it as their mother tongue (S1). The study revealed that about a fifth of the children studying it as a second language were better able to read and understand a Finnish text than […]

  • Roads closed near Eyjafjöll, near Reynisfjall and Lyngdalsheiði

    Due to very bad weather conditions, the road under the Eyjafjöll mountain range from Markarfljót to Vík in Mýrdal was closed. The Reynisfjall road was also closed, as was Lyngdalsheiði. Almost all of the country has yellow or orange warnings today, which will remain in place until tomorrow. All domestic flights have been canceled today […]

  • 469 counterfeit euro banknotes were found in Finland last year

    The next most were 166 for 50-euro counterfeits and 37 for 10-euro counterfeits. “In 2022, the number of counterfeits found in circulation was low compared to previous years. Although there are few counterfeits in circulation, it is always good to pay attention to the banknote’s security factors when handling banknotes.” says the banknote expert Olli […]

  • Jokeri Light Rail test runs start in Espoo – stops at metro and railway stations

    In Leppävaara, you can easily get to the railway track and its future extension to the City Rail Link and the long-distance train network by express tram. Leppävaara is a commercially attractive area and thanks to the new light rail, its services are even easier to reach. In Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, the Jokeri tram stops […]

  • Ministries: Finland’s large railway infrastructures have a big price tag, a carbon footprint

    The ministries stated last week that the implementation of the projects would require substantial public sector investment, as other sources of funding, such as operator and user fees, would be relatively small compared to the required investment. Although private investors have also expressed interest in such projects, they would likely require state guarantees, leaving the […]

  • Haavisto: Finland and Sweden continue their journey to NATO

    Last week, Turkey broke off tripartite talks on Finland’s and Sweden’s membership applications in response to the burning of a Koran outside its embassy in Stockholm. Rasmus Paluda, a Danish-Swedish far-right decision-maker. Helsingin sanomat newspaper was revealed Last week, the decision-maker received support for his protest Chang Fricka Swedish journalist who has collaborated with an […]

  • The Helsinki court convicted two journalists of revealing national secrets

    Tuomo Pietiläinenthe reporter who was primarily responsible for the story was fined 50 days. Laura Halminenanother reporter mentioned in the byline, was not convicted because of his lesser role. “The other journalist had a clearly smaller role than his colleague and had sought to ensure that the publication was legal. The district court refrained from […]

  • In 2023, the annual payments of undrawn government-subsidized loans – with the aim of alleviating cost pressures related to housing

    The annual payments for state-subsidized loans taken out for the construction, purchase or renovation of rental and right-of-occupancy housing depend on the change in the consumer price index of July of the previous year. The fluctuations of the consumer price index have been quite moderate in recent years: in July of 2015 and 2021, the […]

  • NATO negotiator on deadlock, listening party leaders, “City in light”

    NATO talks in limbo Continued talks about the NATO issue with Sweden are pointless in the current situation, according to Turkey. At the same time, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Sweden is in the most serious security policy situation since the Second World War. What does Sweden’s chief negotiator, the diplomat and […]

  • Farah Abadi: “Everything doesn’t have to be so serious”

    Program manager: Mikael Kulle From P1 Morning, Saturday 28 January 2023. Responsible publisher P1 Morgon: Klas Wolf-Watz

  • Police safety vs tasers

    The Minister of Justice intends to introduce stun guns to the police, which are intended to increase the safety of police officers. The news causes a great stir among the public as well as in the parliament. However, the Police Association welcomed it. Meanwhile, in the pages of Vísir, there was an article about stun […]

  • 49,000 Icelanders currently live abroad

    According to new figures from Statistics Iceland, nearly 49,000 Icelanders (13.2% of the population) have registered legal residence outside of Iceland. The most popular destinations are Denmark, Sweden and Norway. On January 25, the Statistical Office published data on the number of Icelandic citizens living abroad (as of December 1, 2022). According to these figures, […]

  • Cancer cells can change their size to survive drugs, research reveals

    Researchers believe that smaller cells may be more vulnerable to DNA-damaging agents such as chemotherapy combined with targeted drugs, while larger cancer cells may respond better to immunotherapy. The study was published in the journal Science Advances. It combined innovative high-performance image analysis with the study of DNA and proteins to study the size control […]

  • GOCC auctions for the fight against sepsis

    The auctions of the collected items will take place both on Saturday and Sunday. According to the requirements, they cannot be run on Facebook in the form of posts and comments. Below we publish explanations and information on how and where to bid. Where can I bid? Auctions will be held during Saturday’s events – […]

  • Traffic pollution affects brain function: Research

    “For many decades, researchers believed that the brain could be protected from the harmful effects of air pollution,” said senior researcher Dr. Chris Carlsten, professor and director of respiratory medicine and Canada Research Director for Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases at UBC. “This study, which is the first of its kind in the world, provides […]

  • The court convicted two journalists of HS for revealing state secrets

    One of the defendants was fined for publishing an article about the intelligence agency in 2017, while charges against a third journalist were dropped.

  • Effective protected areas needed to prevent biodiversity loss: A review

    However, a new study that collected nearly a million records of more than 1,230 invertebrate species between 1990 and 2018 suggests that these protected areas are just as vulnerable to the country’s overall decline in biodiversity. The authors found that protected areas were more species-rich than unprotected areas of the country, but both areas experienced […]