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  • Performance Preview: Different surroundings, but the same high level of quality from a playwright who knows his technique

    Not all stories set on Mars are like ‘War of the Worlds’, the classic HG Wells novel written in the 1890s that changed the way we thought about outer space forever. Granted, some are just as far-fetched, like ‘Total Recall’, while others are more realistic, like the recent Ridley Scott film ‘The Martian’. But rarely […]

  • Denmark advances to the world handball quarter on the back of a record unbeaten streak

    The defending champions are in the quarterfinals. Denmark, who won the men’s handball world championships in 2019 and 2021, advanced to the round of 16 with a 30-25 win against Egypt on Monday night. The Danes managed a game in which they were never behind the North African champions. Simon Pytlick, the player of the […]

  • Immigrants in Iceland

    A team of researchers from the Department of Education and Multifacetedness at the University of Iceland is currently conducting research on negative physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, financial and other experiences in immigrant women’s partnerships, workplaces or other work-related settings. A research project on intimate partner and work violence is run by a group of immigrants […]

  • Friday papers: Blinken urges allies, TikTok elections and wind turbine ships

    The US Secretary of State urges Turkey and Hungary to ratify the efforts of Finland and Sweden to join NATO.

  • Almost 100,000 more calls were made to Mielinterveyssuomi’s MIELI crisis line than the previous year

    “Russia’s war of aggression, the coronavirus pandemic and other ongoing crises are taking a toll on people. Low-threshold services, such as the Crisis Hotline, now fill the service gap of public services. People living in Finland should invest more in the psychological resources”, says Sanna VesikansaMIELI Mielenterveys Finland’s crisis operations manager. The most common reason […]

  • See: Water skiers jump over the waves of the Baltic Sea ferry near Helsinki

    About half an hour before arriving at the port of Helsinki by ferry from Tallinn, Estonia, passenger Mikko Silvennoinen was amazed to see the water skiers jumping over the waves behind a much larger ship. However, according to Baltic ferry operators, the practice is quite common in the summer, especially near Stockholm, Sweden. Stefan ÖlanderThe […]

  • Right now: The Prime Minister is holding a press conference together with the US commander

    A press conference will be held on site on the American ship USS Kearsarge with, among others, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson, Commander-in-Chief Micael Bydén, and the highest-ranking US military general Mark Milley. The reason is that on Sunday, the 51st military exercise Baltic Operation, Baltops, kicks off. Sweden is hosting this year’s exercise and that […]

  • A NATO aspirant is hosting the bloc’s warships

    A port call in Helsinki will be followed by a large US-led exercise in the Baltics Two US warships and a French navy joined a German frigate in Helsinki on Friday. Finland has applied to join NATO and is holding a number of exercises with other nations. Sweden, a co-aspirant, will host a major NATO […]

  • Ownership of an EU-sanctioned pleasure boat is still under investigation

    In March, Customs detained 21 pleasure boats for further investigation under sanctions against Russia. In addition to these, Customs notified the seizure authorities of one vessel. – We have worked closely with various parties to find out the ownership conditions for pleasure boats. Some cases involve different cover-up arrangements and take time and effort to […]

  • First female majority police graduate class: Coach expected clicks, but instead they really clicked

    Men are used to being outnumbered by women at university, the modeling world and cheerleader squads – but the police? The last thing you would expect your first day at the police academy is to find out that football has been canceled as a leisure activity and that the gentlemen are now only a single […]

  • Athletics: Several Olympic champions heading to the Doha Diamond League

    Doha [Qatar]May 12 (ANI): The Doha Diamond League, made up of several Olympic champions, is ready to start on May 13 here at Qatar Sports Club. Diamond League is athletics’ most prestigious series that is in the top tier of World Athletics one-day meet competitions. The Diamond League 2022 consists of 13 meetings, starting with […]

  • Becoming an adult on stage

    Imagine a summer school from which your children emerged as more mature, rounded and responsible individuals. There’s a catch, right? And as an added bonus: They get to indulge in their deepest passions: singing, dancing and acting.Now, for a decade SceneKunst has run several such schools during the summer holidays. The kids keep coming back […]

  • Horsemen and stable girls: The girls report

    In equestrian sports, sexual harassment, exploitation and inappropriate relationships are something that many young girls are exposed to. Men who use their positions as teachers, coaches or employers are rarely stopped. But some young girls say no and choose to report or go out and tell in public. The second part of Horsemen and Stable […]

  • Red bloc eyes more money for Denmark’s youth

    Looks unlikelyAccording to Olsen Dyhr, SF hopes to give students on SU scholarships a lump sum of 2,000 kroner. At the other end of the political spectrum, Conservatives believe that students are not among the weakest groups in society in terms of financial stability and therefore should not be entitled to more state compensation. Rather, […]

  • HS: More than 100 international cruise ships have canceled their summer visit to Helsinki

    The number of cancellations is exceptionally high, Eeva HietanenThe Director of Communications at the Port of Helsinki said on Saturday. Staffan TeromaaThe port manager of the Port of Helsinki added to Helsingin Sanomat that the war has caused several international cruise companies to suspend their visits to St. Petersburg, Russia and other Baltic ports, including […]

  • Ebba Busch (KD): Why did not the police fire sharply?

    The Christian Democrats’ party leader Ebba Busch (KD) is now criticizing the regional police leaderships for handling the riots in several Swedish cities during the Easter weekend. She asks why the police on the spot were not ordered to go back in during the riots and why they were instead ordered to retreat. She also […]

  • Turpal Bisultanov is fighting for European Championship gold for Denmark

    The Danish wrestler Turpal Bisultanov won European Championship gold on Saturday night in such a convincing style that the final was decided before it even began. The match between the Danish and the Romanian wrestler Nicu Ojog lasted only six minutes, but it was intense. In fact, Bisultanov scored his first two points after seven […]

  • Win or lose when Sweden meets Poland in the playoff final

    Sweden and Poland. One national team will be away, and the other will play the World Cup in Qatar this winter. The playoff final is played in Chorzów, Poland and is broadcast on P4 and the SR Play app from 20.45. Sweden must turn to a sad away suite. In the last ten away matches, […]