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  • Erica was saved from suicide – by an unknown woman

    In two episodes, Erica tells her story for the first time. By: Gustav Asplund.Final mix: Astrid Ankarcrona.The reality in P3 is made by the production company Filt. If you or someone you know is unwell, there is help to get. Don’t hesitate to talk to someone, here are contact routes: MIND – for mental health […]

  • Israel’s Playtika has made a purchase offer for Rovio

    The value of the studio’s offer is slightly more than 750 million euros. Rovio announced on Friday stock exchange bulletin which is not currently negotiating with Playtika. It added that its board is evaluating the indicative offer to decide whether and how to proceed with it. The preliminary proposal, the release reminds, is subject to […]

  • More weapons for Ukraine, genetic engineering that revives extinct species and unclear information about farm sales of alcohol

    Hour 1: Are offensive weapons to Ukraine the new way forward in the war? About how the tradition of peace-promoting work in Sweden takes place in a new reality of military and civilian rearmament The satire surrounding President Erodgan and freedom of expression Chronicle by Göran Rosenberg The panel: Fredrik Haage, Jonna Sima, Göran Greider […]

  • Trkiye questions Sweden’s NATO commitments

    Ankara accused Stockholm of allowing a ?direct hate crime? in violation of an agreement to join NATO Türkiye has accused Sweden of failing to meet its obligations to crack down on “terrorist groups” and root out their “propaganda” under a deal it had signed to earn Ankara’s blessing to join NATO. The latest diplomatic spat […]

  • Trkiye questions Sweden’s NATO commitments

    Ankara accused Stockholm of allowing a “direct hate crime” in violation of an agreement to join NATO Trkiye has accused Sweden of not fulfilling its obligations to crack down on “terrorist” groups and exterminate theirs “propaganda” under a deal it had signed to earn Ankara’s blessing to join NATO. The latest diplomatic spat comes after […]

  • Which business should you start in 2022? Innovative areas

    The world around us is changing rapidly and business is no exception. New niches and industries that no one knew about a few years ago are now on everyone’s lips. We can already see the business of the future, understand the course of its further development, and what entrepreneurs should pay close attention to in […]

  • NATO chief comes to Copenhagen

    Gremlin and the KremlinFrederiksen said that the security situation in Europe has changed with Putin’s “brutal war in Ukraine”. “I look forward to meeting with NATO Secretary General and discussing how we can respond to Russia’s aggressive behavior in the future.” said Frederiksen. “And with Sweden and Finland wanting to join NATO, we are facing […]

  • Pertti Lindgren the sun-and-spring who deceived Sweden

    Pertti Lindgren was born in 1936 in Finland and life begins with a war. He comes to Sweden as a child of war, only five years old. His father has died at the front, his mother is destitute and can not keep him. In Sweden, he ends up with a well-to-do family, five hundred miles […]

  • Space colonies

    A city of millions on Mars? Or thousands of huge settlements that orbit freely in space? Scenarios that were previously devoted to fictitious future versions are now becoming a reality – at least if one is to believe the world’s richest entrepreneurs. They say they want to ensure the survival of the human species before […]

  • Big brother watching! How your teledata could soon be legally collected

    If the government’s proposal to log citizens’ teledata should become a reality, then you could be one of the 3.9 million people living in Denmark who live in a catchment area. It represents about 67 percent of the population. Those figures are just an estimate made by the National Police’s National Police, which intends to […]

  • Episode 182: The prank we play by memory

    From deja vu to experiences of being affected by something that has happened in the past in one place: our memories are scenes for everything from strange things to direct eeries. In this week’s Creepypod, we hear stories about remembering fake lives, but also about forgetting the terrible reality. The Creepy pod is produced by […]

  • Fighter – the road to the world champion belt

    Patricia Berghult, 27, from Malmö belongs to the world elite in professional boxing. If she had been a guy, she would have been a world celebrity and financially independent. But she is a girl and almost unknown and works part time in the office to be able to support herself. Patricia’s big match for the […]