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  • Savola: Finland participates in the international supply of tanks to Ukraine

    “Finland’s contribution cannot be too great in light of our defense capabilities. We are not yet a member of NATO, and we cannot compromise on our own defense, Savola said. He estimates that Finland could offer training and maintenance services to Ukraine in addition to tanks. Although decisions on the details of the support package […]

  • Finland involved with the help of Ukrainian tanks, but it is unclear to what extent

    The Finnish defense minister suggested that the country could help Ukraine at least with tank training and maintenance, as the number of tanks in Finland is limited.

  • Germany’s hesitation about the tanks splits the arms alliance

    The German-made Leopard tank has increasingly come to be portrayed as the holy grail of Ukrainian defense. Finland, Poland and Latvia have said they want to send parts of their leopard stocks to Ukraine, but Germany has continued to hesitate and withheld clear statements. Hear about how charged the issue is in Germany and what […]

  • Finland delivers more than 400 million euros of defense equipment to Ukraine

    Minister of Defense Mikko Savola (Centre) said on Friday that Ukraine still needs support to defend its territory against Russian attacks. “The current package is clearly the largest so far,” he emphasized news release. He stated that the package contained heavy weapons and ammunition and added that the contents were determined based on both the […]

  • "Finland could send leopards to Ukraine" The defense board says

    Germany has not allowed the re-export of the tanks to other countries.

  • Finland is sending its largest ever military aid package to Ukraine

    Although the package is almost double the amount previously sent in the last 12 months, it does not include Leopard 2 tanks.

  • Ready at Ramstein: Denmark pledges aid to Ukraine at the defense summit

    The Minister of Defense will also meet NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at the summit as well as his colleagues Lloyd Austin III (USA), Ben Wallace (Great Britain) and Pål Jonson (Sweden). While a number of other countries – including the US, UK and Poland – have reiterated their intention to donate tanks to Ukraine, […]

  • Sweden sends Archer to Ukraine

    On January 19, 2022, the moderate-led government announces at a press conference that it is preparing to send the Archer artillery system to Ukraine – a system that has been high on Ukraine’s wish list for months. – I would say that it has much less significance than we think, says Patrik Oksanen, security policy […]

  • 455: Erdogan’s power over Swedish politicians

    Sweden will deliver the Archer artillery system, combat vehicle 90 and anti-tank robot NLAW to Ukraine. The government announced this at a press conference on Thursday. How important was this to Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson given the attacks on the previous government for tardiness? At the same time, a freedom of expression debate is ongoing […]

  • The game about oil in the wake of the Ukraine War

    Participants: Emil Nordströmharbor master, Victor Alvarezeconomist, Jesus Rafael Gonzalespolitical scientist, Dignora Hernandezparty leader Ventre, Sarah Leah WhitsonDemocracy for the Arab World Now, Yasser Al Ghasslanjournalist and commentator, Michail Krutikhinoil and gas expert, Andrej Kortunovthink tank Russian International Affairs Council. Host: Robin [email protected] Reporters: Maria Georgieva, Cecilia Uddén, Ivan Garcia, Kristian ÅströmTechnician: Elin Hagman Producer: David […]

  • The United States accuses Putin of genocide

    Biden accuses Putin of genocide In a speech in the state of Iowa, the US president launched a fierce attack on Russian leader Vladimir Putin, accusing him of genocide in Ukraine. What does the term mean, and what are its implications for Russia? US special role in NATO Ahead of a possible NATO membership for […]

  • Putin’s friends in the world

    Participants: Jan Eliassonformer President of the UN General Assembly, Jude BlanchetteChina expert at the think tank Center for Strategic & International Studies, Tong Zhaothe Carnegie think tank in Beijing, Alexander Gabuevthe Carnegie think tank in Moscow, Arun Mohan entrepreneurs Delhi, Shyam Saranthe think tank Center for Policy Research in New Delhi, Jitendra Nath Misra professor […]

  • Finland is sending more military material to Ukraine

    Finland will send more military equipment to help Ukraine in its fight against the attacking Russian forces, the Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday. Finnish President Sauli Niinistö decided to send additional supplies to Ukraine on the basis of a government proposal. According to the ministry, no details are provided about the quality, delivery or […]

  • Israel’s Elbit, the Swedish Armed Forces’ ammunition deal for tanks worth USD 27 million

    JERUSALEM, March 21 (Xinhua) – The Israeli defense electronics company Elbit Systems announced on Monday that it has been awarded a contract worth 27 million US dollars to provide the Swedish military with highly explosive tank ammunition. The contract, recognized by the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, would be carried out over a 10-month period, the […]

  • More Danish weapons can be sent to Ukraine

    The first package on the way Chief of Defense Flemming Lentfer, for obvious security reasons, did not reveal where the anti-tank missiles were in addition to the fact that they had already left Denmark. He said, however, that the mobile hospital reached Poland and will cross the Ukrainian border with the help of the EU. […]

  • New Husqvarna Svartpilen 401 Spied – Debut probably no later than 2022 end

    The strange case of Husqvarna is inexplicable to say the least. While both offers under the Swedish brand Svartpilen 250 and Vitpilen 250 are quite sympathetic with a unique design and more than decent performance. Unfortunately, this has not translated into a significant sales volume. This can mainly be attributed to the time of the […]

  • Putin’s invasion of Ukraine joins NATO

    Participants: Ann-Sofie DahlAssociate Professor of International Politics, Adam Sunny MeinertzVeteran of Afghanistan, Leonard Schuette, doctoral student Maastricht University, Jean-Marie Bockelformer Deputy Minister of Defense of France, Pierre MorcosFrench NATO expert, Agoston Mrazthink tank Nezopont, Tamás Csiki VargaHungarian defense researcher, Gunilla Herolf security analysts, Wess Mitchell Former United States Secretary of State Host: Robin [email protected] Reporters: […]

  • Jonathan Young

    Comedian Jonatan Unge will give a classic from the cradle to the grave-Summer talk. But it will of course be with Jonathan’s special dispute to tell. As a child on the floor of Djurgården, he had his grandmother living in the same house. She often asked him to tell him something funny. “Which I then […]