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  • The Loviisa nuclear power plant received the green light to continue operating

    The current operating licenses for the Loviisa nuclear power plant units expire in 2027 and 2030, and Fortum has applied for a new operating license for both units until 2050. The use permit is granted by the Government on the proposal of the Ministry of Economy. Affairs and employment. Before making the proposal, the Ministry […]

  • The Finnish Environmental Center is renewing its organization: a vision of change in sustainable development, life within the limits of the planet

    The Finnish Environmental Center (Syke) has changed its vision in the direction of sustainable development. The change in sustainable development guides our society to quickly operate within the carrying capacity of our planet. Syke has reformed its organization and focused its expertise on finding solutions to key sustainable development challenges. At the same time, its […]

  • Sweden’s prime minister likens gang violence to domestic terrorism

    STOCKHOLM, Jan. 23 (Xinhua) — The escalating gang violence in Sweden is tantamount to domestic terrorism, Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson said here on Monday. His comment came after a wave of attacks, which last year killed 61 according to police statistics, flared up since the turn of the year, Sweden’s Television (SVT) reported on Monday. […]

  • Finland delivers more than 400 million euros of defense equipment to Ukraine

    Minister of Defense Mikko Savola (Centre) said on Friday that Ukraine still needs support to defend its territory against Russian attacks. “The current package is clearly the largest so far,” he emphasized news release. He stated that the package contained heavy weapons and ammunition and added that the contents were determined based on both the […]

  • The need to produce less steel if we want to achieve zero emissions: Research

    A new study focused on the Japanese steel industry shows that if we are truly committed to zero emissions, we must prepare for a scenario where the amount of steel produced is lower. Japan has set a goal of reducing steel emissions by 46 percent by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050. For now, the […]

  • Almost 100,000 more calls were made to Mielinterveyssuomi’s MIELI crisis line than the previous year

    “Russia’s war of aggression, the coronavirus pandemic and other ongoing crises are taking a toll on people. Low-threshold services, such as the Crisis Hotline, now fill the service gap of public services. People living in Finland should invest more in the psychological resources”, says Sanna VesikansaMIELI Mielenterveys Finland’s crisis operations manager. The most common reason […]

  • Finland’s food exports exceed 2 billion euros for the first time

    “The growth opportunities of the food industry in Finland are limited. With the growth of exports, the capacity of the food industry can be increased, which also strengthens the domestic market and improves crisis resilience,” says director Esa Wrang. From Business Finland’s Food from Finland program. Food exports are strategically important in terms of Finland’s […]

  • Humanity exceeded the Earth’s resource budget for the year on Thursday

    Earth Overshoot Day is calculated annually for each country based on approximately 15,000 data points. The information is provided by the United Nations. Finns used all their natural resources for this year on the 31st of Marcha couple of days after the Danes and Belgians, but a couple of days before the Koreans and Swedes. […]

  • The forgotten heroin

    In the name of the law, for several weeks, police officers, the Customs Service and heroinists have met to gain an insight into how heroin sales look today, where the heroin comes from, and what is being done to stop the increase. According to the police in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö, heroin sales have increased […]

  • Russian scientists rescue the heavy polar bear

    The difficult situation for a female whose tongue was stuck captivated the Russian public Russian authorities flew a team of veterinarians all the way from Moscow to rescue a polar bear in the remote Arctic settlement of Dikson on Thursday. The female stuck her tongue in a can of condensed milk and slowly starved to […]

  • New research shows that adolescents’ brains are just as sensitive as babies

    A new Danish study has revealed that the young brain is still very sensitive to external influences, including parents, teachers and peers. “Most surprisingly, the negative social experiences of young children are even more destructive than within 1,000 days of birth,” says Signe Hald Andersen, research professor and deputy head of the Rockwool Foundation’s Research […]

  • Finnish inflation approaches 8 percent in June

    Inflation continued to grow in June and rose to 7.9 percent, according to Statistics Finland. In May, the corresponding figure was 7.0 percent. The upward trend was especially reflected in energy and food prices, says the number cruncher. "Since December of last year, the prices of food and non-alcoholic beverages have risen by 10 percent, […]

  • Biden asks the Senate to ratify Sweden’s and Finland’s NATO bid

    The Nordic countries meet all requirements and “will be net contributors to the alliance”, says US President US President Joe Biden handed over the minutes of Sweden’s and Finland’s accession to NATO to the Senate on Monday, and asked lawmakers to speed up the ratification process. In a written message to the Senate, the president […]

  • UNESCO published a new state of the ocean report

    “The report will effectively help track the progress of the UN Ocean Decade and, over time, can become an eagerly awaited global publication that will make a significant contribution to mobilizing the global community to act towards ‘the ocean we need for the future,’” said Vladimir RyabinSecretary General of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC-UNESCO). IOC-UNESCO […]

  • Right now: The police in Norway about the latest developments

    The police in Norway are holding a press conference with the reason for the shooting that occurred last night in Oslo. “We have deployed all available resources,” say the police in Norway. The echo transmits immediately.

  • What was eaten in Finland in 2021?

    According to preliminary calculations, the total consumption of grain was about 84 kilograms per capita in 2021. The total consumption has increased over the last two years, largely due to the increase in the consumption of oats and wheat. Last year, 45.4 kilograms of wheat and 10.2 kilograms of oats were consumed. Consumption of rye […]

  • Luke: The growth of the Finnish wolf population is stopping

    The steady growth of the Finnish wolf population in recent years has slowed down over the past 12 months, says a study by the Natural Resources Institute (Luke). The institute estimates that there were 279-321 wolves in Finland in March 2021, and revised the figure to 290 in March this year. This figure includes about […]

  • The NATO chief says he will increase troops to the east

    According to Stoltenberg, ministers have discussed the future attitude of the organization and how it can increase practical support to Allies by significantly strengthening its presence, capabilities and capabilities. “This means more NATO-led combat forces to strengthen our combat forces in the eastern part of our alliance,” Stoltenberg said. “Increase air, naval and cyber defense, […]