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  • Efling members accepted the call to strike

    Efling members, who work in seven hotels in Reykjavík, accepted the union’s call for a strike. Voting ended at eight o’clock in the evening. Sólveig Anna Jónsdóttir, president of Efling, said that almost 66% voted for the strike proposal (124 people), 31% rejected it (58 people) and 7 people cast a blank vote. Only employees […]

  • Three women honored by the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association

    Three women who have dedicated themselves to fighting for women’s rights for decades were honored during the 116th anniversary of the Icelandic Women’s Rights Association, which was celebrated today in Iðnó, Reykjavík. The Women’s Rights Association honored three members for their contributions to women’s rights and the struggle of feminists in Iceland and around the […]

  • Efling approved the vote on the hotel workers’ strike

    Efling’s negotiating committee approved the strike announcement at the Íslandshótel hotel chain. Members can vote on the strike from tomorrow noon (Tuesday). The strike at Íslandshotel is reportedly the first step in the union’s plan to call for strike action, after Efling broke off negotiations with SA on January 10. The following hotels are listed: […]

  • Unusual snow cover on the slopes of Esji

    Residents and visitors to Reykjavík may have noticed a horizontal strip of snow on Esja’s slopes in recent days. It reaches a height of about 300 m. Above this limit there is much less snow, and in many places there is no snow at all. The Icelandic Meteorological Institute received many questions on social media […]

  • Reykjavík swimming pools will be closed on Thursday

    Due to pressure on the heat supply system during the winter, utilities will reduce hot water flow tomorrow for large users, including swimming pools in the capital area. This is due to the announcement of the city of Reykjavík, which has decided to close the swimming pools in Reykjavík and the swimming pool in Ylströnd […]

  • The nurse denies the murder

    A nurse from the Landspítali Psychiatric Ward who was charged with manslaughter and a “crime committed in the public service” pleaded not guilty at a second hearing in Reykjavík District Court. The case was publicized in August last year, when the capital’s police sent a notice that there was a suspicion that the patient’s death […]

  • Plans for the construction of a modern sports hall

    The new National Hall / Þjóðarhöllin is expected to be built on Suðurlandsbraut in Reykjavík, just outside Laugardalshöll. The construction was valued at around CZK 14.2 billion. The new sports hall, which is to be commissioned in 2025, will have 19,000 square meters. During sports events, there will be a seat for 8,600 spectators, and […]

  • Before the snow hits the ocean

    Efforts are being made to reduce pollution levels by preventing snow from the streets of Reykjavík from being dumped directly into the ocean, a health official says. In many parts of the country, machines are scooping up the snow and transporting it to where it needs to melt and disappear. But it happens that the […]

  • The case of the missing Friðfinn in court

    The Reykjavík District Court will hear tomorrow the case of the missing Friðfinn Frey Kristinsson, who was wanted in November. On December 2, the missing man’s brother admitted that all indications were that Friðfinnur was dead. The missing person case is to be investigated so that his estate can be managed, assuming that the man […]

  • Hafnarfjarðarvegur road closures are coming

    Next week, due to road works, there will be temporary traffic changes on Hafnarfjarðarvegur road, in Kópavogur. According to the information provided by the Road Administration, work will soon begin to replace the street lighting with Hafnarfjarðarvegur, therefore it will be necessary to temporarily divert traffic. “The Reykjavík lane will be closed between 8pm each […]

  • Two accidents and ten injured

    Yesterday, due to two car accidents, ten people were transported to a hospital in Reykjavík with the help of helicopters and a coastguard plane. This group included both foreign tourists and Icelanders. The serious collision happened around 2pm yesterday on Suðurlandsvegur near Öldulón and Fagurhólsmýri. Ásgeir Erlendsson, a spokesman for the Coast Guard, says, […] […]

  • Serious action in front of the US embassy

    There are currently several police cars and a fire department parked in front of the US Embassy on Engjateigur Street in Reykjavík. An embassy informant says there was an incident that required police intervention. However, no one reveals the details of this event. Many police officers are on the scene and traffic has been stopped. […]

  • The coldest December in over a hundred years

    In December, a century-old cold record was broken in Reykjavík. Thermometers recorded the lowest temperature recorded in the capital since 1916. The meteorologist says it’s too early to tell if this is due to climate change, but we’ve certainly experienced some extreme weather in the last two months in the country. The feelings of many […]

  • The president of the Reykjavík City Council calls for action

    “We can no longer bury our heads in the sand. The ideal solution is to commission the construction of the train to Keflavík if the project proves to be viable, but it is up to the state to decide,” said Þórdís Lóa Þórhallsdóttir, head of Reykjavík City Council in an interview with Fréttablaðið. The opportunity […]

  • Homeless shelters open only during the day

    The frost has passed and with it the City of Reykjavík decided to change the opening hours of homeless shelters, which have been providing 24/7 help for the last several days. As a result, the shelters closed at 10am yesterday, returning to normal opening hours. “We see that the cold season is over, so we […]

  • An investor from Abu Dhabi buys Edition Hotel

    The investment firm ADQ, one of Abu Dhabi’s national funds, has acquired shares in SÍA III (a fund managed by Stefnir) in the Edition Reykjavík hotel on Austurhöfn. In addition, ADQ has also acquired shares from other shareholders – both pension funds and private investors, but it is Mandólín hf. owned about 70% of the […]

  • Hanging icicles in many parts of the city pose a risk of accidents

    Long and dangerous icicles have formed in many places in the older part of Reykjavík and can cause personal injury and property damage if they fall. Property owners are responsible for their removal. Some of the icicles are well over two meters long and very heavy. According to the police, the situation is worst in […]

  • Ten New Year’s Eve bonfires in Reykjavík

    New Year’s bonfires have been canceled for the last two years. The only thing that can prevent the New Year’s Eve fun this time is the wind speed, because bonfires are not lit if the wind speed exceeds 10 m/s. Only unvarnished wood may be burned in these fires. New Year’s Eve bonfires are always […]