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  • The extremists who want to overthrow the state

    In Iceland, a trial begins in January against two men who are suspected of terrorist plots. The men deny it, but according to the police have extreme right-wing views, and are said to have planned an armed attack against, among other things, the Alltinget, the Icelandic parliament. The threat from within has also been seen […]

  • This is how Putin’s war has redrawn the economic map

    Host:Anders Jelmin Voices and participation in the programKristian Åström, economic commentator, EkotTorbjörn Becker, director, Eastern Economic Institute Diego Olle Holmgren, economist, SEBUlf Kristersson, Prime Minister (M)Ebba Busch, Minister of Economic Affairs (KD)Carl Bildt, former prime ministerJan Moström, CEO, LKABDiego Lopez, researcher SIPRI Producer:Olof Wijnbladh Technician:Adam Alvin [email protected]

  • Sweden sends Archer to Ukraine

    On January 19, 2022, the moderate-led government announces at a press conference that it is preparing to send the Archer artillery system to Ukraine – a system that has been high on Ukraine’s wish list for months. – I would say that it has much less significance than we think, says Patrik Oksanen, security policy […]

  • Putin is losing patience – the war industry under pressure

    The Russian Minister of Trade and Industry, Denis Manturov, presented a report that all was going well in Russian aircraft and helicopter manufacturing. Then the Russian president interrupted and said he had completely different tasks. In addition, hear lieutenant colonel Joakim Paasikivi and Russia correspondent Maria Persson Löfgren comment on the helicopter crash, where, among […]

  • The hunt for the oligarchs’ money is escalating

    Host:Claes Aronsson Participants and votes:Martin Nordh, CEO of AcuminorKristian Åström, financial commentator EkotUrsula von der Leyen, Chair of the European CommissionClaes Eliassson, Press Manager AB VolvoMikael Damberg, Minister of FinanceElisabeth Svantesson, economic-political spokesperson for the ModeratesJohan Torgeby, CEO of SEBKristin Magnusson Bernard, CEO of Första AP-fondenTomas Tuchel, coach of ChelseaTorbjörn Becker, head of the Östekonomiska […]

  • The money behind Putin’s war threat

    The radio correspondents change focus for a few weeks and become the Radio Correspondents-Russia. This is the second episode. Can Russia afford an attack? Russia has gathered large military forces around Ukraine’s borders. Behind soldiers and tanks on a plateau, as always, there is money and finances. In this section, we talk about the Russian […]

  • The wiretapping program that shook the world

    In the summer of 2021, attention is drawn to the spy program Pegasus for having intercepted human rights activists, journalists and world politicians. According to Amnesty, tens of thousands of people are suspected of being interested in the program, which has been called the most advanced eavesdropping tool ever. Pegasus was developed by the Israeli […]