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  • The extremists who want to overthrow the state

    In Iceland, a trial begins in January against two men who are suspected of terrorist plots. The men deny it, but according to the police have extreme right-wing views, and are said to have planned an armed attack against, among other things, the Alltinget, the Icelandic parliament. The threat from within has also been seen […]

  • Sweden sends Archer to Ukraine

    On January 19, 2022, the moderate-led government announces at a press conference that it is preparing to send the Archer artillery system to Ukraine – a system that has been high on Ukraine’s wish list for months. – I would say that it has much less significance than we think, says Patrik Oksanen, security policy […]

  • This is how enemies can attack our power grid

    The electricity grid has rarely been such a talking point as it was this winter. The energy system is under pressure, electricity is expensive and there are warnings about electricity rationing. Svenska kraftnät, which is responsible for the transmission network, or the main network, has seen an increased threat from foreign powers in recent years. […]

  • Sweden brings home the soldiers who fight against terror

    For several years, one of the most important tasks of the defense was to protect Sweden abroad, and to acquire allies in the same vein. That was one of the points of the effort in Afghanistan and now most recently in Mali in West Africa. There, Sweden has participated both in the UN force Minusma […]

  • That is why Putin’s military spies are targeting Sweden

    There are an unusually large number of legal cases connected to Russian spies in Europe right now. And we can expect more – also here in Sweden. “It is probably reasonable to believe that we can see more preliminary investigations in the future as well,” says Säpo’s head of counterintelligence, Daniel Stenling. The Russian military […]

  • EXTRA: The robot explosion that held the world’s breath

    Throughout the war, Russia has used robotic attacks to attack Ukrainian cities. But this time, a robot doesn’t hit Ukraine, but hits a farm in neighboring Poland. Several news flashes lit up phones around the world on Tuesday night. Many are wondering how a NATO country like Poland could have been attacked. Sweden’s billion-dollar aid […]

  • The quantum computers that will crack Sweden’s secrets

    Our everyday lives and the security of the kingdom depend on digital keys that protect our secrets. But the development of quantum computers threatens that security. The race to the next type of supercomputer Two parallel races are currently underway: One is about being the first with the new technology and accumulating secrets without anyone […]

  • EXTRA: Here is the evidence against the suspected spy brothers

    The indictment against the “spy brothers” is here. Gräns ​​explains what we now know and what it might mean. This looks like it could be one of the biggest espionage cases in Sweden ever, according to Tony Ingesson, espionage researcher at Lund University. The prosecution: He was Russia’s mole in the Swedish intelligence service The […]

  • Swedish soldiers must be able to fight on the Russian border

    In August 2022, something unexpected will happen in Sweden. The armed forces are testing the army by sending approximately 800 soldiers into Finland, where they fire sharp under Finnish command. It is an exercise that shows a change in the Swedish defence. There will be more soldiers in the north. Previously, they would fight at […]

  • Kamikaze drones create the new horror of war

    When the bridge between the Russian mainland and the annexed Crimean peninsula is blown up, Vladimir Putin responds with attacks on Ukrainian cities. Among the missiles targeting civilians are Iranian suicide drones. And drones have a big role in the war in Ukraine, not least in propaganda. On Twitter, for example, there are constantly new […]

  • The game behind the nuclear weapons plan over Sweden

    On September 2, huge fighter jets thunder in over central Stockholm. Everyone’s eyes are directed towards the roar from above. Three Swedish JAS Gripens look small next to the large American bombers flying low over the hulls. The display is part of an exercise aimed at scaring Russia, just enough. The strategy is called deterrence, […]

  • The Swedes at war with Russia

    The war in Ukraine has been going on for six months. Sweden sends money and material to Ukraine, but there are also Swedes who go further. In this episode of Sveriges Radio’s security policy podcast Gräns, Tobias Engqvist tells what it’s like to be a volunteer soldier in Ukraine. Also hear from the experts about […]

  • This is how NATO changes security for Sweden

    Finland and Sweden are doing something together and want to become members of NATO. The news comes after Russia began its offensive war against Ukraine, and demanded a security zone around the country. This historic change of course for Swedish security policy makes the Baltic Sea a NATO inland sea – and may also put […]

  • Expulsion of spies can wake up sleeping agents

    The great Russian war of aggression in Ukraine is now redrawing the spy map in Europe. We are entering a more uncertain time where the need for intelligence has increased both in the east and the west. With a decision on NATO at the door, the military warns of sabotage against mapped targets and there […]

  • Russia’s revenge against the Swedish researchers

    The poisoning of the well-known opposition politician Alexei Navalny in the autumn of 2020 has similarities to what is happening today in Ukraine. It seems to be about revenge. Perhaps this story can also teach us something about what the Russian response to EU sanctions will look like in the future. Participants: Åsa Scotthead of […]

  • Conflict monitors’ flight from Ukraine

    Civilians are shot dead in the war in Ukraine. Investigations are now starting that Russia has committed war crimes. At the same time, neutral observers must leave Ukraine, such as those from the OSCE, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Those who could secure evidence on the spot can no longer work. Hear […]

  • The war, the anxiety and the power over the fear

    The Armed Forces begins with recurring state updates due to the war in Ukraine and the security crisis in Europe. Swedish society is not affected, but many are worried and the psychological power game around the war must be handled by both private individuals and the defense. Participants: David Bergman, PhD in psychology and teacher […]

  • The tactics behind the Russian nuclear threat

    The Russian strategic robot troops will be on higher alert at the end of February. This is interpreted as a means of political pressure from Vladimir Putin. The large, strategic doomsday weapons that created the balance of terror during the Cold War have been dusted off, but few believe they will be used. Tactical nuclear […]