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  • Emily in Paris becomes Collins in Copenhagen

    Emily in Paris becomes Collins in Copenhagen

    Lily Collins, the star of the Netflix hit series ‘Emily in Paris’, has bought a property in Copenhagen. Located on Eckersbergsgade on Østerbro, which can be found in the wealthy Kartoffelräckerne quarter, it is barely 100 meters from the largest of Copenhagen’s lakes. It is believed that the daughter of Phil Collins and her husband, […]

  • FACTS: The ten most popular free ferry routes

    In total, the scheme was used by 953,866 passengers. In addition, 129,370 bicycles were registered that came on board free of charge. The same was done by 25,292 cars with disability cards. Here you can see the ten most popular ferry routes measured by number of passengers. * Hundested-Rørvig: 89,600. * Svendborg-Ærøskøbing: 89,525. * Rønne-Ystad: […]

  • Manden med de medrivende fortællinger

    Manden med de medrivende fortællinger

    Peter Thorsboe fylder 75 år den 9. august. Det lå dog ikke i kortene fra ungdommen, at Peter Thorsboe skulle ende som ophavsmand til nogle af landets største tv-serier. Faktisk var han først journalistelev, men det droppede han efter få måneder. Han endte til sidst på Den Danske Filmskoles nystartede manuskriptlinje og helligede sig fiktionen. […]

  • Business calls for patience with zero-emission zones

    In a larger proposal, the government will give municipalities the opportunity to create zones reserved for vehicles without internal combustion engines. This means that, for example, only electric vehicles may drive through the zone. If municipalities choose to create the so-called zero-emission zones, then a sufficiently long period will be needed to be able to […]

  • Copenhagen sees a record number of electric car sales

    Copenhagen sees a record number of electric car sales

    Plug-in springPlug-in hybrid cars were also sold with a much higher frequency last year compared to 2019, when the Ford Kuga was the most popular choice. Approximately 6,170 new plug-in hybrids were sold in Copenhagen last year – an increase of as much as 370 percent from 2019. In total, 78,619 new cars were sold […]