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  • Research: Finnish is taught to many children unnecessarily as a second language

    In his research, Ståhlberg compared the reading skills and comprehension of children studying Finnish as a second language (S2) and those studying it as their mother tongue (S1). The study revealed that about a fifth of the children studying it as a second language were better able to read and understand a Finnish text than […]

  • The Climate Fund invests EUR 10 million in Norsepower to accelerate the reduction of emissions in the shipping industry

    Emissions from shipping are predicted to increase without additional measures, so the development and scale of solutions that reduce emissions in the shipping industry is crucial. Norsepower reduces emissions by providing ships with wind power with the company’s own rotor sail. Depending on the wind conditions, Norsepower’s product can reduce the ship’s fuel consumption by […]

  • The war in Ukraine had a large impact on immigration to Finland

    “Russia’s attack on Ukraine affected immigration to Finland in many ways. In addition to temporary protection, its effect was seen, for example, in the number of experts and seasonal workers,” said the CEO. Ilkka Haahtela. Temporary protection mechanism activated for the first time Finland grants temporary protection to those fleeing Ukraine as a result of […]

  • 469 counterfeit euro banknotes were found in Finland last year

    The next most were 166 for 50-euro counterfeits and 37 for 10-euro counterfeits. “In 2022, the number of counterfeits found in circulation was low compared to previous years. Although there are few counterfeits in circulation, it is always good to pay attention to the banknote’s security factors when handling banknotes.” says the banknote expert Olli […]

  • Jokeri Light Rail test runs start in Espoo – stops at metro and railway stations

    In Leppävaara, you can easily get to the railway track and its future extension to the City Rail Link and the long-distance train network by express tram. Leppävaara is a commercially attractive area and thanks to the new light rail, its services are even easier to reach. In Otaniemi and Keilaniemi, the Jokeri tram stops […]

  • Haavisto: Finland and Sweden continue their journey to NATO

    Last week, Turkey broke off tripartite talks on Finland’s and Sweden’s membership applications in response to the burning of a Koran outside its embassy in Stockholm. Rasmus Paluda, a Danish-Swedish far-right decision-maker. Helsingin sanomat newspaper was revealed Last week, the decision-maker received support for his protest Chang Fricka Swedish journalist who has collaborated with an […]

  • DNA accelerates the circular economy of smartphones by opening the Vaihtakapula online store

    DNA’s Vaihtohyvitys exchange service is also constantly being developed, listening to customers’ wishes. With the now opened Vaihtakapula online store, DNA will also start selling used phones. The address of the new online store is vahtokapula.fi. Electronic waste is the world’s largest growing waste stream. In addition, cell phones contain a lot of valuable precious […]

  • Minister Harakka leads the Team Finland delegation to visit South Korea

    The technological themes of the visit have enormous potential for the economy and well-being of our countries, says Minister Harakka. Minister Harakka will meet, among other things, the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Defeated Hee-ryongMinister of Trade Dukgeun Ahn and the Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-ho. The business delegation meets potential trade […]

  • Snow, dangerous driving is forecast for Monday

    More than 20 centimeters of snow can fall in some places in Finland. In addition to difficult driving conditions, the sea and the coast have strong winds and high waves.

  • The Ambassador of Iceland plays for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

    The Embassy of Iceland in Warsaw joins the 31st finals of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity. During the Sunday final organized by the staff of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Iceland – Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, it will be possible to bid for a visit to the newly opened Embassy of Iceland […]

  • Traffic pollution affects brain function: Research

    “For many decades, researchers believed that the brain could be protected from the harmful effects of air pollution,” said senior researcher Dr. Chris Carlsten, professor and director of respiratory medicine and Canada Research Director for Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases at UBC. “This study, which is the first of its kind in the world, provides […]

  • Unemployment in Iceland fell

    From December 2021 to December 2022, unemployment in the country decreased by 1.3 percentage points. The seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is now at 3.3 percent, down 5.7 percentage points from its peak in April 2021. The economic activity rate on an annual basis in December 2022 amounted to 79.8%, and the employment rate […] The […]

  • Victoria Benedictsson – writer on life and death

    We would like to inform you that this episode contains depictions of suicidal thoughts and suicide. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, you can contact the Mind Suicide Line on telephone number 90101. In case of urgent suicide risk, you should call 112. The editorial staff for this section consists […]

  • Effective protected areas needed to prevent biodiversity loss: A review

    However, a new study that collected nearly a million records of more than 1,230 invertebrate species between 1990 and 2018 suggests that these protected areas are just as vulnerable to the country’s overall decline in biodiversity. The authors found that protected areas were more species-rich than unprotected areas of the country, but both areas experienced […]

  • Dalvik becomes Ennis

    In the blink of an eye, Dalvík had a dental clinic, tannery, mortuary, and weapons warehouse. Filming for True Detective will begin soon in the town, so Dalvík will become the town of Ennis. Christmas decorations are still hanging in part of the city, as the series will be set in Alaska during the holiday […]

  • KONE is renewing its operating model

    The company’s geographical areas have greater responsibility for their commercial strategy. This gives them even more flexibility to respond to local customer needs and market conditions, and gives them better opportunities to take advantage of growth opportunities. The task of global operations is to ensure the common direction and strategic development of KONE’s business operations. […]

  • Killing in the line of duty

    This season of Sensitive Mode is about death. In six episodes hits Uje Brandelius people who in one way or another walk with death by their side. In the editorial office: Emmy Bergkvist – producer Joakim Löfgren – final mix If you want to get in touch with us, do so at [email protected] Sensitive location […]

  • The tangle of documents is beginning to resemble a farce

    US President Joe Biden invited the FBI to search his home in their search for more classified documents – which they found. At the same time, secret documents have also been discovered at the home of Trump’s former vice president Mike Pence. With the 2024 presidential primaries a year away, we ask how these revelations […]